New crossovers 2019-2020

New crossovers 2019-2020

Love big and reliable crossovers - we suggest finding what new 2019-2020 model year are planning to release leading automakers to the market than they will be interested in the technical characteristics of new cars and what will be their price in the European and Russia market.

The crossovers segment today is the most in demand in Russia, because these cars, as a rule, have such advantages as:

  • excellent permeability due to increased clearance;
  • big wheels, what is relevant in the conditions of our roads;
  • powerful power units;
  • Comfortable salon;
  • Package of the most modern options to help the driver.

In an effort to satisfy the ever-growing demand for SUV segment cars, almost all manufacturers plan for new models to the market in the near future or restyling the crossovers existing in the line. At the peak of popularity in 2020 there will be environmentally friendly technologies, which means that most new products will delight with hybrid settings either become completely electric. Let's see what novelties of the 2019-2020 model year plan to put on a series of manufacturers, and which crossovers may soon be driving the roads of Russia.

Nissan IMX

The model will be the third electric car in the brand line. It is built on the LEAF II generation platform. Presenting the prototype Tasyuk Nakamura said that it was not just ideas, and the company's real plans for the near future and, the coland of everything, the car will receive a serial version in 2020.

Nissan announces for its electrical SUV new items. Pretty enviable technical specifications:

  • Power 420 hp;
  • 60 kW battery * h;
  • 350-400 km of motion without charging.

Mercedes-Benz EQC

Fully electric crossover company Mercedes is designed to conquer for the manufacturer new while niche electrocars. What will be the crossovers EQC 2019-2020 model year, showed in Stockholm, where in September 2018 a presentation of new items took place.

The new "MERC" will become noticeably larger models on the engine and will receive:

  • Fully independent suspension;
  • spectacular exterior;
  • cozy salon;
  • R19-R21 wheels with an exclusive design;
  • Futuristic LED optics.

Also, buyers will be able to optionally order the AMG Line package, which will include a spectacular body kit for a more aggressive exterior.

EQC became the starting model of the era of electrocrustry for Mercedes, Audi and BMW companies, and already in 2019-2020 such crossovers will replenish the model range of these large automakers.

Genesis GV80.

Recall that the premium brand belongs to Hyundai and is represented in the Russian market three sedans. But in the near future in the line of the brand, new spectacular crossovers of 2020 should appear and everyone is interested in, when new items can be purchased in Russia's car dealerships.

For the first time the concept of the GV80 model was introduced back in 2018. At the moment, the car undergoes the stage of road testing and periodically appears in camera lenses, hiding behind the camouflage film.

Most likely, there are two SUV models in mass production, in maximum and simpler equipment, which will differ in technical equipment and power of power units.


BMW also holds the last tests of its fully electrical crossover called IX3.

Among the interesting facts to equip the upcoming new items, it is worth highlighting:

  • four-wheel drive;
  • two electric motors that will be scented in the front and back of the car;
  • An impressive reserve of the stroke.

At the moment, the company focused on the technical part of future electric SUV, therefore, models that are tested are externally not different from their fellows on the engine and they are not even hidden by camouflage film. At the same time, it is obvious that cars are absolutely eco-friendly, because they do not have no pipes of the exhaust system.

Since the tests of new products are held in Scandinavia, where the average temperature is at level -10ºС, it can be assumed that cars will be fully prepared for the harsh conditions of Russian winters, which promises them specially popular in the domestic market, because it's no secret that many electrocars are bad enough Survive operation in conditions of minus temperatures.


Another 2020 electric crossover from the company BMW will be the INEXT model, which has shown only in the teaser-video format.

Auto will receive a bright futuristic design, completely electric traction and the richest set of options. Most likely, the real prototype model will present in 2020, but the mass production of the electric car is scheduled for 2021.


The new large electric car, which in 2020 will be presented in two models - a roomy 7-seater SUV and pickup.

The main advantage of the model will be an impressive reserve of the course, which, according to the manufacturer, will be 660 km. The heart of the novelty will be an electric motor at 147 kW with a torque of 14,000 nm, capable of developing speeds up to 200 km / h, accelerating to hundreds for 3.2 s.

Both vehicles will receive a fast charging function, which will allow only 30 minutes to get a battery charge, sufficient to overcome 350 km.

Among the innovative options of the car will receive a system of autonomous movement of the 3rd generation.

A novelty will appear in the US market at the end of 2020. The price of the electrocrustry will start from $ 61,500.

Maxus Tarantula.

The leadership of the young Chinese brand SAIC (Shanghai) stated that the serial version of the new concept Tarantula would be made not only for China's domestic market, and for Europe.

To date, the company cannot boast a large number of sales. But, the brand is actively developing and plans to enter the global market with a fully electrical model of the Tarantula crossover. Although it is not excluded that the car will have 4 versions:

  • with a gasoline turbo video;
  • with turbodiesel;
  • electric;
  • hybrid.

They will be aggregated depending on the configuration of a 6-speed mechanic or a 7-range automatic transmission.

Since the acquisition of the Maxus brand, SAIC has received a wide dealer network, soon a new product can be seen in the showrooms of different countries, from Saudi Arabia to Ireland and Colombia.

Fiat Fastback

Conceptual merchant crossover from the company Fial was presented 11/06/18 in Sao Paulo.

In the technical details of the novelties, the automaker was still silent, demonstrating only the exterior of the car, which can go on sale in 2020.

It is known that Fiat Fastbek will be based on the SMALL US Wide 4 × 4 platform, which is characterized by the transverse position of the engine and independent rear suspension.

Experts predict that Fiat Fastback will compete in the Brazilian market with another 2020 crossover - Renault Arkana.

Mercedes-Benz GLB

The new Mercedes will attract attention to the impressive dimensions and brutal cubic body design.

Name Some similarities with the G-Class model, the novelty will receive:

  • 4 550 mm long;
  • 5 or 7-seater salon;
  • Record for its class size of the luggage compartment;
  • Power installation for 150 kW;
  • Power reserve 400 km.

More information about the model manufacturer promises to submit in 2019.


It became known that in 2020, Lexus also plans to bring a new luxury crossover to the market, which will form a LF-1 Limitless concept car.

It is expected that the new model will be a worthy competition of Lamborghini Urus, surpassing it according to the technical characteristics, but becoming a more affordable representative of the future cars in the price plan.

Under the hood of the novelty, a powerful gasoline twin-turbo V6 volume of 3.5 liters should be located, the total power of which, together with two additional electric motors, will be 430 hp. For the top version of the model in Lexus, a 4-liter twin-turbo V8 is supposed to 670 hp

The price of the hybrid crossover Lexus will start from $ 150,000.

Chevrolet FNR-Carryall

The new crossover whose prototype was recently represented in Guangzhou, looks like a stretched Blazer, although based on the Cadillac XT5 platform.

Shexple Chevrolet will receive:

  • 3 rows of seats;
  • a carbonistic roof and panoramic hatch;
  • "Boomerangum" rear racks;
  • 22 wheels;
  • Ceramic brakes Brembo.

Like many powerful crossovers of 2019-2020, the car will receive several variations of power units. At the moment, it is known about 2 gasoline engines, a volume of 2.5 or 3.6 liters and a capacity of 309 and 365 hp. respectively.

Hyundai Kona Electric

Stylish compact crossover, which will necessarily appreciate the inhabitants of large megacities.

The new Kona in 2020 will receive powerful batteries at 300-450 km of autonomous movement (depending on the power of the installed electric motor). Promise that the model will be released in two versions with electrical power units at 99 or 150 kW and will receive an independent rear suspension.

Mitsubishi E-Evolution

For the first time, the concept of fully electric crossover Mitsubishi presented in 2017, and already a year later, in November 2018, the car of the future debuted at the Motor Show in Los Angeles.

Among the main features of the model:

  • aggressive futuristic design;
  • The newest Japanese technologies;
  • Ergonomic design of interior elements.

Although the car for more than one year causes live interest among experts and motorists around the world, the manufacturer does not rush to reveal the secrets of what specifications will receive Mitsubishi 2019-2020 electric crossover, limited to the spectacular presentations of the exterior of the novelties.

Hyundai Saga EV.

A new supercompact electro-horse board is an exclusive vision of the city's unrest of the future generation from Hönde.

In addition to the futuristic body design and spectacular 19-inch wheels, the model will receive:

  • Rubber roof coating;
  • Cameras instead of classic rearview mirrors;
  • New rails;
  • touch handles;
  • Road clearance 302 mm.

Thanks to compact sizes (length 4,028 mm), such a car will be very convenient to maneuver in urban environments, and an electric motor with a capacity of 204 hp. And the battery capacity of 64 kW * h will provide an electric crossover 470 km of autonomous stroke.

Renault Arkana.

The new compact crossover, which will begin to release in 2019, will be built on aggregates of a well-known Duster, but the model get a brighter and expressive design, as well as a package of the most modern options.

At the moment there are no accurate data on the equipment of the novelty, but most likely, under the hood of a coupe-crossover will be 1.2 liter gasoline turbocharged motor or a powerful 1.5 liter turbodiesel.

Mercedes-Benz Ela

One of the most anticipated electrocrustry from Mercedes is designed to become a direct competitor for Tesla Model Y.

The car will be built on the basis of GLA, but will become another representative of fully electrical models of Mercedes. The car's heart will be a power plant for 75 kW (in basic configuration). More details about how the reserve of the course and the configuration of the novelties expect closer to the official premiere, which should take place in 2019.


The young, but rapidly developing BJTON brand holds test drives completely electric crossover M-BYTE simultaneously in China and in the USA.

New electrocrustry will be real "computers on wheels", because they will receive an ultra-modern autonomous piloting system. To date, it is known that the autopilot 4 generation is tested, but a more reliable and proven version of the 2nd generation will be installed in the serial version of the model.

Kia Telluride.

At the automotive exhibition in New York, the prototype of the future flagship crossover TELLURIDE from Kia's company, which should replace the Mohave model produced today.

New Kia, who was shown in New York, interested experts and guests of the auto show with such elements as:

  • unusual placement of spares;
  • Spectacular design of the front and head optics;
  • R20 discs;
  • Powerful V6 under the hood.

The concept presented is made in the author's design and understand how the serial car will look like, you can, visually throwing everything too much. Judging by the photo of camouflaged cars, tested on the roads, the reserves will move to the luggage compartment. It is possible that there will be other changes that the manufacturer will tell closer to the premiere of new items.

The closest competitor of the model will be Hyundai HDC-2 Grandmaster.

Hyundai HDC-2 Grandmaster (Palisade)

Hyundai introduced the prototype of a large 8-seater crossover HDC-2 Grandmaster.

SUV Palisade (the name has not yet been confirmed officially) will receive:

  • bright aggressive design;
  • 3 rows of seats;
  • Functional information and entertainment system with additional passenger monitors;
  • a complete set of systems to help the driver;
  • adaptive cruise control;
  • Bi-turbocated gasoline V6, with a volume of 3.3 l and a capacity of 365 hp;
  • 8-speed automatic transmission.

It is possible that the serial HDC-2 Grandmaster will also have a hybrid version.

Alfa Romeo Castello.

The model will become the most spectacular of the series of new SUV cars from Alfa Romeo.

Auto will be constructed on the basis of the STELVIO model and today is positioned, as a competitor models of BMW X5, Mercedes Gle and other popular SUV class representatives from leading automakers in the world.

The engine gamma of the new crossover will include:

  • several variants of 4-liter gasoline turbo engines;
  • Twin-turbodiesel by 2.9 liters.

The release of the car is scheduled for 2020, so in more detail about the configuration of the novelties we can find out in the near future, when it is officially submitted on one of the world car dealerships.

Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport

In 2019, Volkswagen promises to introduce a new serial crossover in the style of the popular ATLAS model. The concept of new items was presented in New York and interested visitors with new design and yard of technical innovation.

Among the features of the new SUV from Volkswagen:

  • unique front panel;
  • New head optics on LEDs;
  • large windshield tilt angle;
  • R22 discs;
  • changed dimensions (cars will be shorter, but wider);
  • Hybrid power plant with a total capacity of 355 hp;
  • 8-range automatic transmission with an innovative 4motion system.

The production of the model will begin in 2019 in the state of Tennessee. Whether the new hybrid atlas will be presented in the Russian market is still unknown.

UAZ Patriot (3170)

Will there be a new UAZ patriot? This question is asked to yourself with many domestic motorists, because the conversations about the next generation of a powerful car increased passability are long enough, but the official presentation has not happened.

The network appeared the next photos of the possible design of the domestic SUV 2020, which very much resemble the prototype of the Mercedes SUV.

If the new reincarnation of the patriot is destined to materialize. We will see a really big car with a bright futuristic design, spectacular body kit, impressive clearance and maximum speed in 190 km / h.


As you can see, crossovers 2019-2020 release fully reflect the trend towards the transition to electrical installations. Whether in Europe and Russia, the models of electrocrustov workers will take place, which price will be their price in the domestic market and whether the buyer will vote for the refusal of gasoline and diesel power units by the ruble, time will show.

We expect the official premiere of the stated new products and more detailed information on prices and complete sets. Subscribe to our channels on social networks and do not miss the premieres in which we will tell, what features will receive crossovers 2019-2020 and other innovations of the domestic and global car industry.


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