Mercedes CLS 2019

Mercedes CLS 2019

Mercedes-Benz is currently developing a new generation of Mercedes CLS models, the beginning of which is planned for 2019. At one time, in 2004, this car became the most unique in its design, which led to the creation of a new class of passenger cars, which received the designation high-speed four-door luxury coupe. In the future, such cars have become still referred to as representatives of the Gran Turismo class.

Model Mercedes CLS is primarily characterized by:

  • dynamic;
  • comfort;
  • design;
  • safety;
  • reliability.

The previous generation of CLS coupe is produced since 2010, and planned modernization has been completed in 2014, which is a rather large period for modern car sales. Therefore, the emergence of a new modification of Mercedes CLS 2019 is a reasonable automaker solution.


Even without seeing the icon, it can be determined that it is a Mercedes, since a huge set of elements in appearance issues a German manufacturer. The first thing that is immediately striking when you look at the photo of the car is an absolutely smooth hood. More and more companies are trying to do at least some kind of relief in front of even the most budget models. Here is the opposite. The hood itself is very long and is located at some angle to the road.

As before, the center of the bumper is decorated with an oval radiator grid with a very small mesh and decorated with one lane from chromium. Slightly on the sides of the air intake are highly modified main lights - already performed in the form of a parallelogram and filled with only premium lights.

Still became the heaven and body kit. In the center, you can observe a trapezoidal small cutout, also filled with a small grid, but there are already more impressive slits on the sides, slightly oval, decorated with gills and intended for cooling brakes.

Especially graceful looks like a new body, if you look at it in the profile. The corporate identity is expressed in the dome-shaped roof, the minimum number of relief, small glasses, as well as in a massive skirt. All together it looks very impressive and will not leave anyone indifferent.

Even better became the rear bumper. Fully converted overall lights, adopted the shape of the elongated triangles, smooth ledge on the trunk lid, additional cuts for cooling the rear brakes, and a completely new body kit, containing oval exhaust pipes, is added.


In the interior of the updated Mercedes CLS 2019, the company does not plan to perform significant changes.

The interior of the car will be characterized by the following elements:

  • stepped construction of the central console;
  • steering wheel with a significant number of control keys;
  • 8-inch monitor from the multifunctional complex;
  • multi-dimensional form of front armchairs with increased lateral support;
  • a wide tunnel between the front chairs;
  • the possibility of separate folding of the rear seats;
  • LED backlight in several colors with stepless adjustment and lighting function of the head zone;
  • Large adjustments for front seats with heating, ventilation and memory functions;
  • front glove box with cooling;
  • a folding armrest for rear passengers with a non-vocabulary and coaster niches;

Soft floor coating.

For finishing, only luxury materials will be applied:

  • two or monochrome genuine leather;
  • high-quality fabric;
  • artificial leather;
  • chrome edging of a number of cabin elements;
  • inserts from valuable wood;
  • Grinding overlays from polished aluminum.

The solutions for the interior and the finish materials used will make a salon fully corresponding to the premium class of cars.

Also watch the official video:


New CLS modification is designed on the MRA platform. This allowed not only to increase the size of the car, but also allowing the use of a full or rear-wheel drive, as well as equip the coupe innovative safety devices and help to the driver.

As a basic power unit, it is planned to use a turbocharged motor with a capacity of 450.0 liters. from. For the most charged version, a tested eight-cylinder engine with a capacity of 585.0 forces and a volume of 5.50 liters will be used.

The transmissions include the following KP:

Rear-wheel drive - seven-step TRONIC automatic transmission;

All-wheel drive option - 4Matic complex and 9G Tronic automatic transmission.

Sports coupe, according to tradition will have a rich equipment. A complete list of all possible systems manufacturer will be announced after the completion of the running tests. For the current period it is known about the following equipment:

  • ABS;
  • ASR;
  • ESP;
  • mechanism for ensuring dry state for brake discs;
  • multifunctional complex with navigation;
  • Adaptive pneumatic suspension;
  • aerodynamic mirrors;
  • assistant parking;
  • Road sign recognition controller and blind zone tracking;
  • circular review;
  • Adaptive head optics in the LED version;
  • Ventilation, heating and memory for the front seats.

Also see the first test drive of the new Mercedes:

Configuration and prices

The basic version of Mercedes CLS 2019 is estimated at 5 million rubles. For this money, the car is equipped with family airbags, leather interior, heating and ventilation of the first row of chairs, navigation, camera for review from behind, heated steering wheel, LED optics, premium music, adaptive cruise control, driving system for dead zones, automatic braking for Prevent collision, two-zone climate control, assistance during parking and other modern technologies.

The price of Top will be 5.9 million. Here you get a pneumatic suspension, adaptive chassis, heating and ventilation of all seats, xenon optics, AMG-bundles, nineteen-ate disks, panoramic roof, even more high-quality interior trim, music and multimedia, as well as other useful options.

Release date in Russia

In Europe, the car will be sold in the summer - in the fall of 2018, but the start of sales in Russia should not be waiting before 2019.


Fastbags have recently become quite popular, so there are a large number in our market. This is Audi A7, and the GT GT of the 6th Series, and Kia Stinger, and Porsche Panamers. All of them are approximately one price category.


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