First Test Drive Mercedes GLA 250E 2020

First Test Drive Mercedes GLA 250E 2020

Mercedes GLA 250E is located at the last stage of adjustments, and Johen EC, the head of all tests of the compact series car, is already quite satisfied with the state of development. However, he believes that the improvement of the motor and brake system can be further improved.

Mercedes promises a 53 km mileage with a fully charged battery. Mercedes GLA 250E works from the electrician if you switch the EV mode and do not press the KickDown button. In electrical mode, the degree of energy recovery can be selected using the blades on the steering wheel, which in this case are not used to switch gear:

  • In D - Maximum slowdown when lifting legs from acceleration,
  • In D + the machine works without braking at all as a regular machine.

In the "Sport" mode, the heat engine is constantly working, as well as running and stopping systems. But when the engine starts again, a small jerk occurs. The start should be smoother. But the 8-speed automatic transmission and double grip works simply. There is noise of a 1.33-liter turbo engine in the "Comfort" mode when both engines are involved.

The Mercedes accumulator GLA 250E has a power of 16.5 kWh, and is located in the floor under the rear seat, which made it possible to reduce the volume of the tank to 35 liters. The battery can be charged in 105 minutes from the AC station with a capacity of 7.4 kW. The heat engine develops 160 hp, and electric 102 hp, the total capacity is 218 hp, and the maximum torque reaches 450 nm.


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