Volkswagen Polo 2019

Volkswagen Polo 2019

Automakers from Wolfsburg, for several decades, have been pleasing to the inhabitants of many countries of the world affordable and high-quality sedans and hatchbacks. Volkswagen Polo 2019 is a worthy successor of these traditions: stylish, powerful, well-equipped and inexpensive, it is really a "folk car". Restyling will undoubtedly make it even better, despite the fact that the cost should remain as accessible as before.

Exterior of the new Polo

The car will not simply change visually, it will be designed on a completely different VW MQB-A0 platform. Such a solution made it possible to significantly change the dimensions of the model. Now they will make up:

Length 4.48 M.
Width 1.751 M.
Height 1.468 M.
Wheelbase 2,650 M.
Clearance 160 mm
Trunk. 512 l.
Curb weight 1 160 kg

The front part of the car did not receive cardinal changes. A more solid and aggressive type of car gives a new design of the bottom of the bumper, as well as:

  • LED DLR lights of head optics;
  • climbing doors;
  • the presence of chrome elements;
  • increased wheeled arches;
  • Spectacular pattern of exclusive wheels R15;
  • Large wheeled arches;
  • Stylish mini-spoiler, which ends the trunk (will even in the budget version);
  • A completely new somewhat angular form of the rear optics, which became a sectional (part of the rear light unit is located on the trunk lid);
  • Narrow strip of chromium in the design of the rear bumper.

Some experts noted that visually the new Volkswagen Polo sedan became more reminded by Jetta. Although, he is not deprived of his special charisma and elegance.

Moreover, the new model is already in high demand in Latin America, where the first polo sedans have already arrived.

Interior of the novelty

In the salon of the new sedan from Volkswagen will be high-quality, but inexpensive materials. You should not expect from polo soft plastic or leather finishes, sports chairs or other frills, because the main advantage of the model is the optimal combination of price and characteristics. At the same time, engineers and designers also worked perfectly over the ergonomics of space and equipped the car near the useful options.

Salon of the new Polo will delight the future owner with such pleasant elements as:

  • innovative digital instrument panel (maximum configuration);
  • Stylish 3-spoke multicoral;
  • Large 8-inch multimedia system monitor;
  • more spacious second row;
  • Full electrobacket (in the top configuration);
  • Modern acoustics;
  • Expandable luggage compartment due to the possibility of folding the backrest of the 2nd row seats in the ratio of 60:40;
  • Not bad for both the budget car, a set of interfaces for connecting various gadgets;
  • Air conditioning or climate control (for expensive versions).

Of course, polo will not exceed the equipment of the business class sedans of some popular manufacturers, but this model is designed for the owner who is looking for practicality, reliability and sufficient comfort for small money.

Technical characteristics of sedan

Volkswagen was told that cars intended for the market of Russia and Brazil would have a number of differences. And, first of all, they will be equipped with different power units.

Страна Бразилия Россия, Бразилия Россия
engine's type TSI turbocharged (3-Cylinder) Gasoline atmospheric (4-Cylinder) TSI with supervision (4-Cylinder)
Fuel Gasoline or ethanol petrol petrol
Volume 1.0 l. 1.6 liters 1.4 liters
Power 116 hp 90 hp 110 hp (Gas distribution phase system) 125 hp
Torque 200 N.M. 155 nm 200 N.M.
Transmission 6-automatic 5-MCPP or 6-automatic transmission 6-MCAP or 7-DSG robot

For the new Volkswagen Polo 2019 model year, the developers have provided three power units: 1.6-liter gasoline engine will be able to develop 90 or 110 "horses", while the installation with a capacity of 1.4 liters is forced by a turbine, which allows you to unwind the engine up to 125 forces.

In the helpers engines are offered a six-speed "handle" or 7-speed "automatic". Thanks to such characteristics, the car has a very modest "appetite", not exceeding 7-7.5 liters at the most powerful engine, with excellent dynamics.

It is worth noting that the hatchback will receive a slightly wider line of the engines: two diesel, with a capacity of 80 and 95 hp and five (!) Gasoline, developing capacity in the range from 65 to 150 "horses". Experts who were lucky enough to test these cars on a test drive, almost unanimously argue that they are perfectly suitable for both lovers of travel and for everyday trips to work or on business.

Configuration and prices

The initial price for the updated polo will be 629 thousand rubles. In this version, the buyer will receive anti-lock brakes, a decent set of mechanical steering wheel adjustments and chairs. Car lists will surely delight the central lock, good alarm, air conditioning, halogen high-quality headlights, heating rear window and front seats, as well as a complete electrical windows.

Top equipment will cost within 900 thousand rubles. For this money, car enthusiasts will receive a number of parking sensors, a good cruise control, heated windshield, one-dimensional climatic installation, electrically regulating the front seats and exterior mirrors. In these versions, virtual tidy, additional airbags and many other useful high-tech options will be available.


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