Akura MDX 2020 - New Crossover Model

Akura MDX 2020 - New Crossover Model

The acura brand (Akura), who came to the Russian market in 2014, looks like a wise seller offering anyone who is not a well-known product. People walk past a strange merchant, carefully look at the counter, sometimes fit and watch. The seller is calm, he is confident in his product. And that's what is surprising - none of those who risked approach, did not go without buying. The randral is simple - a smart and patient seller offers something really valuable, namely, the pleasure of driving in the family business segment.

Therefore, the flagship of the company, a full-size crossover Akura MDX 2020, is the quality of driving that practically do not expect from a large seven-seater SUV luxury, plus a restrained luxury of the interior and a rich equipment even in the database. Thanks to all this, in the third generation, MDX has become a full-fledged competitor to such recognized hegemon of class as Infiniti QX80, BMW X5, Audi Q7 and, of course, the ever-popular Lexus RX.


It looks like Akura MDX 2020, as a car, created by the designer, who was not limited to fantasy in flight. The silhouette seems squat, but this is an illicit. The combination of proportions is such that the length prevails above the height, creating an optical illusion.

The front part of the body is worked out especially well. The hood lines and wings are assembled into a common harmonious composition. Even important from the marketing point of view of the radiator branded grille, this slightly naive "smile" of Acura is inscribed in the overall picture very well.

Unusual headlights Jewel Eye, consisting of a number of separate LEDs, give the "face" Acura MDX incomprehensible expression of alien reptile. Three LEDs out of five work like near light, two more are connected when you need to enlighten the track for dozens of meters ahead. The light of the diode headlight resembles a xenon and halogen mix. The similarity with xenon gives the high temperature of the bright white beam. With halogen lamps, the sharp boundary between the spot of light and the unlucky space is relative.

In the basic configuration of the Akura MDX 2020, it is equipped with 18 "inch alloy alloy discs, but a truly finished look at its dimensions, the crossover acquires with wheels 20." Despite the fact that compared to the previous generation MDX has become longer than 5 centimeters, and the width and height of the crossover even decreased, the big wheels literally "ask for it".


Acura MDX salon impresses with restrained and high-quality luxury in the style of the working office. Leather finish Chairs in the Advance configuration is supplemented with inserts from a natural moraine tree. Its naturalness is underlined by processing - wooden inserts on the front panel and the doors rough to the touch. Chrome elements are made from the present metal.

The front console is decorated with a cascade of two monitors. The design is clearly thought out - the lower touch screen is used to control the functions and settings. The top, to which it is problematic from the driver's seat, serves solely for the reporting of visual information, which, by the way, is quite a lot.

The top monitor shows images from four chambers, serves as the screen of the multimedia system and the navigation program, displays the engine operation parameters, as well as data relating to the trip. The image with four cameras in one of the viewing modes is reduced. At the same time, it seems that the virtual chamber of the circular view is hanging somewhere above the roof of the car.

Taking into account the dimensions of the Acura MDX 2020 crossover and the "chartiness" of the driver's seat, the best way to ensure that it takes place on board, not to find, even though the side mirrors are endowed with the function of changing an inspection angle, which, however, is involved only when Movement with reverse.

Some, especially sought-after functions, such as heated seats or the mode of operation of the three-zone climate installation, are constantly visible to the submenu at the bottom of the touchscreen. The screen has a feedback function in the form of vibration, allowing, with a certain skill, to touch and turn off the functions.

For those who are categorically opposed to distract from the road and look aside, there is a third screen located between the speedometer scales and the tachometer, as well as two joysticks on the steering wheel, the joystick on the armrest and a number of additional buttons on the console and in the area directly adjacent To the steering column. Thus, it is possible to manage mostly settings in several ways.

Multimedia system

Only the central multimedia system on the front console is included in the staffing of Akura MDX 2020. The screen is not so great, and watch the movie, sitting in the second row, is hard enough. This problem is solved in the Advance modification providing for an additional entertainment center with a built-in DVD player, which turns the seven crossover to a full-fledged minivan. The kit includes auxiliary inputs for all types of media, including the HDMI connector. The picture is transmitted to a widescreen 16.2-inch monitor, which can be divided into two parts so that the passengers can watch the video from two different sources at the same time.

The system management is carried out using a remote, which is very successful to the ceiling directly in front of the screen. The console is easily removed if you need to transfer the passenger control on the last chairs. In addition to the console, the kit includes two pairs of regular wireless headphones stored in the pockets of the first chairs. This makes the interior of Acura MDX very similar to the business class salon in a small plane.

Seat and trunk

The front seats at Akura MDC provide a good range of adjustment, so it can be convenient to get a 180-centimeter man in them, and his spouse is 305 centimeters. The invincible access system allows not to reproach the spouse or spouse that he or she "everything changed and left", because when using different keys, computer control remembers the settings for each key.

The second number of chairs was created with a special concern for passengers on the third, while compromises that reduce the level of comfort in the second row, the developers did not go. The leather heated seats are very comfortable and located on such a significant distance from the backs of the front chairs, that even a very adult child in the child's chair installed behind the backrest feet. At the same time, the design of the sled row provides for the possibility of slipping, and the backs fold at an angle of 45 degrees without losing settings.

The system is controlled by two buttons, one of which is located on the end surface of the airbag, and the other on the back of the back. This allows you to produce third-party passengers, standing at the open rear door. If we discharge them with no one, passengers will easily get themselves by pressing the top button on the back. At the same time, there is a solid size of the passage, ensuring the convenience of the output, which is overshadowed by the fact that the car is high enough (20 centimeters clearance). Needless to say, the second-row sleds allow you to move the chairs in a wide range to provide passengers of the third, the demolition level of comfort while driving.

The backs of the third row chairs are folded, forming an absolutely smooth surface of the luggage compartment. Places in the trunk more than enough even with the backs of the third row. Official evidence suggests that its capacity when loading through the side window line ranges from 234 to 1344 liters.


Standard Safety Functions Akura MDX 2020 includes seven airbags, ABS and course stability system. The Advance package includes the monitoring system of dead zones, a system of tracking tracking and warning about the possibility of an accident, which does not interfere in management, but only does not allow the driver to be distracted.

Warning provides for danger signaling at three levels:

  • The first level is a high-speed light signal,
  • Second level - warning on the instrument panel monitor,
  • The third is the tension of seat belts.

ACURA managers warn - if the car "patted you on the shoulder" belt, the eyes are already meaningless, you need to immediately put it on the brake.

Configuration and prices

Like other ACURA cars, presented in Russia, MDX has been supplied in a limited number of complete sets. Previously there were two: the base "Techno" and the Lux "Advance", but in 2020 there are as many as five, this is:

  1. "Standard" ($ 44,500 - $ 46,500)
  2. "TECHNOLOGY" ($ 49,500 - $ 53,000)
  3. "A-SPEC" ($ 55,000)
  4. "Advance" ($ 56,250 - $ 59,750)
  5. "Entertainment" ($ 53,500 - $ 60,250)

Just do not think that in the standard configuration you will have to turn the handles of the windows, it is not so. Basic Acura MDX is a perfectly selected full package of options. The standard equipment includes LED LED headlight headlights with washer, fog lights, chairs, trimmed with electrically regulating the first and heating of all seats, three-zone automatic climate control.

The multimedia capabilities of Akura MDX 2020 are presented with a premium audio system ELS with a high-class 539 kW power amplifier and 11 speakers. The touchscreen display allows you to control numerous functions, including the navigation system.

Among the pleasant amenities that facilitate the driver's life, the engine start button and invincible access. To all this, you can buy accessories of various properties: from lateral moldings, thresholds and protection of the front and rear bumper, to devices for transportation and optional alloy discs.

The most interesting option is the intelligent SH-AWD full drive system. This is Alpha and Omega of this car, the very good product that offers you a patient seller. The abbreviation is decrypted as Super Handling AWD, that is, an automatic drive system that provides top control.

It is important to understand - Akura does not offer you an "empty" car and to it - the ability to choose from numerous packages of options. Does not make her head over what you need, and what you do not need. Acura offers a completely different approach, the same as Apple, if someone likes such a comparison. You are offered a crossover, which already has everything you need. If you have specific needs, you can add something from accessories, but it is not necessary. You already have an SUV for all occasions.


Akura MDX 2020 is just a find for those who love aggressive, sports riding. The characteristics of the atmospheric gasoline engine V6 with a volume of 3.5 liters provides a stable smooth traction in almost the entire range, and does not stun with a nutritional roar even at a maximum speed of 220 kilometers per hour. With 290 horsepower, the engine provides a power supply for a sharp jerk at any speed, so it is almost not necessary to calculate the distance during overtakers. With a mass of 1970 kilograms, overclocking up to 100 kilometers in 7.6 seconds is stable, without loss on slipping at any condition of the road.

Reliable and proven six-speed automatic box at Acura MDX switches without any jerks and instantly reacts to a sharp press of gas pedal, moving to kikdown. When switching to Sport mode, the transmission switches down on two steps, especially on the descent. A triumvirate consisting of an engine, SH-AWD and gearbox provides an acceptable fuel consumption mode. In mixed mode, it should be calculated, on average, by 10 liters of 95th gasoline per hundred. Akura recommends the use of PREMIUM fuel, but does not prescribe it as a mandatory rule.

SH-AWD running a computer distributes torque over the axes and, separately, between the rear wheel drives. When turning the rotation, the torque with gradual increases is transmitted to an external wheel located at maximum distance from the center point. At this moment, the external wheel is loaded more, and the redistribution of the torque does not lead to loss of adhesion on any coating.

The hydraulic steering amplifier is replaced by a more efficient electric power steering, which gives excellent high speed feedback and simplifying maneuvering in a close space of urban parking. In the Advance configuration, the crossover is equipped with an adaptive suspension that provides a choice between Comfort, Normal and Sport modes. At the same time, given the high dynamic characteristics, even in the Comfort mode, the suspension remains very collected.


Akura MDX 2020, like the iPhone, has its own aura and charm, and therefore a crossover released by a luxury brand belonging to Honda is provided with a circle of regular buyers.

Among his advantages, in our opinion, except for excellent dynamics and manageability, it is necessary to note the versatility and focus on people spending a lot of time in the car. In favor of convenience for long-lasting trips, a spacious salon, wide multimedia features, a high level of comfort.

The third series of seats allows you to travel to a large company, although its structure is unlikely to allow passengers to be in it too long without prejudice to convenience. The car is perfect for those who want to emphasize their social status and consider that the frank luxury demonstration is too vulgar. Such positioning puts Acura MDX in one row with Lexus RX, although in terms of equipment and driving characteristics, the crossover can compete with more expensive European counterparts, such as Audi Q7 or BMW X5.

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