Toyota Corolla Cross 2019

Toyota Corolla Cross 2019

The famous Japanese automaker is preparing to expand its production line at the expense of the Toyota Corolla Cross 2019 passenger car. The development of such a model was the information about the registration of the company in the name of the name Corolla Cross.

The novelty is developed on the basis of the latest modification of the same name hatchback. According to the automotive experts, the reason for the emergence of such a car was the ever-growing interest of European buyers for parquets, performed on the basis of traditional small-caps.

In its class, the new Toyota Corolla Cross 2019 will compete with the following cars:

  • Chevrolet Spark Activ;
  • VW Golf Alltrack;
  • Subaru Crosstrek;
  • Ford Focus Active.

According to the manufacturer, the popularity of the car in Europe should ensure not only the growing demand for hatchbacks with improved patency, but also the traditional qualities of Toyota cars:

  • reliability;
  • safety;
  • design;
  • comfort.

Overview Exterior

The design of the Corolla 2018 model year hatchback, which is the basis for the cross modification of the small agents, stands out:

  • tilt of windshield;
  • powerful hood stamping lines;
  • a narrated radiator grille connected to compact head optics;
  • S-shaped running lights;
  • large lower air intake;
  • straight line of the roof;
  • stepped design of the stern part;
  • protruding wheel arches;
  • ascending lower line of side windows;
  • L-shaped rear lamps;
  • rectangular diffusers of exhaust equipment;
  • Wide front stamping.

To emphasize the improved patency of the new hatchback are called by the following solutions:

  • elements of the front and feed protection;
  • plastic body kit;
  • increased road clearance;
  • Special inserts in wheeled arches;
  • 19-inch wheels.

In general, the external image of Corolla Cross can be designated as stylish and dynamic with pronounced cars with improved courage.

Interior Salon

Salon Toyota Corolla Cross 2019 model year, according to car experts, will be identical to the interior of the hatchback of the last modification.

The interior of the novelty can be characterized by the following solutions:

  • multifunctional steering wheel in a three-job design;
  • front armchairs with strong lateral support;
  • multi-tiered central console with monitor monitor multimedia complex;
  • wide door armrests;
  • comfortable seats of the second row with a separate tilt of the backs;
  • a digital dashboard with a special anti-cancer visor and semicircular indicators;
  • Compact air ducts of climatic equipment.

In the interior decoration, high-quality, but inexpensive materials are applied: fabric, plastic, carpet, edging from ground metal for a number of internal elements.

Technical parameters and equipment

The dimensions of the Corolla cross version practically coincide with the basic version of the hatchback and make up:

Length 4 370 mm
Width 1,790 mm
Height 1 700 mm
Wheelbase 2 650 mm
Clearance 175 mm

To be equipped with Toyota Corolla Cross 2019 will become four-cylinder engines, the specifications of which are indicated in the table:

Тип двигателя Объем Мощность
Petrol 1.2 L. 115.0 l. from.
Petrol 1.6 L. 121.0 l. from.
Petrol 1.8 L. 140.0 l. from.
Petrol 2.0 L. 155.0 l. from.
Diesel 1.4 L. 90.0 l. from.

At the initial stage of the car's output, the front-wheel drive transmission will be equipped with a 6-teasel MCPP or variator. In the future, Toyota's company does not exclude the appearance of the all-wheel drive version and the hybrid power plant.

Among other technical features of the novelty, the changing settings of the suspension and the use of heavy-durable and durable steel, as well as composite materials, should be noted in the design of a large number of elements and parts. These decisions are aimed at improving strength, manageability and automatic dynamics.

Traditionally, a distinctive feature of Japanese models is a rich equipment with modern systems. For Corolla Cross, by analogy with the hatchback, most likely, the following equipment will be available:

  • 19-inch discs;
  • LED optics;
  • invincible access;
  • start the engine with the button;
  • Folding aerodynamic outer mirrors;
  • color touch monitor for multimedia complex;
  • seven airbags;
  • Assistant parking and starting motion on the rise;
  • Camera for rearview;
  • climate control;
  • Electric heated seats;
  • automatic braking;
  • Automatic light control of headlights;
  • Remote opening of the trunk;
  • Rain sensor;
  • ABS;
  • EBD;
  • varying in brightness and color lighting cabin;
  • Cruise control;
  • systems for tracking obstacles, pedestrians, road marking and signs;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • wireless charger;
  • USB connectors.

Start of production and price

Traditionally, cross-molders are more expensive for 10-15% of its basic versions. Taking into account the specified trend for European buyers, the approximate price of the Toyota Corolla CROSS model will begin with 18.5 thousand euros. On the date of release of the new car and the possibility of selling in Russia, as well as the options for the configuration, the Japanese concern will announce until the end of this year.

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