The best electric cars 2018-2019 in the world

The best electric cars 2018-2019 in the world

Electric vehicles have already become exhibiting transport from the market using traditional internal combustion engines on gas and liquid fuel. All car manufacturers are already, if not developed, they definitely began to design electric cars.

1. Tesla Model s

The leader of sales among the electric carriers of Tesla has various configurations with engines at 40/60/85 kW, which allow mileage in 220/310/420 km, respectively. The maximum speed of the top model can reach two hundred kilometers per hour, which is unimaginable for other electrocars. The price of a better car with an electric motor is $ 72.000.

2. Tesla Model X

Of course, the championship in the electric car market belongs to Tesla, which produces very expensive, but, nevertheless, the most demanded cars of this class. Model X is equipped with engines up to 80 kW, which contribute to the development of speed up to 100 km / h in just four seconds. Battery capacity is enough for 435 km. Car price - 150.000 $.

3. BMW i3.

A small model from the famous manufacturer of BMW will not allow to doubt its performance at the level of traditional cars. In the city with a large amount of branching, the machine is able to overcome long distances, about 180 km until the charge is exhausted. The maximum speed reaches 150 km / h, the price is $ 43.000.

4. Toyota RAV4 EV

Like most electric vehicles, this crossover was created on the basis of a standard model with a traditional engine. Motor with a capacity of 155 drugs is able to make a mileage of 170 km to complete discharge. Possessing all the advantages of the RAV4 crossover, the model is capable of being operated at the same level. The cost of the car is about $ 50,000.


A representative of the Microvale class from the Korean company was performed on the basis of a traditional model with the introduction of an electric motor. In comparison with many electrotic, this machine is able to drive up to 200 kilometers. The electric car is very versatile and will suit many motorists at a price of $ 37,000.

6. Chevrolet Volt.

Another representative of the Chevrolet brand, a representative of a new perfect class electric vehicle, because during the trip itself produces energy after 70 kilometers adventure. Thus, the average driver can save a year to 2000 liters. With such a function, a very affordable price of $ 27.000 will not leave the consumer indifferent.

7. Honda Accord Plug-in

The Japanese brand proven by generations did not pose a reason to doubt her reliability, so, the Accord Plug-in, being a representative of the car with a hybrid engine, has proven itself well in the society of motorists. Working together with electric motors, an internal combustion engine is able to spend only 4.9 liters of gasoline per 100 km. There is a full-fledged electronic version, but in view of the low charge, it did not go into circulation. The price of the model is $ 41,000.

8. Ford Focus Electric

In order to return the popularity of their product at the former level, the company actively invests in the development of decent electrocars, not inferior to other analogues. The engine based on lithium-ion batteries allows the machine to develop the maximum speed of 138 km / h. Recharge can be made from both domestic sockets and special stations. In the case of sockets, charging will take 8 hours, in the second case two times less. The stylish interface will complement the price of $ 35,000. Do not miss the new Ford 2018.

9. Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive

Electro-compactment of the German company is almost indistinguishable from the traditional version, the only difference is the raised body for accommodating batteries. The engine model has an engine at 132 kW, in the presence of which loaded by five people the car develops 100 km / h in 8 seconds. Acceptable price plan, when taking into account the high-quality German assembly, will be about $ 38,000.

10. Chevrolet Spark EV

In the promising market, do not do without the manufacturer of this brand, as the company, although he entered into the race of electric vehicles with the receipt, but has already managed to submit models, very much loved by the consumer. Chevrolet Spark EV will be an excellent electric car for everyday use, because before recharging the mileage is about 150 km, with a capacity of 110 kW, the car accelerates to 100 km / h in eight seconds. Complete recharging takes only thirty minutes with a special charging, or about seven hours from the household outlet.

The price of the electric frame, in comparison with other available - $ 27.000.


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