Volkswagen Touareg 3 2018-2019

Volkswagen Touareg 3 2018-2019

For a long time, the Volkswagen Touareg car maintained his appearance untouched, even "under the hood" producers did not change anything. But in 2016 it was decided to hold a restyling model. For 2 years, all motorists looked forward to the emergence of the new Volkswagen Touareg 2018.


The new Volkswagen Touareg turned out to be even more stylish and memorable, although the developers did not drastically change the appearance of the vehicle. Only the facial part of the car was subjected to serious refinement, which was installed bulk optics with LED DRL. The radiator grille acquired chrome strips, and the bumper was expanded and equipped with three air intakes. The rear of the major changes was not underway: the creators were slightly raised the diffuser and "referred" the exhaust pipes.

The new look of the car is created by:

  • The streamlined shape of the roof linked to the rear racks;
  • elongated hood;
  • the abundance of chrome elements;
  • The new style of wheeled disks, which can now be a diameter of 18 or 21 inches;
  • Rear lights with 3D effect;
  • High window line;
  • Adaptive matrix optics iq.light;
  • stylish spoiler;
  • Laconic rear bumper.

The new model received the following dimensions:

  • Length - 4801 mm;
  • height - 1709 mm;
  • width - 1940 mm;
  • Wheel base - 195 mm.
  • Clearance - 201 mm.

The car profile has retained rapid smooth outlines, which gave the model a sporty look. Wide wheel arches, alloy wheels and lines of the body line are solid. A pleasant surprise for future owners is a rich basic configuration of a crossover, which includes the rear chamber, the system of movement in the strip, full electric car and two-zone climate control.

Salon novelties

The developers and designers of the New Year 2018 decided to leave the car's salon practically intact. As in the previous version, the space inside the car is enough for a comfortable trip, and the finish itself is made of high-quality and expensive materials.

New chairs can boast deeper backrest and highly high lateral support. The second row with separate backs for each of the three passengers is developing, increasing the volume of the trunk to 1642 liters.

The complement was a multifunctional steering wheel, which can now be adjusted in height, which added comfort in the crossover control. You can start the Volkswagen Touareg 2018 using the button, and the navigation system and climate control system will improve, which will be two-phase.

The instrument shield still consists of two dials:

  • a digital dashboard, which now not only displays the data of the main appliances, and also serves as the navigation system screen;
  • The monitor of the navigation system, conveniently rotated at an angle to the driver.

A little improved the front panel, where deflectors were added in aluminum edging. The changes also touched the central console, where most of the multimedia system screen occupies. According to experts, the main commands will be performed by the 15-Tidy-free Active Info Display panel with the ability to set the panel blocks by the driver itself: from heating the steering wheel to the motion mode. Also, for ease of use of the panel when driving, increased icons icons have been developed.

Even in the basic configuration of the new car, various functions and systems for travel comfort are built:

  • Optics halogen;
  • headlights against fog;
  • ABS + EBS, ESP, ASR and EDS systems;
  • decoration of the cabin made of fabric;
  • the number of airbags - 6 pieces;
  • New climate control of two phases;
  • Route PC;
  • Glasses rise using electrodes on all doors;
  • Side mirrors are also adjustable with buttons;
  • You can adjust the steering column.


The changes affected the power component of the novelties. A new pneumatic suspension appeared, the 8-sided "automatic", the hydroper wheel of the steering wheel changed, the brake system was improved.

Motors of models of the new Volkswagen were improved and passed to complete reconfiguration, as well as nodal and point refinement. Now in the car you can find the start-stop system.

It is planned to reach five versions of the crossover, with different engines and fuel consumption:

Volume of motor Power Acceleration up to 100 km / h Fuel consumption The most developed speed
3.6 L. 249 liters from. 8.5 seconds 11.0 L. 220 km / h
4.2 L. 360 l. from. 6.5 seconds 11.5 L. 248 km / h
3.0 l (diesel) 204 liters from. 8.5 seconds 6.6 L. 208 km / h
3.0 245 liters from. 7.6 seconds 6.9 L. 247 km / h
3.0 (turbo) 340 liters from. 5.8 seconds 9.2 L. 245 km / h

Reduce fuel consumption in the diesel version of the motor was managed using a catalytic neutralizer. For all versions of motors there is only one transmission option - an 8-range automatic gearbox equipped with a manual transmission switch. Also in all configurations of the SUV, there are ABS + EBD, EDS, ASR, ESP, and there are six airbags for the driver and passengers.

Price and Start Sales in Russia

Many domestic motorists are concerned about the question when the new Touareg comes out. The official premiere of the novelty is scheduled at the Shanghai Auto Show, which will be held in April 2017, after which the crossover will be launched at the serial production of the same year. In the Dealer Centers of Europe and the USA, the model will go closer to the fall, and the version adapted for domestic operating conditions (if such generally provided) is worth waiting for no earlier than the beginning of 2018. Volkswagen Taureg, the price of which largely depends on the configuration, will cost the potential owner from 2.7 and 3.7 million rubles.

The German concern after the scandal with a fake results of the number of harmful emissions on their machines is gradually trying to return the consumer confidence and leading positions in the automotive market. Updated Volkswagen Touareg crossover is just one of the few successful steps towards the conquest of driver's sympathies, because the model turned out to be really high-quality, trendy, decent attention.

Video with new Volkswagen Touareg:


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