Lexus IS 2021 - a new generation in the new body

Lexus IS 2021 - a new generation in the new body

At the beginning of the summer, Lexus officially introduced the 4th generation of IS 2021 in Japan. Although many expected to see a completely new version of the popular sports sedan, the presented car was only a deep restyling of the previous generation of the model.

Design Exterior

Despite the fact that the LEXUS IS 2021 model is based on the same well-known connoisseurs of the chassis model, the new generation will be bright and recognizable, because the company's designers pretty worked out, giving auto individuality and character.

Exterior of the 4th generation IS form:

  • large radiator grille with an exclusive pattern;
  • sweatshop LED modules of head optics;
  • Massive air intakes decorated in a single style with a radiator grille;
  • Volumetric dynamic eased side panels;
  • large wheels (maximum R-19);
  • The exclusive design of the rear lamps, visually combined into a single element of the exterior of a narrow strip of the LED stop signal passing along the trunk lid;
  • Fuel tank trapezoid cap;
  • Spectacular polished metal inserts.

Already at first glance, the photo of the updated model feels the sporty nature and dynamism of the car.

The most powerful sports venue will receive not only the prefix F Sport in the title, and the spectacular predatory kit + wider rubber on the rear axle.

Interior Salon

In the cabin, the new Lexus IS 2021 will largely look like its predecessor. Designers have tried to make the classic and modern elements as harmoniously. Cardinal changes manufacturer did not plan, although there are a number of pleasant improvements worthy of attention.

The interior of the updated version is attracted:

  • Big touchscreen entertainment system (from 8 to 10.3 inches);
  • digital navigation panel;
  • Massive steering wheel with lots of comfortable and functional buttons;
  • A wide central tunnel on which the gear selector and multimedia control elements are located;
  • Analog clock, traditionally located in the center of the panel between classic rectangular deflectors;
  • Spectacular two-color execution in which black color will be combined with a red or caramel tint.

Also, the car will delight future owners with such options as:

  • electric drive seats;
  • 2-zone climatic installation;
  • Lexus Safety System + Complex, which includes a passive and active security system;
  • SmartAccess (easy access);
  • adaptive cruise control;
  • A set of assistants facilitating the driver's work;
  • 15 or 17-point premium acoustics Mark Levinson.

Technical equipment

Fourth Lexus IS will go on sale in the following modifications:

  • IS 300 - Turbo engine 2.0 liters (244 hp, 350 nm), 8-speed "Automatic" Sport Direct Shift, rear-wheel drive;
  • IS 300 AWD - atmospheric V6 3.5 (263 hp, 320 nm), 6-speed automatic transmission, four-wheel drive;
  • IS 350 - Engine V6 3.5 (315 hp, 380 nm), 8AKPP, rear-wheel drive;
  • IS 350 AWD is the same unit V6 3.5 (315 hp, 380 nm), 6ACP, four-wheel drive.

Lexus IS 2021 will be presented in a new, slightly enlarged body. The dimensions of the model after restyling will be:

Length 4 710 mm (+30 mm)
Width 1 840 mm (+30 mm)
Height 1 430 mm
Wheelbase 2 800 mm
Clearance 135 mm

Having retained the chassis time, the engineers subjected to significantly upgraded the platform Lexus IP. In the design now used more light aluminum instead of steel, so that it was possible to achieve a decrease in the weight of individual elements:

  • springs - by 20%;
  • A-shaped levers - by 18%;
  • Transverse stability stabilizers - by 17%.

As already listed earlier, under the hood of the new IS, depending on the configuration, plan one of the two turbocharged gasoline power units:

A type Turbated "Four" V6 Buturbo
Volume 2,0 L. 3.5 L.
Drive unit rear full
Power 245 hp 264 hp or 315 hp
Torque 350 nm 599 nm
Transmission 8-speed automatic 6-speed automatic

In the future, Lexus will be available with a hybrid installation, the technical details of which the company is still held in the secret.

The fastest of the already presented modifications - Lexus IS 350 with rear-wheel drive - is accelerated to 97 km / h in 5.6 seconds. When ordering an IS 350 option, the Dynamic Handling package becomes available. It implies the installation of adaptive suspension, lightweight BBS wheeled discs and the rear differential of high friction Torsen. Plus, another Sport S + rolling mode appears.

As additional options in 2021 will be available:

  • adaptive suspension;
  • aggressive sports kit;
  • 19-inch BBS branded discs;
  • Exclusive interior design in black and white or red and white gamma.

Price and Start Sales

The new Lexus IS will go on sale in a few months, and in 2021 the model can be purchased in more than 40 countries the world, including the United States.

At the same time, the manufacturer does not plan to supply an updated version of the sports sedan to Europe or Russia, since according to the company's experts, these markets are more focused on crossovers, and in hard competition with popular BMW 3-Series and Mercedes C-Class, Sales The luxury sedan may not bring the desired profits.

The starting price of IS 2021 release is $ 39,000 (approximately 2.7 million rubles).

Video of the new model

Check out a video review for a new aggressive external design of Lexus IS 2021 and find out how Lexus used an amazing new SHIMOYAMA test track to create balanced performance and a linear reaction of the most exciting from ever existing.

And also see how Lexus Townsend Bell Racer, Leger Director of Lexus GVP David Crist and President Lexus International Codi Sato present the world Sports sedan Lexus IS 2021.

Evolution generations

The first generation of rear-wheel drive sedan was presented in the global market from 1998 to 2005. It was more affordable for a Japanese consumer price a copy of the popular Toyota Altezza car.

The second generation was sold from 2005 to 2013, and was already an independent model of Lexus. For 8 years, the model was presented in different bodies, and also produced with rear and complete drive.

The third generation thanks to bright design, excellent technical characteristics and an impressive package of innovative systems, easily found its buyer in 2013 and is very popular in many countries of the world until today.

The fourth generation of Lexus was held in a virtual press conference format, watch the video above. Although the model of 2021 has kept much of the predecessor, the new Lexus IS will definitely find its client, because the company's engineers and designers presented him with a number of weighty improvements. We offer to figure out more detail than plans to amaze and impress the demanding customers of the company's new IS.

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