The most reliable Japanese brands of cars

The most reliable Japanese brands of cars

The Japanese are very checked to fulfill work, so the technique produced in this country is valued for high quality. Japanese cars are rightfully considered one of the best in the world. In this rating, consider the most reliable Japanese car brands.

1. Lexus.

It is headed by our "most reliable Japanese cars" rating of LEXUS brand. This Luxury Branch of the Toyota brand is invented specifically for the conquest of a foreign market. Initially, Toyota machines were perceived as budget. To get rid of such an association and prejudice was invented by Lexus.

The first car brand appeared in 1985 and was called Lexus LS 400. According to experts, he cost Toyota about billion dollars. The first model cannot be called very sold or successful, but it fulfilled its main function - the brand began to learn. Next, followed by a number of various models, some of them were awarded prestigious awards.

2. Toyota.

Toyota is one of the most reliable and popular brands of Japanese cars. Initially, the company was a separation plant for the production of weaving machines. He headed his son Brand owner. The thought of the production of cars visited him in 1930, and after 5 years, production presented two models of cars for the general public. During the time of the war, Toyota was engaged in the production of military trucks, and after it, the company managed to survive in the conditions of a cruel crisis. In 1956, this Mark entered the American market, and then ranked European and Australian markets.

Today, Toyota Motor Corporation is one of the largest automakers in the world. The company also provides a number of other services, among which the issuance of loans. Toyota Highlander and Toyota Camry are the most sought-after representatives of the brand today.

3. Mazda.

Opens the top three most reliable Japanese cars - Mazda brand. The car brand was founded in 1920 and at the beginning of the way the products were crafts from a cork tree. But in 1930, the creator of the firm decides to produce motorcycles. Fame Brenda brought victory in one of the motorcycle races. But with the beginning of the war, the production had to shut up for the needs of the military.

Cars produces from 1960, the first model was a tiny car, but in the next few years the brand has presented a few more models. Since 1964, the company has become producing cars for export. Today, Mazda Motor Corporation has produced worldwide and produces several million cars per year.

4. Subaru.

This Japanese car brand belongs to the major concern Fhi and is a cult brand in the world of motor racing. In 1954, the founders of FHI came to mind the idea of ​​creating a budget machine for ordinary Japanese. In 1958, a model was released, which later became a real bestseller. Subsequently, the cars of this brand more than once won the rally races, which brought fame to the brand in the world market.

Today, Subaru production volumes are rather modest, but constant quality and excellent history ensure the success of each new model.

5. Infiniti.

The middle of the rating of the most reliable Japanese cars is in Infiniti. This is a luxury brand from Nissan. The conquest of the American market, this brand began with the Infiniti Q45 model, on the development of which Nissan has had a huge amount of funds. The next step of the Japanese was the opening of at once more than 50 Infiniti dealerships. However, despite all the efforts, the first car was poorly sold in the United States, but the premium-sedan G20 turned out to be more successful.

The most-selling car of the infinity brand was the FX crossover, presented in early 2000. Today, this brand takes the sixth line among the leaders of the luxury brands, but still becomes popular among individual groups of consumers.

6. Acura.

This is a subsidiary of Honda, specializing in the production of premium cars. It is the first brand of the car segment of the suite and the pioneer in many areas. Nevertheless, the brand has always managed to successfully compete with premium cars of European production.

Machines of this brand more than once headed the ratings of the best cars in the segment. In 1990, by the volume of sales acura overtook Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Lexus. Throughout history, the brand conquers leading positions due to hard labor in the field of improving and modernizing their products. Since 2013, Acura is also present in the Russian market, and is the leader of the world market, still updating and complementing the model range of powerful new products.

7. Nissan.

Initially, the automotive Mark Nissan was an union of many subsidiaries. In 1943, things were so good that it was possible to build their own factory. However, after the war, most vehicle sales agencies began to work with the Toyota brand. And Nissan had to master world markets.

26 years of hard work helps Nissan achieve the title of the largest car exporter in the world. Next follows the unchanged growth and development of the company, until 1998. At this time, Nissan turns out to be a debtor from American lenders and concludes a very profitable union with the Renault brand. Today Nissan is the second largest company in the Japanese car industry market and recognizable brand on the world market.

8. Honda.

Honda is one of the Japanese manufacturers of the most reliable cars in the world. This brand was created by the once legendary car drivers of Socychiro Honda. Since 1946, he is actively engaged in the assembly of first motorcycles, equipping bicycles with a motor. In 1948, a company producing motorcycles was created. And in 1955, she became an unconditional market leader, destroying competitors. In 1963, Honda released the first sports car. A year later, the company first performed on the races of Formula1.

This is followed by a 40-year history of the development and improvement of new types of cars and motorcycles, the opening of factories and branches around the world. In 2000, Mark represents a new development - a robot. Today, Honda is a huge concern, which is published among other things, the engines, special equipment and much more. The highest popularity is the Honda CR-V and Honda Civic model in an improved version.

9. Suzuki.

9th place in the list of the most reliable Japanese cars - the SUZUKI brand. Since the foundation and first 30 years, the company produced and sold weaving machines. Since 1937, Mark has established the release of small cars. In 1939, the first experimental models came out, but unfortunately, with the beginning of the war, the project had to suspend.

After the war, Suzuki introduced a novelty to the market - the first bike equipped with a motor. Then added the gearbox and speedometer. After a while, the company has established motorcycle production. And in 1955 the first car was presented. From this point on, the company's long path in the world of the automotive industry begins. Today Suzuki occupies a leading position in the global market of passenger cars and motorcycles.

10. Daihatsu.

Completes the rating of Japanese cars in reliability - the company Daihatsu. Mark was founded in 1951, but her story originates since 1907. At first, the company was engaged in selling engines for cars. A little later in Japanese, and then the world market appeared its first cars. In 1919, the prototypes of truck began to be issued, and since 1930, the company began to produce the first domestic three-wheeled machines. In 2016, Mark Daihatsu fully entered the Toyota concern.

The main specialization of the company is the production of small-caps related to European standards in and C. Also among the products you can meet compact SUVs and all-wheel drive machines of medium-sized, minivans, low-tonnage trucks. In addition, Daihatsu is engaged in the development of hybrid models.


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