Cadillac CT6 2020

Cadillac CT6 2020

For 2020, Cadillac CT6 is available in three finishes with two different engines to choose from - 3.6-liter V6 or 4.2-liter V8 with turbocharging. The availability of functions directly depends on the chosen finishing level.

Basic luxurious finish received several additional standard functions, while the average Premium Luxury finish now comes with full loading. The use of platinum primarily allows you to get a more powerful engine.

Cadillac CT6-V

Starting with a luxurious finish, buyers receive a 3.6-liter V6 (335 hp, 285 nm of torque) in combination with a 10-speed automatic and complete drive. Standard features include a 10.2-inch sensor information and entertainment system, integration of a smartphone, a navigation, adjustable by power and heated front seats, as well as a hatch on the roof. You also get the OnStar link with a Wi-Fi 4G LTE access point and a set of security features, including automatic emergency braking, help in maintaining a strip of movement and monitoring blind zones.

Luxury Premium, fully fitted car with the same V6 engine. It adds a variety of comfort techniques and functions such as Bose Panaray stereo with 34 speakers, an entertainment system on the rear seats and improved seats. You also get adaptive cruise control Cadillac Super Cruise. Mechanically, premium suite is equipped with magnetic control and active steering control.

On the top of the range costs CT6 Platinum. In fact, it has the same characteristics as Premium Luxury, but comes with an ominous name of the BlackWing engine, which is a 4.2-liter V8 engine with turbocharging, which develops 500 hp. and 574 nm of torque.


Powerful engine, brakes and fast transmissions give Cadillac CT6 unique character, which corresponds to its flagship status. But the car is not so smart, as his sports roots CTS could assume. Overmelney steering, and you feel the length and weight of CT6, when the car is pushed. Brakes - a noticeable bright spot, with a stunning braking ability to resist the weight of a hefty sedan.


Spacious, well-equipped sedan. The front seats do not provide significant lateral support, but quite comfortable for long journeys. The climate system is characterized by high efficiency, has a quiet fan and a convenient touchscreen interface for climate control with a backup control below. The vibration from the V6 engine is slightly more, but the course of XT6 on the highway is pleasantly muffled. Cadillac should improve ride to have chances of winning this category.


The cabin is easy to get due to the wide opening doors and seats that allow you to slide right inside. There is enough space for passengers and enough space from behind even for large people. Visibility is satisfactory both in front and rear. Despite the fact that the driver's seat is rather adjustable, the telescopic steering wheel range is quite limited, which makes it available for long-legged drivers.

In essence, Cadillac CT6 is an extended version of the medium sized sedan (CTS), which manifests itself in its relatively short and small trunk. Cadillac could also better provide internal storage of things. Instead, the style of dashboard and the central stack seems to be priority.

A wide opening in the trunk facilitates the storage of bulky objects, such as golf bags, but the maximum space in the trunk is below average for a large sedan. On the other hand, the abundance of places in the backseat and easily accessible anchors of automotive seats mean that you will not have problems even with the largest children's car seat.


The technology is the strength of the CT6. If you are looking for high-tech features, which are also convenient for the user, the Cadillac CT6 will be a good choice. It is not as high-tech, like some more expensive competitors, but you get a lot of connectivity and charging options. Also like the SUPER CRUISE CADILLAC system. The greatest weakness is a voice control that sometimes disappoints to use and is much more limited than what some other luxury brands offer.


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