Top 10 New Mercedes 2020-2021

Top 10 New Mercedes 2020-2021

Mercedes-Benz is one of the most popular car brands, which is successfully combining in its models from the original German quality, stylish design and modern functionality. In 2021, Mercedes plans to bring bright new items to the global market in different segments, and we suggest you to rate new models in the photo, as well as find out the details about what their configuration and prices will be.

1. AMG GT 4-Door

Tobias Merse said that all sports versions of Mercedes expect total electrification. In 2021, a hybrid 4-door version of the sports AMG GT will be released to the market.

Like most AMG family models, the novelty will receive a four-wheel drive of 4Matic +, 9-speed automatic transmission and hybrid installation with a total capacity of 429 hp On the basis of a 3-liter 6-cylinder gasoline engine.

Also AMG GT 4-Door will receive an innovative Comand Entertainment system with the MBUX interface and a package of the most modern options.

But the most interesting will be the price tag of the novelties. The manufacturer plans in 2021 to make Mercedes sports cars more affordable, and the price of the basic version of AMG GT 4-door will start from $ 99,950.


A large luxurious premium sedan will be a competitor to Audi A8 and BMW 7 Series.

The novelty will please such updates as:

  • New Body W223;
  • large radiator grille;
  • LED optics;
  • new form of bumpers;
  • Large discs with an exclusive pattern;
  • Luxury leather interior (will be available in white);
  • multimedia system with a huge monitor;
  • An impressive set of innovative fuchs.

Under the hood of the expected novelty from Mercedes in 2021, it is planned to install a powerful gasoline V8 with Twin Turbo with a volume of 4.9 liters. Either a hybrid installation based on a 3-liter power unit. In the near future, an electric phev version with autonomous mileage is also promised to 160 km.

What will be the price of new items while it's hard to say, because officially the car has not yet been represented. But the price of the car in the body of W222 today starts in Russia's car dealers from 7 million rubles.


While the automotive editions fantasize on the topic, as the new Mercedes C-Class of the 2021 Models will look, the company's engineers finish test tests of the novelty.

The updated C-series will form the MRA-II platform, and the motor gamma is expanded by a hybrid power plant, the specifications of which are still kept in strict secrecy.

It is also known that the sedan will follow the update of the station wagon (in 2022) and coupe (presumably in 2023).


In the near future, the easiest update of the popular series of cars E-CLASS is also scheduled.

The promised facelifting will make a car of 2021 release recognizable. The update will affect the front, bumpers, optics, design and equipment of the cabin. A list of electronic asystems will also be expanded. As before, 4 Body Design options will be presented - Avantgarde, Exclusive, AMG and All-Terrain.

Motor gamma model will include:

  • gasoline power units with a capacity of 156 to 435 hp;
  • Diesel motors with power from 160 to 330 hp

Like the previous version, the new E-Class will be presented in 6 sets:

  • Business;
  • Premium;
  • Sport;
  • Sport Plus;
  • Intelligent Drive;
  • EXCLUSIVE with 435-strong gasoline engine.

The company's pricing policy remains unchanged, although it is possible that the price tag of the novelty will be slightly higher than on the 2019-2020 model (3.4 - 6.4 million rubles)


In 2021, Mercedes will also provide new items in the most popular market segment - SUV. A serial hybrid crossover GLA is on sale, designed on a new lightweight platform.

The car will be performed in a well-known connoisseurs of stylistry brand, but will receive a number of significant improvements in terms of aerodynamic properties of the body and technical characteristics. The interior will also please the spacious space, stylish details and innovative solutions.

In the basic configuration, the new GLA will be equipped with front-wheel drive, while the top versions will receive 4matic transmission.

Plugin-hybrid installation with a total capacity of 218 hp It will include a 4-cylinder gasoline engine with a volume of 1.3 liters. and power electrical installation by 75 kW. A feature of the system will be the absence of a separate 12 volt starter. Running the engine will provide an electric motor.

6. GLB.

One of the most anticipated new products from Mercedes in 2021 will be a restyled GLB crossover, which will receive not only an updated exterior, and a number of technical improvements that will make movement around the city and in off-road conditions are even more dynamic and safer.

New Mercedes GLB will receive:

  • Great radiator grille,
  • stylish plastic body kit;
  • new optics;
  • The original dashboard solution, which will be completely digital;
  • Advanced multimedia system;
  • Pack of active and passive safety;
  • A set of innovative features to help the driver.

The novelty will be offered with front-wheel drive and in all-wheel drive configuration. Motor gamma model will include 4 power units:

A type Volume Power
Petrol 1.3 l. 163 hp
Petrol 2.0 l. 224 hp
Diesel 2.0 l. 150 hp
Diesel 2.0 l. 190 hp

Motors will be aggregated with 7 or 8-range automata.

The price of the crossover in Russia's car dealers will vary from 2,900,000 to 4,000,000 rubles.


In 2021, the model range of Mercedes-Benz GLE cars will replenish a stylish merchant crossover with a slope of the roof, spectacular exterior and impressive characteristics.

Externally, the model will have a lot in common with the classic version of GLE, although the exterior will also have exclusive elements that make individuality models.

Promise that a new cross-coupe will receive 2 additional off-road motion modes - Trail and Sand. Provide the car dynamics will be a 429-strong turbocharged 6-liter gasoline engine paired with a 9-speed AMT TCT machine.

What will be the price of new items from Mercedes, will be known closer to the beginning of sales.

8. Gls Maybach.

The network also appeared the first photos of a large premium SUV GLS Maybach.

From the basic version of the GLS 600 4Matic, the novelty will be different:

  • Stylish exterior Maybach;
  • stylish chrome-plated accents;
  • Large 22-inch wheels (23-inch optionally available).

The luxury SUV salon will receive top equipment with maximum functionality and the most expensive materials, including a luxurious panoramic roof, a built-in refrigerator and a climatic package of Air Balance.

Under the hood of the luxury all-wheel drive SUV will include a gasoline 550-strong V8 Twin-Turbo bundled with a 48-power supply system operating using IQ POST technology. Such equipment will allow you to dispel a sufficiently impressive car by dimensions to a hundred less than 5 seconds.

9. EQS.

At the end of 2019, the company presented the Vision EQs futuristic electric car, and already in 2021, Mercedes promises to implement ideas presented in the concept on the basis of the serial car.

Of course, the serial version will be more prosaic and close to the traditional S-class, but in the first photo it can be seen that the designers have tried to preserve many elements inherent in the prototype, namely:

  • Hatching roof line;
  • narrow line of lateral glazing;
  • Unique optics, in which 940 LEDs are involved.

Technical details of the power plant are kept in the strictest selection, but the prototype parameters were as follows:

Total power 476 hp
Torque 740 Nm
Battery capacity 100 kWh ∙ h
Autonomous Mileage on the WLTP cycle 700 km
Acceleration to 100. 4.5 C.
Maximum speed more than 200 km / h

10. EQV.

In 2021, sales of fully electric minivan Mercedes-Benz EQV start starting.

The car will drive the electric motor with a capacity of 204 hp (150 kW), providing maximum speed up to 160 km / h. Accumulators with a capacity of 90 kW * h guarantee the owner up to 400 km of autonomous mileage. Also, the car has an energy recovery mode and an intelligent energy consumption selection system.

The cost of minivan in the basic configuration will approximately start from $ 100,000.


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