BMW 4-Series 2021 Gran Coupe

BMW 4-Series 2021 Gran Coupe

The German company BMW is preparing to present a line of cars 4 series 2021. The start of sales is scheduled for October 24 of this year. By tradition, the new series will be presented in several modifications. The most affordable version of the BMW 4 Series 2021 will be the Coupe model with the price tag - from 3,110,000 p.

Body design

The most visible difference is, of course, this is the number of doors, the doors themselves will be made cramped, as well as on 4 Series Gran Coupe in the body F36. The windows line is made more horizontal in the area of ​​the rear doors, the corporate bend of the Hofmaister is not here, as well as the coupe. A bit will change the roof profile, it will be slightly higher in the back of the body to increase the space in the area of ​​the head on the back row of the seats. Accordingly, the rear window will shift slightly back, giving the body a silhouette of a fastbeck. Lanterns and bumpers will be identical to the "Double Mer."

The raisin of the updated body of the machine is atypical for most brand modifications design of the radiator grille. Branded "Nostrils" are strongly elongated in height and almost relate to the lower edge of the bumper. At the expense of the new lattice, the structure of air intakes has changed, and with them the overall appearance of the vehicle.

There are innovations and in the aft part of the BMW 4 Series 2021. The bending of the Hofmaister is almost completely leveled, and the rear lighting has gained a new look in the Gran Coupe stylist eighth series. A characteristic profile with dynamic proportions has been preserved in full. Supplemented by body excellent aerodynamic characteristics. Almost all models are the resistance coefficient by the incident flow - 0.25, except M440i, where the indicator is 0.29.

БМВ M440i Coupe 2021 года

The machine will be equipped with different bumpers, depending on which version of the finish will choose the consumer. The most aggressive option is provided at the model M Sport with a more acute bumper, large wheels and air intakes, sports suspension and a super home-based brake system.

Interior Salon

The interior will hardly surprise, as the front panel is the same as the new "foot" and the "fourths" in the body of the coupe, the original can be the original door cards. From the above-mentioned models, the novelty will receive a wide range of gasoline and diesel engines. There is a chance that the M4 version of the Gran Coupe also appears (six years ago, the company refused to have a similar idea against 4 Series Gran Coupe of the first generation), and it is quite accurate to expect the premiere of electrical modification I4.

Identical remain: front panel, seats, torpedo with a 12.3-inch control panel and multimedia system. Restyled steering wheel with updated control elements.

The list of varnish decorations also comparable to the 3rd series (in the top versions there is a leather finish). Differences in the back row, which is more compact, in comparison with previous modifications. Windshield acoustic. In the basic configuration, the soundproofing of the door panels is improved and the Live CockPit Plus system is provided.


BMW 4 Coupe 2021 is designed on the basis of the sedan 3 series. At the same time, cars have significant differences. For example, the fourth height is below 57 mm due to the renewed roof and the road lumen. The center of gravity is reduced by 21 mm, and the rear track is wider by 23 mm. Additional body stiffness is provided, the suspension is reconfigured (now it is more rigid) and steering.

In the list of BMW 4 options, Gran Coupe 2021 contain automatic transmission, side and front airbags, heated front seats, LED optics, 2-zone climates control, 18-inch discs of classic design, multimedia, audio system, electronic helpers, ABS, EBD, ESP. The ravine coefficient of all versions - 50:50. Mass - from 1 525 to 1,740 kg, depending on the model and the filling.

The classic European version 420i is equipped with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine, with a capacity of 184 hp In the model 430i, the motor is similar, but with a greater power - 258 hp In 420D, the power of 2.0 liter diesel engine - 190 hp Also, the manufacturer in March 2021 plans to release models 430d with a 3.0-liter turbodiesel, with a capacity of 286 hp and M440D XDrive with 3.0-liter turbodiesel, 340 hp. All modifications are equipped with an 8-speed automatic transmission.

M440D XDrive Coupe - the flagship of the entire series. In addition to the powerful engine and sports transmission, the model will be equipped with sports steering, differential, suspension and brake M Sport, dynamic cruise control, M-spoiler and alloy wheels (19 inches) with PERFORMANCE top tires.

The M440D XDrive M Special model will be equipped with an adaptive suspension M, as well as the M-Technology complex consisting of a cooling system and improved performance brake. In addition, the machine package will include Plus Parking Assistant and Cruise Control with the Stop & GO option.

Each model provides its list of options with the possibility of individualization. In addition to leather salons, buyers will be able to choose various decorative straps to decorate the interior or equip a panoramic roof machine that will become longer by 24 mm.

Price in Russia

The Russian division of the company BMW did not pull with the announcement of the new "four" for the Russian market. BMW 4-Series G22 2021 model year will be available on October 24. The most affordable version will be the modification of the BMW 420i Coupe with the initial price tag from 3,130,000 rubles.

At the start of sales, you will be expected at once four versions:

  1. BMW 420i Coupe - from 3,130,000 rubles (184 hp; 300 nm);
  2. BMW 420D Coupe - from 3,150,000 rubles (190 hp; 400 nm);
  3. BMW 420D XDrive Coupe - 3,290,000 rubles (190 hp; 400 nm);
  4. BMW M440i XDrive Coupe - from 4,550,000 rubles (374 hp; 500 nm);

Already in the basic configuration of the BMW G22 will be equipped with an "machine" Steptronic, DSC, six airbags, led head optics of the projection type, LED fonts and rear lamps, a corporate multimedia system, assistants to the driver and a complex of active safety.

In addition to traditional sedans, the manufacturer will release a convertible and a Gran Coupe model. The convertible will be equipped with a tissue roof, instead of a folding metallic (expensive value and fairly heavy), as in the previous series. Such a solution will free up more than a cargo space, although it becomes less than in the coupe.


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