Ford Kuga 2018-2019: New Body

Ford Kuga 2018-2019: New Body

Kuga is the first compact crossover of the Ford concern, which is produced since 2008. From the very beginning of its production, the car was highly popular. However, in recent times, many new models have appeared on the market of compact vehicles, as well as a number of manufacturers made upgrading already existing ones. Against the background of these events, the demand for KUGA fell, so Ford decided to update the existing version of the crossover and proceed to its production at the end of 2018 - early 2019 in order to increase sales.

Despite the decline in customer interest, the KUGA model is characterized by the following advantages:

  • high safety;
  • reliability;
  • dynamic properties;
  • comfort;
  • improved patency;
  • Controlness.

Interest in the crossover in our country is confirmed by the fact that the assembly of the model is carried out at the production facilities of Sollers in Elabuga.


The new model will still remain a compact crossover with a fairly interesting exterior, thanks to which it can stand out on the public roads from the gray mass. The most pleasant is the front of the car. This is a small muzzle, crowned with a slightly tilted embossed hood and having a large number of air intake systems. The main thing is located in the very center of the bumper and is a massive oval, divided into several parts with horizontal stripes. A little bit from the lattice is located the main lights that have gained more terrible shape.

The body kit includes several other air intake systems, the form and size of which also varies. In lateral cuts, which serve to sum up the air flow to the brakes, you can observe large fog lights of square shape. The main difference of novelties from the last modification is the absence of a protective layer of plastic around the perimeter of the car.

On the side of the new body looks absolutely identical to the old modification. In the photo you can find only very minor decorative innovations: a slightly different shape of the gills near the front arches, door handles and another mirror mount.

Approximately the same situation with the rear bumper. He transformed very weakly, but something still has something. All remained from above, as before - a large glass of trunk, topped with a wide visor with a number of stop signals, you can observe a new optics of increased size, but the kit "suffered" is the strongest. It was supplemented with a massive metal insert, from different ends of which two exhaust nozzles stick out.


Changes that are fulfilled in the interior of Ford Kuga 2019 are aimed at improving the comfort and improvement of ergonomics. This definitely promotes the increased sizes of the crossover salon.

In addition, it is currently known about the following innovations:

  • the use of the front seats of the new design, allowing to get a high landing and as a result, increase the review, which is an important quality of the car improved passability;
  • Changing the shape of the back chairs that improve passengers accommodation;
  • Completed interior decoration (in the baseline) new wear-resistant, but at the same time softer tissues in combination with high-quality plastic and an increased amount of internal elements in light edging under aluminum;
  • internal LED backlight in several color performances and with lighting of the head zone;
  • new type of multifunctional steering;
  • Changes in the design of the center console with the setting of an increased sensory display to control the large number of vehicles;
  • The use of glass cabin with a special heat transfer coating.

A detailed description of the interior of the updated crossover KUGA will provide a car to serial production as a car.

Specifications and equipment

For the recruitment of the updated version of Ford Kuga, the following power units are considered:

A Type Power (L.) VOLUME (L)
Petrol 199.0. 2.5
Turbated. 284.0. 3.0
Diesel TDCI 140.0. 2.0

The car will have a four-wheel drive as a basic version. The front-wheel drive is scheduled in the form of an option. When the transmission is assigned to the front drive, the most low-power engine in combination with a six-speed manual transmission will be used. In the remaining richer equipment, an automatic KP is provided (6 / Art.).

According to preliminary information from Ford, Kug 2019 crossover in a new body for a complete set will receive a large number of different systems and equipment. Currently you can allocate:

  • invincible access;
  • Running a motor with a button;
  • Start-stop system;
  • 19-inch wheels (only as an option);
  • LED adaptive optics;
  • Electric heated seats, steering, mirrors;
  • Rearview chamber;
  • rain sensors, tire pressure, parking, light;
  • Parking assistant;
  • Rogger door with electric drive;
  • Dual-zone climate control.

The options for the configuration of the crossover will be presented before the start of the release and supply of cars into the salons of official dealers, but according to preliminary data, their number remains unchanged - 4 options.

Configuration and prices

The price of the least charged Ford Kug 2019 will be 1.7 million. Behind the top will have to pay another 500 thousand. This option will include many modern technologies that significantly simplify life to the driver and passengers. These include: invincible access, start the engine using the button in the cabin or key fob, the start-stop function for fuel economy, LED headlights with adaptive mode, heated steering wheel, front rows and mirrors, camera for review from behind, sensors Light, rain, tire pressure, parking assistants, cruise control, climate system for the first row, electric drive for the trunk doors and much more.

Release date in Russia

Initially, the car will go to the American market. It will happen closer to the end of 2018. At the very beginning of 2019, the car will get to Europe, and the assembly will be carried out at the plant in Spain. The start of sales in Russia will come only in mid-2019.


Approximately the same set of options received a large number of compact crossovers. Particular among them are Mazda CX-5, Kia Sportyj, Subaru Forester, Toyota Rail 4 and Audi Q3. It is they are on the same level to equip the cabin, technical characteristics and cost.


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