Toyota Venza - New Crossover 2021

Toyota Venza - New Crossover 2021

The new crossover Toyota Venza is officially submitted on May 18, 2020 and is preparing for the exit to the American market for the summer of the current year. New built on a modern platform GA-K. The new generation car is essentially a clone "Fourth" Harrier, who a month ago was presented in Japan and go on sale in the local market in June.

The new Venza will first become justified in the United States, then in China (the name Frontlander is used here, and in the future, it may appear in other countries.

Design new body

The Japanese ended the model rather attractive appearance. The stylish narrow headlights of the head light and the impressive trapezium of the falseradiator beneath them are distinguished, behind them - a thin chandelier of lanterns to the entire width of the body and a neat bumper with two round nozzles of the exhaust system.

Toyota Venza profile is pleased with dynamic outlines - a rather long hood line through a strongly inclined frame of windshield moves into a sloping roof that ends with an elongated spoiler.

The external dimensions of the body's new Toyota Venza 2021 are in a length of 4740 mm, in a width of 1855 mm, in a height of 1660 mm with the size of the wheelbase in 2690 mm and 195 mm under the bottom (clearance). Kialose front wheels - 1605 mm, tapping rear wheels - 1625 mm. 18-inch wheels are installed standard, and larger 19-inch with rubber 225/55 R19 are offered for extra charge.

The standard for the new Toyota crossover are 18-inch discs, and in senior equipment it flares the 19-inch wheels.

Interior Salon

It is striking that Multimedia has no physical volume control, control it through the capacitive screen. A 12.3-inch screen is part of the XLE and Limited configuration. In LE or XLE, only an 8-inch touch screen enters, but there will be traditional touch buttons. Judging by the photo, the software stuffing here is the same as the last generation Highlander.

Toyota is particularly proud of panoramic glass on the roof with a controlled dimming. The instrument combination is not completely digital, depending on the configuration you get a digital display by 4.2 or 7 inches. Available and digital rearview mirror.

Among the stated options, we allocate the touch climate control unit, the front seat ventilation, the JBL Premium Audio acoustics with the 9th speakers and a 1200-watt amplifier, the electrochromic panoramic roof of Star Gazetm (the transparency of the glass is changed by simply pressing the button), the digital cabin mirror (translates the image from Cameras on the stern), Bird's Eye View Bird's View System.

By default, all variations of Toyota Veza 2020-2021 will be equipped with a set of electronic assistants to Toyota Safety Sense 2.0. It includes:

  • Radar cruise control;
  • Prevention of frontal clashes with pedestrian detection and cyclists (the latter are found only during the day);
  • Tracking compliance with robes of movement;
  • Automatic switching light headlights;
  • Traffic signs.

The volume of the trunk of Toyota Venza on American measurement standards is 1028 liters.


For Venza 2021, only one transmission option will be available, but what! It will be a 2.5-liter undead four-cylinder engine in a bundle with three electric motors, which in sum gives 219 horsepower. The dynamics indicators are previously the same as the RAV4 hybrid cross, which is able to accelerate to hundreds of 7.8 seconds, consuming about 5.9 liters per 100 km of way.

In the long list of 8 airbags, VSC, TRAC, EBD, BAS and ABS systems. Dashboard with 4.2 or 7-inch color screen and multimedia complex with 8 or 12.3-inch display (Apple CarPlay and Android AUTO). 10-inch HEAD-UP color display and premium audio system of the JBL class with 9 sound points. Driver Chairs and Front Passenger with Electrical Drive Adjustments. Heating and ventilation of the front and rear seats. 3-zone climate control and dynamic radar cruise control with a full range of speeds. Toyota Safety Sense Security Complex and Mass Most of Modern Lovages.

The capacitance of the traction lithium-ion battery, located under the rear seats, the Toyota Venza crossover is relatively small, and therefore there is no full ride on one electric shock (this mode is activated briefly at low speeds). The possibility of recharging the AKB from the external network is also possible. To shift the accent towards economical or, on the contrary, the Eco and Sport modes are designed more active ride.

New Toyota Pendant Pendant People Independent - MacPherson Racks Front and Multi-Land Surface. The stability of the car on turns is controlled by the Active Cornering Assist electronic system, which affects the operation of the brake mechanisms.


The cost of the new Toyota Venza Hybrid crossover is presumably starts from a mark of $ 39,800, and in a rich configuration, Limited will be more than 45 thousand dollars. The price of the initial set of LE and XLE manufacturer will sound later. The first cross in the United States today costs from $ 25,950 (about 1,889,000 rubles at the actual course), the second will cost at least 34,600 dollars (2,519,000 rubles).



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