Mercedes-Benz Gla D 200 4Matic: Test Drive Crossover 2020

Mercedes-Benz Gla D 200 4Matic: Test Drive Crossover 2020

Mercedes had a slight non-traditional approach to the GLA of the previous generation. Despite the fact that the automaker was very successful with SUVs in the high grade, in a compact class they preferred to offer a crossover, which will be a higher class A, but not a typical SUV.

Mercedes-Benz GLA 200 D 4Matic will compete with BMW X1, Audi Q3 or VW Tiguan. The company is now going straight forward, pursuing the above-mentioned competitors, saying goodbye to the idea of ​​the crossover and inventing a real compact SUV with typical proportions.


First of all, we must say that the new GLA is built, like other compact models of Mercedes, on the new MFA2 platform, which is the evolution of the old MFA.

MFA2 has many improvements, including a longer wheel base (2729 mm compared with previous 2699 mm), improved soundproofing, excellent driving sophistication and tighter body design.

GLA size has not changed significantly, except for height. A new model is 104 mm higher and now looks like a real SUV. Length by 4419 mm (by 14 mm in short than the first GLA) is 9 mm less than that of the B-class, but GLA is 49 mm higher than that of the B-class. Thus, the driver sits by 52 mm higher than in the B-class and 140 mm higher than in the A-class.

Surprisingly, the road clearance remained small for an SUV, accounted for only 143 mm (+ 9 mm compared to the previous generation). It is a pity that Mercedes does not offer higher, especially since the four-wheel drive 4matic and Off-Road package (standard for 4matic versions) will allow access to more difficult places. Clearance though restricting access. Instead, a pitch on 36 mm wider in front and 46 mm rear, which improves the side dynamics.

Salon Overview

Mercedes-Benz GLA has a very good B-class modulosis with rear seats shifting 14 cm forward (428.40 euros), and front passenger seat with a folding back (178.50 euro). While the rear seats were divided by 40/20 / 40%, and the inclined back of different angles is standard equipment. Thus, if necessary, long items can be transported by folding the back of the right front seat or zooming or reducing the volume of the trunk by moving the rear bench.

Behind the passengers are conveniently sitting on the seats with a very well profiled backrest and a fairly long seating area. A large height and an enlarged wheelbase provided more space from the back. Passengers benefit from greater height stock and, especially from knee-up, because the knee growth is increased by 12 cm. In addition, the interior offers a feeling of airspace. There is more space for shoulders, and you no longer have a sensation of claustrophobic inherent in small windows and a high body line.

Sitting 97 mm higher than in the previous model, the driver seeks the road better, and the circular review is excellent. The front seats are relatively rigid, but excellent profiled, have separate head restraints and manual adjustment of the seat length (standard equipment for progressive equipment 1814.75 euros, you can also choose Style and AMG). The Progressive equipment is also supplied with an artificial leather artificial leather, a multifunctional steering wheel in the leather upholstery and 18-inch alloy wheels, and the porous matte finish of the Black Lime Wood (309.40 euros) on the dashboard and the doors finish looks great.

Mercedes transmits a trunk with a volume of 425 to 1420 liters, a little more than the previous model, but it looks not very spacious, and the height of the trunk is relatively small due to a fairly beveled rear window. For comparison, the BMW X1 promises from 505 to 1550 liters. Instead, we appreciate the movable floor, which can be installed on two levels. If the floor is at the top level, when folding the back of the rear seats, you can get an almost flat loading surface. We also value a large trunk width of 85 mm and a lower loading edge by 50 mm.


The price of Mercedes-Benz Gla 200D 4Matic starts with 40,995.50 euros, and with additional equipment, available on a test machine, which was not luxurious, it reaches almost 50,000 euros. LED headlights are standardized, but the Premium package should be verified because it comes with the MBUX system with a hard disk navigation and beautiful 10.25-inch screens worth 3552.15 euros.

On the other hand, for the base price of 40,995.50 euros, the buyer receives an excellent diesel engine OM654Q with a transverse installation, a 8-speed automatic transmission with double clutch, four-wheel drive and 18-inch wheels. It should also be said that, unlike other compact Mercedes models, the basic diesel engine is no longer a small 1.5-liter from Renault, but also is an option for a 2-liter engine. Thus, customers have at their disposal a 2-liter diesel engine OM654Q in three power options:

  • 116 hp (instead of the previous 1.5 with GLA 180 D);
  • 150 hp (GLA 200 D 4Matic, a test model in the photo);
  • 190 hp (GLA 220 D 4Matic).

Test Drive

The test model was equipped with a standard COMFORT suspension, but you can also choose a Comfort suspension with a reduced road clearance (440.30 euros), and for 1178.10 euros you can even check the adaptive suspension.

While driving Mercedes-Benz GLA feels very cohesive and impressive very good body rigidity. Comfort suspension name relatively because it is rather tough. Combined with standard 18-inch wheels GLA provides very good comfort when moving along the highway, but when crossing short irregularities, the rear passengers will feel that damping is quite rigid.

Instead, the Comfort pendant is ideal on winding tracks, where the roll is from moderate to weak, and provides excellent driving, although maneuverability is not a strong side of this heavy SUV, which has its own weight of 1670 kg.

Driving modes

The driver is available Eco, Comfort and Sport modes. The situation will change a bit if you switch to a sports mode, because the torque distribution forward / back changes with 80/20% front / rear on ECO / COMFORT modes up to 70/30% for sports.

The atmosphere in the cabin is quiet, but due to fairly wide tires noises are heard. In addition, the 2-liter turbo code OM654Q, installed in the transverse direction, is slightly no more at increasing speed than in other models in which it is installed in the longitudinal direction, such as C-class or GLC.

4Matic version is supplied with a standard off-road package. When off-road mode is turned on, the torque distribution is 50/50%, and the inter-axis adhesion acts as a blocked differential. The off-road package also includes an animation with a torque distribution, similar to what we see in some Porsche models, but also a descent assistant. In the off-road mode, GLA is very good thrust and comfort on off-road very good, despite the relatively rigid suspension adjustment.

Mercedes-Benz GLA 200 D 4Matic gives a feeling of security, and movement in a straight line is better than, for example, at the same BMW X1, which is more nervous due to more sensitive steering.


Strong and economical 2-liter turbodiel engine Mercedes-Benz GLA 200 D 4Matic.

2-liter turbodiel engine with a capacity of 150 hp It has a powerful tractive force, since the maximum torque of 320 nm is available from 1400 rpm and remains constant up to 3200 rpm. The 8-speed automatic double-clutch gearbox switches with comfort as a gearbox with a torque converter, but at the same time it is fast, and the driver also has blast driving for manual switching. Only when you start the automatic gearbox has small oscillations. The eighth gear is long enough to save fuel at highway speeds. Since everything comes down to consumption, Mercedes announces the official consumption of 5.6 l / 100 km, and we have reached a total value of 6.7 l / 100 km competitive for this segment.


The second generation of Mercedes-Benz GLA is a real SUV, with an elegant and high-quality interior that will undoubtedly conquer the hearts of more buyers. Standard suspension offers a good compromise, and the basic equipment is decent. But competition is also coming from the consolidated brother Mercedes GLB, which is more practical, has 7-seater options and costs only 1200 euros more expensive. From the point of view of the engine, Mercedes-Benz GLA 200 D 4Matic offers the best compromise.


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