28 New SUVs 2020

28 New SUVs 2020

In recent years, automotive technologies have been developing in an incredibly fast pace and many leading manufacturers have already submitted new SUVs that plan to be released for the market for 2020 - we propose to find out what new models will be interesting and what will be their prices in the European and Russia market will be interesting.

1. Ford Bronco.

For the first time, the concept of the SUV Bronko, Ford presented back in 2014. But, the concept of the concept then never went. Now, 5 years later, the company plans to restart the Bronco project, released a brand new SUV in 2020 under the well-known name.

Although at the moment only the render of new items is available, it became reliably known that which will receive:

  • cubic design;
  • Powerful off-road body kit;
  • 20-inch wheels;
  • impressive clearance;
  • Diesel power unit with a capacity of 2.0 l and a capacity of 215 hp

2. Lada 4 × 4 Vision

At the Moscow Motor Show AvtoVAZ demonstrated a futuristic concept of the LADA 4 × 4 Vision SUV.

Car get design in a popular X-style, large R-21 wheels, stylish body kit, spectacular optics, and a complete set of modern features and online services.

Technical details of the novelty The manufacturer promises to reveal closer to the beginning of the serial production.

3. Jeep Grand Wagoneer

After almost 20 years, the cult manufacturer of jeeps decided to revive one of its most popular models - a full-sized Grand Wagoneer, which promises to become no less popular than new SUVs 2020 from European manufacturers.

Naturally, the model get a new, more modern exterior, in which aggressive notes will be read and the irrepressible nature of the off-road conqueror, and in the list of equipment the future owners will be able to find the most popular options.

Motor gamma for Grand Wagoneer will include powerful gasoline and diesel power units, as well as a plug-in hybrid installation.

4. Chevrolet Blazer

Chevrolet officially introduced the medium-sized BLAZER SUV.

The new generation of the model received an aggressive design, narrow modules of the head optics, an increased tilt of the windshield, wheels R-21, roof rails, a stylish interior with a spacious luggage compartment, as well as a line of powerful gasoline power units, 2.5 and 3.6 liters .

The price of the All-wheel drive SUV Blazer will start from $ 45,000, and the front-wheel drive version in the basic configuration can be purchased for $ 37,000.

5. Ferrari Utility Vehicle

Ferrari has stated that by 2020 plans to replenish the model range of its supercars the first SUV. Sergio Markionna said that the planned novelty can become a hybrid or even completely electric, but it will become the fastest SUV in the world and will not be at all like other SUVs 2020.

Most likely, the first SUV from Ferrari will receive:

  • an innovative platform with a spatial frame of ultralone aluminum;
  • 5-door body in the exclusive design of the company;
  • Body design without a central rack, which will allow you to get a large comfortable opening;
  • The doors of the second row, opening against movement;
  • full chassis;
  • Pneumatic suspension;
  • adaptive shock absorbers;
  • Maximum speed in the range of 350 km / h;

Among possible power units are called atmospheric V12 with a capacity of 698 hp Either a hybrid installation based on a burbed V8 of 3.9 liters.

6. Maserati Levante GTS and Trofeo

Spectacular, charismatic, emphasizing the high taste and prosperity of its owner, the new Levante from Maserati will replenish the list of elite SUVs 2020.

Do you think that this car is too luxurious, what would make him conquer off-road? Then know that inside this spectacular handsome hides:

  • Muscular Twin-Turbo V8 with a volume of 3.8 l and a capacity of 550 hp for GTS and even more powerful 590-strong for Trofeo;
  • four-wheel drive;
  • Rear differential with limited slipping.

In essence, these two models will be close to the exterior and interior. Differences will be in power of power units and more expensive configuration of the Trofeo model. So, the cost of the GTS version will start from $ 121 475, Trofeo - from $ 171,475.

7. Jaguar J-Pace

Successful start of the mid-sized F-PACE pushed Jaguar to the development of a full-sized SUV, which will allow the company to enter the new niche of large SUVs for it.

The novelty is based on the Range Rover flagship model platform, but will obviously receive a more driver character and less impressive opportunities for off-road.

At the moment, it is known that the car will receive corrosion-resistant aluminum body and a new engine gamut in which a hybrid power plant will appear.

8. Nissan Juke.

The last time the model of Nissan Zhuk was updated in 2014. In 2020, a new generation of a popular charismatic SUV is expected.

Judging by the previews, the Juke model will retain its authentic style, but at the same time will get a completely new body.

Under the hood, the bug of a new generation will be all the same gasoline and diesel power units with a capacity of 90 to 115 hp. Hybrid and electrical versions have not yet announced.

If you are looking for stylish and bright cars of the new 2020, but are not ready to acquire very large SUVs, pay attention to the All-wheel drive version of Juke, the release of which should start next year.


Renge Rover Evok is one of the most popular models of the company. In 2020, the manufacturer decided to enter the market an updated version of the SUV which will probably receive several versions of execution, from the classic 5-door to the cabriolet.

Since the car will be assembled on the platform D8, talking about a hybrid or completely electrical model is not yet. Under the hood of the new Evoque will be gasoline (240-290 hp) or diesel (180-240 hp) 2-liter power units.

The car will adapt to the road surface type and will receive the package of the most innovative options, including Terrain Response and Hill Descent Control.

10. Alfa Romeo Castello

The Alfa Romeo car model range has been replenished with a large 7-seater Castello SUV.

The car will receive the same platform as his congratulations Giulia and Stelvio, but at the same time its length will be 4900 mm (which is 200 mm more mentioned models).

The exterior of the novelty will be set aside in the recognizable stylist Alfa Romeo, and in the interior you can find elements inherent in the Giulia salon. The manufacturer decided not to develop a radically new interior, thereby reducing the final cost of the car.

Presumably cars will receive three options for power units:

Engine's Type VOLUME. Power
Petrol Turbocharged 2.0 L. 280 HP.
Diesel 2.2 L. 210 HP.
Petrol Turbohargesed VS. 2.9 L. 510 HP.

In the US, the car will appear in the salons already at the end of 2019, but in Europe, his debut is scheduled for 2020. The cost of the basic configuration will start from $ 50,000.


After a series of not very successful sports sedans, the company decided to enter the SUV segment market, submitting several SUVs at once, combining a spectacular design in the style of Alfa Romeo, excellent running quality and innovative technologies. In 2020, another new model Alpha Romeo, called Kamal, should be debuted.

So far, there is practically nothing about the car, moreover, what will be the exterior of the novelty. Most likely, he inherits Castello motor range, but will receive a number of personal features that will be allocated a model from a number of analogues and will provide her interest from potential buyers in the USA, Europe and Russia.

12. Audi Q9.

Of all the newcomers of Audi, the new SUV Q9 2020 should be the largest of the Audi line and get along with current design solutions the most innovative options.

The model will become a direct competitor to such popular cars as Range Rover and Mercedes-Benz GLS by filling out a niche of image elite SUVs.

Of the features of the novelty, it is worth noting:

  • increased body sizes in comparison with Q8;
  • enlarged wheelbase;
  • More pronounced roof joint;
  • 7-seater 3-row execution;
  • Powerful power unit.

13. Audi RS Q8

The Audi Q8 sports version is another model for those who are interested in new production SUVs 2020, combining sports drive, spectacular design, maximum cabin comfort and advanced technology.

The car is already undergoing pre-seventive tests on the roads of Germany and, despite the partial camouflage of the body, you can estimate the characteristics of the model, such as:

  • new body kit;
  • Other wheeled arches;
  • large air intakes;
  • Paired exhaust system nozzles, which indicates the increased power of the power unit.

Under the hood of the novelty will be located a hybrid installation - a 3.9-liter gasoline V8, which will work in a pair with an electric motor.

14. Bentley Bentayga Sport

After releasing the Bentayga model, the Bentley leadership decided not to stop and replenish the model range of the sports version of the SUV. It is expected that by 2020, Bentayga Sport will be presented officially.

The car will receive a somewhat modified body and a powerful hybrid installation at 460 hp, the heart of which will become a gasoline V6. Further information about the equipment and prices should appear closer to the official premiere of new items.


After the Lotus investors appeared Geely, talking about the need to release a car with off-road opportunities is all persistent. The design studio has already developed the exterior of the novelty, but the official premiere of SUV from Lotus will take place no earlier than 2020.

Obviously, the car will keep the sporty character inherent in all cars of this manufacturer. Among the nearest competitors of the NEW SUVs 2020 from Maserati, Jaguar and Ferrari.

16. BMW X5 M

The BMW X5 imaging SUV will appear in Russian car dealers in 2020, and after him, the company plans to release the sports version of the novelty, which will receive not only the letter "M" in the title, and a number of essential technical changes.

Visually sporting version will receive minor differences that will make the exterior more energetic and bright.

Like many SUVs of 2020, the new X5 will become the owner of a powerful power unit. Under the hood of a stylish and charismatic car will be located a burbed V8 of 4.4 liters, outstanding 600 hp.

17. BMW X6.

Another BMW family SUV was represented. Model X6 will receive impressive dimensions (length 4900 mm, wheelbase 2930 mm). Stylish exterior and a number of popular innovative options to help the driver.

The off-road capabilities of the car also do not cause doubts, because its road clearance is 212 mm, the angles of the congress and entry will allow you to easily overcome various obstacles that will meet on off-road, and the four-wheel drive X-Drive provides excellent permeability.

It is expected that the price of the basic configuration, which may appear in the Russian market closer to the beginning of 2020, will start from 4.96 million rubles.

18. BMW X7.

Perhaps the most anticipated model of 2020, which the connoisseurs of large and powerful cars will not be completely disregarded, viewing SUVs in search of a dynamic and bright new generation.

The status X7 will be the most expensive and largest from the BMW brand SUV line. The length of the model will be 5150 mm at a wheelbase of 3100 mm. The market is planned to release 6 and 7-seater versions with a three-row execution of the cabin.

The engine gamma of the novelty will include 2 gasoline turbocharged motor with a capacity of 3.0 and 4.4 liters, as well as two 3-liter turbodiesel. It is possible that in 2020 a line of power units will be expanded with a hybrid installation, or powerful V12 gasoline. The starting price of the BMW X7 for Russia will start from the mark of 5.83 million rubles.

19. BMW X8.

The novelty, which received the laconic name X8 will receive the X7 platform of the largest BMW SUV, but at the same time the car will be somewhat different due to some visual differences. Designers plan to modify the front of the car, equipping the model with new optics and several air intakes changed by geometry. The exterior of the model will also form a low-end roof like X6.

Technical features of the BMW X8 are still kept secret. We will learn more interesting facts about possible configurations and the price of new items when BMW will officially submit its novelties of SUVs 2020-2021 model year.

20. Ford Mach1 Electric SUV

Ford presented the Teaser of the new SUV Mach1 Electric, hinted in the video that the novelty will receive impressive sizes like Explorer and a sporty character like a popular Mustang.

The manufacturer is trying to hide information about the novelty by all means, but camouflated Mach1 has already fallen into the lenses, passing running tests.

21. Honda Passport

In Los Angeles, many companies presented SUVs 2020 model year and Honda presented a Passport model as a novelty, which will replace the popular Honda Pilot.

Thanks to the use of the Global Light Truck platform, the car will have 5 and 7-bed versions, as well as modifications with full or front-wheel drive.

Equipping a new SUV planning a gasoline V6 of 3.5 liters and with a capacity of 280 hp. and 9-speed automatic transmission.

22. Equipment of the novelty will not give up the functionality of the most elite models of the manufacturer. It is expected that in the top configuration, the car will receive:

  • full package of active security systems;
  • adaptive cruise control;
  • a set of functions to help the driver;
  • Innovative multimedia system.

22. Land Rover Defender

In 2020, a new generation of Land Rover Defender will be on sale. The car hidden behind the camouflage is already undergoing running tests on expensive Great Britain.

Considering the first pictures you can see that the car will receive:

  • angular cubic shape of the body;
  • straight vertical racks;
  • Branded grille of the radiator;
  • updated optics;
  • Excellent off-road qualities.

Most likely to replace the classic 2.0-liter turbodiel, a hybrid power plant will come. It is possible that the company will decide on the release of a rechargeable hybrid.

23. Toyota RAV 4

The new generation of Toyota RAV4 can be expected in car dealerships at the end of 2019, early 2020.

Unlike the model RAV4 2018, the new SUV will delight the spectacular exterior, a stylish interior in which the best materials will traditionally be used, as well as impressive technical characteristics.

Power Aggregates RAX-4 5th generation will be presented by three variations:

  • gasoline 2.0 l. 146 hp engine;
  • Powerful 2.5 liters. 180 hp aggregate;
  • 2.2 liter 150-strong diesel engine.

The cost of basic configuration of new products in Europe will be within $ 24,500.


In 2020, a diesel version of the popular "Gelika" from Mercedes-Benz with the G350D marking will be released.

This car does not need a presentation. A recognizable cubic design, unsurpassed running quality (including on the impassable off-road), a stylish interior and an impressive functionality of integrated systems and options - the dealers of Mercedes and the happy owners of the G-class car can be infinite.

In this car there are everything that would be easily passing the most complex tracks:

  • 241 mm road lumen;
  • Adaptive suspension with adjustable damping;
  • Three full blocking of differential;
  • Guaranteed stability when the brunette of the body is up to 35º;
  • Impressive corners of the congress / entry.

25. Mitsubishi ASX

The third generation of the popular Japanese crossover MITSUBISHI ASX should be available in 2019-2020.

The model will be available in the All-wheel drive version or lightweight configuration with the front drive. For off-road modification, the manufacturer offers:

  • 2-liter 150-strong engine;
  • stepless variator;
  • The maximum speed is 191 km / h with acceleration to hundreds for 11.7 s.

Given the climatic features of the region, many manufacturers plan to produce SUVs 2020 model year in the configuration for the Russian market, complementing new options for the convenience of operation during the cold season. ASX will also receive a special version for the Russian market. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not plan to supply hybrid cars to Russia, but all the goods supplied already from the factory will be equipped with the ERA-GLONASS system.

In the basic configuration INFORM cars will cost about 1,219,000 rubles.

26. Suzuki Grand Vitara

In 2020, Suzuki also plans to update the popular Grand Vitara model. Russian dealers of the company have already expressed their interest in a novelty and you can hope that the car will appear in the car dealerships of Russia.

Until the manufacturer discloses all the details of the upcoming update. It is possible that Suzuki will decide to collect cars on a new platform, thereby opening the path to the development of hybrid or electric versions of Vitara in the future.

27. Suzuki Jimny

A compact jeep from Suzuki in 2020 will receive a new generation.

As can be seen in the photo, the SUV will retain a characteristic angular shape, the classic design of the front optics and a massive radiator grille. Someone can even see in the model some similarity with the exterior of the Mercedes-Benz G class.

New cars are already undergoing tests in Germany and, most likely, in 2020 will be officially represented on one of the car dealerships. Despite compactness, this kid is ready for any tests, because it provides for:

  • Tracting reduced gear;
  • AllGrip Pro all-wheel drive;
  • A number of options to help the driver, like more powerful off-road conquerors.

Will the expansion of the motor gamma, the manufacturer is still silent. Obviously, in the updated versions, gasoline power units with a volume of 1.0-1.3 liters will be available, which will be aggregated by 5-st. MCPP or 4-range automata.

The price of the new Jimny will start from 1 115,000 rubles.

28. Jetour x90.

In 2020, Chery plans to start the serial production of the Jetour model, which will be more than its predecessor X70 and will compete with SUV flagships as Toyota Highlander.

Length. 4 848 mm
Width 1 925 mm
Height 1,745 mm
Wheelbase. 2 850 mm

Under the hood of the novelty without alternatives - 190-strong turbocated gasoline engine with a volume of 1.6 liters.

The price of the basic configuration will start with 1.3 million rubles.


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