BMW X5 2019

BMW X5 2019

Even if the BMW recently recently updated some kind of model, this is not an obstacle to restyling again just a couple of years later. This situation has developed with an SUV X5. The new model will appear before fans next year. BMW X5 2019 very much will change outwardly, having received a huge number of all sorts of decorative elements adorning the car, will acquire a more comfortable interior and will become more powerful.


It is worth noting that not only the Bavarians, and the Europeans are very satisfied with both the technical equipment, and the recognizable design of the SUV brand BMW, which have become a benchmark of luxury and respectability, and therefore it can be assumed that X5 2019 will largely look like its predecessor. It will be quite large outside and spacious inside 5-awesome SUV, providing the owner with the possibility of re-equipment in a 7-mirbal car by mounting two additional seats in the trunk area.

The overall dimensions of the car will be:

Parameter. CAR SIZE 2019. The Change.
Length. 4922 mm +36 mm
Width 2004 mm +66 mm
Height 1745 mm +19 mm
Wheelbase. 2975 mm +42 mm
Volume of Luggage Compartment 645 L. 1860 L. -5 L. -10 L.

The exterior of the updated model form:

  • The traditional lattice in the BMW style making the car recognizable and attached aggressive nature;
  • Large air intakes on the front bumper, unocclied with their design;
  • LED running lights;
  • new shape of the head optics;
  • a little different step-down hood and doors;
  • Stylish 20-Tiduym alloy wheels (optionally promise to order 22-inch discs);
  • Luxurious panoramic roof.

It is expected that the car will be presented in two versions: standard configuration and sports, which will have in its name the console M and gets in addition to the most powerful power units. Stylish exclusive body kit.


As mentioned earlier, the novelty will become more comfortable and functional. The new BMW X5 2019 model year will be able to boast the finishing of high-quality genuine leather and wood, as well as a huge set of modern options.

The central console was practically not changed, with the exception of the adding tree to the decoration. The vertex is a wide multimedia screen. There are several panels with physical elements of controlling machine functionality. These are the buttons, and several piles, regulating climate control and some helpers.

The car got a very wide and high tunnel. At the same time, it delivers a large number of comfort as a driver and a passenger with a coaster, a huge and soft armrest with a refrigeration compartment inside, as well as other holes. From the functionality there are adjustments of chairs, adjusting the suspension and gearbox selector.

It does not allocate the steering wheel, preserved and so the perfect old look. It is pleasant to the touch, and allows the driver to activate a huge set of options without being distracted by driving. All this is undoubtedly not may not please future buyers. From the instrument panel you can get a bunch of information about the car, thanks to the four sensors of various sizes scattered over the panel. The on-board computer is placed in the main multimedia monitor.

Chairs were subjected to various refinement, now it was even more pleasant in them and safer. The chairs are drawn up with better skin, pleasant to the touch, and under it there is a very soft material, being on which, I do not want to get up at all. The seat is divided into several parts, each can be adjusted separately from each other. In addition, for the front rows are provided: excellent side support, adjustment memory, heating, ventilation and massage. The rear sofa can also boast all this, except for the heap of adjustments. But here is a separate climate system and multimedia, however, only in rich versions of the configuration.

Technical features of the novelty

The main announced news, which makes the BMW X5 exit even more expected, was the application of the manufacturer on the modernization of power units and expand the existing line of engines due to new models of gasoline turbocharged V8 and row six.

Most likely, the model range of power units will include:

Engine's Type VOLUME. Power
Petrol V8 TwinPower Turbo 4.4 L. 462 HP.
Gasoline Row 6-KA 3.0 340 HP.
Diesel (6 Cylinders) THERE IS NO DATA 249 HP.
Turboisel. (6 Cylinders + 4 Turbines) THERE IS NO DATA 400 HP.

Model 2019 will be able to boast of modern suspension. On the front axle it will be double, but on the rear - multi-dimensional. As an option, a pneumatic suspension of all 4-wheels will be available. Updated X5 received other substantial refinement:

  • active rear stabilizer;
  • the rear wheel grilling mechanism;
  • Rear differential lock;
  • reinforced bottom protection;
  • Updated set of modes.

In terms of side equipment, further improvement of such systems available in the previous version is expected, as:

  • Intelligent XDrive Drive System;
  • onboard assistant;
  • tire pressure monitoring;
  • Set of standard active security systems: ABS, EBD, BAS;
  • DAC (descending system with a mountain from a mountain);
  • night vision system;
  • Circular review cameras.

Of course, this is not all the novelties that the new BMW X5 can surprise us. After all, the full list of options and technical innovations, which will be available when ordering a car in 2019, as well as what price will be, the manufacturer will sound on the official presentation to take place closer to the start of sales.


As always, the price of the X5 BMW SUV will depend on the selected package of options. In different sources, completely different amounts are voiced. Some experts argue that the price of the most inexpensive model of the basic configuration in Europe will start from $ 55,000, and the cost of the most expensive will be about 75,000 USD.

See also the first video of the new BMW X5 2019:


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