RAM 1500 - Dodge 2020

RAM 1500 - Dodge 2020

In this review, Avtomancar.com will tell you about the new full-size Pickup Dodge Ram 1500 2020 and its modifications.

Design Overview

The exterior of the car successfully passed the tests in the aerodynamic tube. Innoving appeared in it: an updated radiator grille, an inch above the previous one, but with the same width. This corresponds to the improved type of front bumper. It appeared stronger fog lights oriented vertically, and the presence of larger holes near the hooks for towing simplified access to them.

New Dodge Rama 1500 2020 is equipped with more than 45 passive and active security elements, including front, rear and side airbags and lumbar and chest area, equipped with an updated system of improved response in the event of an accident, special rollers for knees, belts with The configuration of the BeltAlert System feeding the signal if they are not fastened. Pedals have adjustable settings.

The new Pickup RAM 1500 has a passive key system - Keyless Enter'n Go System. It also acts as a key chain, but eliminates the need to press buttons. Through the use of a radio signal of the ECU, the driver "sees" the driver is already 100 meters, opens the door when it approximation, as soon as he touches the handle. The system also allows you to automatically turn on the ignition, but only if the keychain is already in the car. The central lock with remote control will help quickly block the doors by pressing one button.

Thanks to the technology of remote engine power, it can be remotely remotely from a distance of 91.44 m (300 feet). Remote control of doors, engine and light is standard in the list of Dodge functions of 1500 2020.

This list is complemented by glass wipers equipped with rain sensors, headlights with smart beam technology and Rambox triggers in the rear wings of auto, folding mirrors, sliding rear glass with a defrost. Optional access is a sleeping bag, the length of which is 1.93 meters.


The use of new developments and functions made it possible to use new materials in the interior design of the Dodge RAM 2020, as well as more carefully customized elements and achieve their more advanced finish. In addition, a new multimedia system and a new handle for switching gear was introduced.

Exclusively for the new car Dodge Rama 1500 designers applied special, unique color shades, resembling the grains of walnut and wood, which farmers usually use for fences. On such wood, a special vortex pattern is obtained that does not occur anywhere else. Door panels also found new shades and new finishes.

The central console was updated: now it has become more space, where the UConnect system screen with a diagonal of 8.4 inches is located. Also in her decoration there were new materials that fit into the overall interior.

The UConnect application meets the highest standards and contains the main switches. For example, you can manage the ventilation system and air conditioning manually, but also with the help of an 8.4-inch display with the sensory system. Thanks to innovations in the UConnect system, it became possible to abandon unnecessary buttons and switches. With this application, it is also possible to control the trailer brake function while driving. Adjustment of the dispensing box is now located under the handle for managing automatic transmission. Create the most comfortable management of functions helped experience gained in the development of other CHRYSLER Group models.

Research among customers show that drivers are more convenient to manage the system of audio, which is located on the steering wheel. RAM company one of the first offers to use this modification on pickups. Thanks to this, the drivers got the opportunity to control the audio and at the same time not to pull their hands from the steering wheel and not distracted by driving.

Characteristics and equipment

The technical characteristics of the DODGE RAM 1500 2020 imply a new modification of the frame and the improved characteristics of rigidity torsion, has a higher stability and at the same time produces less noise and vibration (reducing the level up to 30%, which depends on the speed and motion features).

Most frame elements are manufactured using hydroforming technology, which makes it possible to achieve greater dimensions and reduce the presence of welds, which reduces the internal voltage. The material from which the frame is made is high strength steel, which ensures durability and rigidity.

The strength of the updated frame increases by 30%, thanks to the use of the best alloys. It also made it possible to reduce its weight by 15 kg.

Engine Pentastar V6.

The list of power plants for the new Dodge Ram 2020, includes the Pentastar V6 motor of 3.6 liters, which two years in a row enters the top 10 of the best engines. It has variable phases of gas distribution, its power is designed for 305 hp, and the torque is 365 nm. If you compare these characteristics, for example, with a 3.7-liter Motor V6 Ford F-150 of the last model year, then it is designed for 302 hp Power and 377 Nm of torque. According to Chrysler's promises, an updated V6 Pentastar engine provides an increase in power by 42%, an increase in torque by 13% and, at a minimum, 20% more fuel economy, if you compare its characteristics with data according to the previous version of the V6 volume of 3.7 liters.

The improved PentAstar engine is equipped with two upper camshafts (DOHC), has a sufficiently high torque in a wide revolving range. His noise and vibration parameters are recognized as the best in all class. Twice Pentastar V6 was recognized as the winner of the Ward's 10 Best Engines contest (2011 and 2012).

Price and testing

According to the manufacturer, the quality and technical characteristics of the RAM 1500 2020 passed a comprehensive check in the high-tech Chrysler Scientific Center. Everything was checked, including noise levels, vibrations and electromagnetic radiation levels. Price Dodge RAM 1500 in the amount of from 3,780,000 rubles. (53,800 $) 6,050,000 rubles. ($ 86 $ 150), fully justified with its functionality and quality level. The car was tested in the aerodynamic tube and imitation of road tests. The team of designers and RAM engineers strive to provide top quality, correcting the found flaws and any problems that occur during its operation.


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