BMW Z4 2018 in a new body

BMW Z4 2018 in a new body

Although this car is not very popular, the German masters still continue to support him, reserving restyling for restyling. This year, Munich wants to raise the model to a new level. BMW Z4 2018 will receive a bright design, thanks to which the car will accurately allow its owner to stand out on the road. Also, the new model will acquire improved interior and characteristics.

In 2018, BMW plans to release a new generation of luxury Rhodster Z4. The car will receive a fundamentally new bright and spectacular design, as well as a package of the most modern options, more on which we will tell in this article.

Review of generations

The first roadster under the index Z4 German concern BMW introduced in 2002. Initially, the double outdoor car was equipped with a folding soft riding. With the yield in 2009, the second car generation, the model began to be equipped with only a rigid metal roof, and the release itself continued until 2016.

Both generations of Z4 were characterized by the following properties:

  • bright design;
  • high comfort;
  • great reliability;
  • powerful power units;
  • Security.

In accordance with the strategic program to increase the model range, the company BMW has planned to resume the production of Rhodster Z4. The first representation of the third generation car took place in the spring of the current year in the United States, and the official presentation was appointed for autumn during the Paris Motor Show.

Design Exterior

The new body is generally not similar to the previous one, except for the form. It grows slightly and width, and also got a lower landing. As before, the front part takes approximately half of the entire body. The hood began to stand out by the most diverse relief - from the air intake cuts to the convexities of the surface itself. Closer to the wheeled arches are unusual headlights of the triangular shape filled with LED lights. The role of the radiator lattice, as with all BMW, play large oval nostrils, trimmed by chrome both inside and around the perimeter.

Such an unusual exterior managed to form thanks:

  • long hood with increased slope and powerful stamping lines;
  • branded two-section radiator lattice with a large-scale pattern;
  • step of the front bumper with the lower integrated spoiler;
  • LED double-liter head optics in vertical design;
  • massive front compartments for air intake;
  • complex drawing of frontal postpone;
  • large rounded wheel arches;
  • narrowed aerodynamic outer mirrors;
  • the compact lid of the luggage compartment with the protruding rear spoiler;
  • powerful wings;
  • wide doors;
  • lower aerodynamic body kit;
  • enlarged rear lanterns;
  • step of the rear bumper device with sharp transition angles;
  • Dark back invoice with holes for diffusers.

The car body kit is covered with air intakes. They are here of a wide variety of forms and are divided among themselves all sorts of aerodynamic protrusions and body lines. All this together creates just the perfect aggressive appearance, which exactly like young drivers.

In the photo of the side part, you can also find a bunch of relief, only here he is already waving. Putting the front wheels there is a huge vertical cutout for blowing the brakes, and the body kit is decorated with a sports skirt. The main element here is huge stylish discs with low-profile rubber.

Also perfectly worked on the rear bumper. It is especially strongly distinguished, thanks to the subtle strips of optics, air intakes on the sides of the body kit, diffuser and double-rolled rectangular exhaust. In general, the car now looks much cooler than before, which can affect the level of sales.

Interior Salon

The interior of the novelty practically represents the cockpit of the sports vehicle of a premium class. The main feature of the cabin should be considered a variety of color execution of the zones of the driver and passenger. It is made for the driver in dark color, and the passenger sector has a bright orange version.

In addition, the sports orientation model supports:

  • Compact steering wheel;
  • Anatomical seats with strong lateral support and high head restraints;
  • Color liquid crystal dashboard display with a large anti-cancer visor;
  • turned at the corner to the driver the central console with an inserted monitor of the multifunctional complex;
  • Front tunnel with transmission control elements.

In the interior decoration used only premium materials: natural and extruded skin capable of reflecting the sun's rays, suede, polished aluminum, carbon inserts, soft noise insulating floor covering.

Additional comfort will bring new extended rhodster sizes that now make up:

Параметр Размер Изменения
Length 4.42 M. +8.0 cm
Width 2.02 M. +7.0 cm
Height 1.30 M. -
Wheelbase 2.55 M. +5.1 cm
Clearance 10.7 cm. -


Traditionally, the German concern offers a variety of power aggregates for its cars. At the initial stage of production, Z4 will be equipped with gasoline engines with the following characteristics (power / volume):

  • 195 liters from. / 2.0 l.
  • 255 liters from. / 3.0 l.
  • 340 liters from. / 4.0 l.

For the recruitment of the rear-wheel drive transmission, an 8-range automatic transmission with the possibility of manual switching is provided.

Among important structural features, it should be noted the widespread use of composite materials and high-strength steels, which made it possible to reduce the mass of the car by 45 kg and increase its dynamic parameters. Now the speed of 100 km / h Rostter with the most powerful engine is accelerated for 4.75 s. In the future plans of the company to equip a car with a turbocharged diesel power in 375 forces.

Currently, BMW has submitted the following main equipment, which will be equipped with a novelty:

  • Seats with memory function, electric tuning and cooling capability;
  • climate control;
  • Cruise control;
  • multifunctional steering wheel;
  • LED optics;
  • carbon brakes with drying function;
  • invincible access;
  • parking controllers;
  • automatic lighting;
  • launching a motor with a button;
  • Powerful audio system;
  • multimedia complex;
  • nine pillows and security curtains;
  • glove box with electronic lock and cooling;
  • System identification systems, markup, warnings about a possible collision.

The final list of equipment and options for the configuration Concern will announce before receiving applications for a new model.

Price and configuration

The initial price of the BMW Z4 2018 will be 35,000 euros. The cost of the top package will accurately exceed the mark of 40 thousand. The list of options will include: climate control, adaptive cruise, heating and ventilation chairs, several airbags, automatic parking system, circular survey cameras, excellent multimedia and music, adaptive lighting, LED optics, stabilization, anti-lock system, automatic braking and much more .

Sales in Russia

On the roads of European countries, the car will be released in the summer of 2018, after which it will go to conquer the rest of the world. So far, there is no accurate information about when sales will be held in Russia.


Now the cabriolets are no longer as popular as a couple of dozen years ago. Now far from all manufacturers risk producing such models. The most popular representatives of the class are Ford Mustang, Audi RS5, Infinity Q60, a variety of Mercedes models and Chevrolet Corvette.


Also watch the first video with the new Z4:


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