Three new Geely, which will appear in Russia in 2020

Three new Geely, which will appear in Russia in 2020

According to the results of 2019, Geely managed to take a good position in Russia. And all thanks to its car Geely Atlas, which became their most popular model. By the end of 2020, the company's position on the Russian market is still improved, because three new cars are waiting for us.

Geely Coolray.

Let's start with that car, which, with great probability, will be even more popular than Geely Atlas. We are talking about the compact urban SUV called Geely Coolray. You can buy his Russians already in March. We will learn about the grades already this month, as Coolray Club reports.

Initially, the car will appear with a 4-cylinder motor 1.5T 150 horsepower. Details about what this motor is not. Later will appear a more expensive version with a 3-cylinder 1.5T 177 horsepower engine. This unit is developed in conjunction with Volvo. With the same unit, a good choice of transmissions is offered: "Mechanics", a classic "automatic" and "robot".

Geely FY11.

A steep sports urban SUV with the FY11 index, whose name is not yet known for the Russian market. It will appear only in the second half of 2020. Most likely at the end. Therefore, as for Russian equipment, nothing about it is unknown.

But in China, he has the aforementioned 3-cylinder 1.5t motor with 177 horsepower, which is installed only on the hybrid version. It is unlikely that the hybrid will be brought to Russia. And it does not matter, because the second motor 2.0t with a capacity of 238 horsepower. That's just on the "mechanics" geely fy11 no. He has a "automatic" with 7 gears. There is a wheel drive and full.

Geely Ge.

On the territory of the Belarusian plant Geely several Geely GE cars have been collected. This is a pretty expensive representative sedan. At first, they rummed that its sales will begin in the fall of 2019. But this did not happen.

The car is expensive and much demand for it does not expect. Therefore, the plant will only be conducted by "dumping" assembly of cars under the order. As planned, the customer will be Belarusian state bodies. So far, it is not known what engines it will be. Even hybrid version is expected. It will be released within 2020, but when it is unknown. You need to wait for fresh more relevant information.

And finally ...

... News about Geely Atlas Pro. There is no official information about the new atlas, but he has already received the FTS. It is not known whether he will change the current ATLAS model, which, by the way, it's time to update, or they will be released together.

Since there is no official information about it, it is not known when a novelty appears. Maybe it will be the beginning of 2021. Or maybe by the end of 2020 will declare.


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