Kia Sportage and Nissan Qashqai New: What to choose?

Kia Sportage and Nissan Qashqai New: What to choose?

The choice and purchase of a crossover with excellent technical and dynamic specifications worthy of the exterior and interior of the cabin are often complicated due to a limited financial budget. But it is possible to become the owner of a powerful and modern car for a reasonable price. If you expect no higher than 800 thousand rubles, you should consider two interesting models. It is "Korean" Kia Sportage of a new generation and an attractive "classic" Nissan Qashqai New. Solve the problem of choice will help the study of the peculiarities of these vehicles.

Selecting a crossover: confident crossover from Kia

To keep in the framework of the budget, you should choose a version of the front-wheel drive car with a 2WD CLASSIC gasoline power unit with a capacity of up to 150 "horses". Motors are combined with six-speed mechanical transmissions. The car develops speed up to 185 km / h and reaches the first "hundred" in 10.7 seconds.

Read more about exterior, interior and safety

Kia Sportage has a recognizable profile with an impressive rear counter. Branded radiator grille emphasizes its flawless style. The hood has an original relief, and the head optics boasts a "high" position. For the "fog" are adapted relatively large compartments. Alternatively, narrowed rear headlamps with LED filling and chrome-plated nozzle, a dimensional spoiler, 17-inch alloy wheels with non-standard design. The entire appearance of KIA Sportage inspires potential buyers.

Did not let and the interior of the Korean crossover salon. Premium materials (natural black leather with elegant gray stitching or dense textiles), side support of stylish chairs, an additional lumbar stop of the driver's seat - all this is done with love for future buyers. Thoughtful, stylish, ergonomic - such a description deserved the Salon "Korean".

Decent attention crossover is available in the Altera Motor Show at an attractive value. On the site you can choose a suitable complete set and put in the amount of up to 800 thousand rubles. For safety in the driving process in the model from Kia answer:

  • airbags;
  • emergency braking system;
  • Camera on windscreen for video promotion video.

In stock Electrocessor steering and anti-locking system, disk front brakes and immobilizer.

Nissan Qashqai New and its features

Four-cylinder gasoline power unit 1.2 Dig-T MT Xe in a pair with a six-speed "mechanics" or variator, the maximum speed of up to 185 km / h - according to the characteristics "Korean" and "Japanese" are practically different from each other. The crossover from the company "Nissan" accelerates to 100 km / h in 10.9 seconds, that is, a little inferior to the competitor. Motor power - up to 115 "horses".

Inside and outside: What can boast the solid "county"?

The practical and maneuverable crossover of the new generation received a modified bumper - visually extended and "sharp". The sporty character of the car is now more pronounced. Futuristic looks front side with a triangular radiator grid. Added chrome elements. And the headlights became even more tracked than the predecessors.

Underwent changes to the better and interior. Increased steering wheel with a flat bottom, "sophisticated" backrests of the front armchairs, the BOSE STEREO sound system - all this is created for the maximum comfort of the driver and passengers. It is provided for up to eighteen options for permutations in the trunk equipped with "smart" shelves and partitions. Nissan Qashqai New 2019 has become more practical and more convenient in all senses, so his front-wheel drive version deserves special attention.


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