Kia Mohave 2019

Kia Mohave 2019

The first medium-sized SUV MOHAVE Korean company Kia introduced in 2008. The premium car was intended primarily for the North American market, but did not stand competition with similar models of other companies and sales in the United States stopped in 2011. But this did not prevent Mohave to become popular in other regions, including Russia. Currently, the production of the model is carried out at once on three assembly plants of the company. The main advantages of the vehicles are considered:

  1. comfort;
  2. Patency;
  3. reliability;
  4. safety;
  5. Cost.

Despite the lengthy, on car standards, the release period, the seven-seater SUV received updates in 2016. Changes made, both in the exterior, and in the interior wearing a point. Presented in 2017 by Kia Model Mojave 2019, the name would be the next generation of a luxury SUV. Thanks to the new design, increased equipment and improved technical parameters of the car is really significantly different from the predecessor.


The external image of the new Kia Mohave 2019 is very different from the predecessor. The updated SUV received a branded radiator grille. In the lower part of the front bumper, designers in spacious niches placed four-block fog lights. Head optics acquired LED performance and acute-angular form.

The frontal view of the new Kia Mohave 2019 bodies became more dynamic due to the altered windshield tilt angle, the smooth transition of the roof line to the car's feed. On the roof, rails and a compact spoiler with a built-in stop signal are located. On off-road qualities of cars indicate:

  • plastic body kit all over the perimeter;
  • elements of the front and reverse protection;
  • high ground clearance;
  • Round extended wheeled arches.

The premium class of the car in appearance emphasizes a large amount of chrome-plated frame of body elements, namely the radiator, door handles, side windows, rear license plate.

Modified design, as it should be a powerful SUV turned out to be brutal, with dynamic properties.


Salon Kia Mohave 2019 model year at the presented photos looks very luxurious. This is facilitated by light upholstery (for the base option) from genuine leather, which visually expands the already enough spacious interior. A large two-level tunnel with transmission controls and two cup holders is installed between the front seats. Also at the disposal of the driver and passenger several niches and departments for small items.

In addition, the thoughtful layout creates good ergonomic properties. This is achieved at the expense of the following solutions: a multifunctional steering wheel, a dashboard, made in the form of a display, a step of a central console with a 12.5-inch monitor of an infotainment complex. Front seats have a handy design, a large number of settings and lateral support. The second-row chairs are provided with an electrical tilt of the back. Additionally, the folding backs of this row open spacious access to the rear row.

In addition to genuine leather, inserts from polished wood and metal, chrome edging, soft floor covering are used in the interior decoration.

Various options for folding the second (60/40 ratio) and a third (50/50) series of seats make it possible to form numerous options for transformation of the cabin, while the volume of the luggage compartment with a flat platform is capable of reaching 1750 liters.

Technical parameters and equipment

The size of Kia Mohave 2019 is:

Length (5 Places) 4.88 M.
Length (7 seats) 4.99m
Width 1.92 M.
Height 1.81 M.
Wheelbase. 2.90 M.
Clearance 21.7 cm.

The following six-cylinder V-shaped power units (volume / power) are provided for the acquisition of an SUV:

  1. Gasoline - 3.8 l / 275 liters. from.;
  2. Diesel - 3.0 l / 250 liters. from.

The 8-speed automatic transmission will be installed with the specified engines.

The car has a full-wheel drive with three modes of movement and a pneumatic rear suspension, such a combination will provide reliable handling and high comfort on urban and country roads, as well as in off-road conditions.

Among the main equipment, ensuring the comfort and safety of the SUV, such systems should be noted:

  • coursework;
  • help at the beginning of the movement on the rise;
  • ABS;
  • control blind zones;
  • circular review;
  • collision warnings;
  • LED performance of head optics and rear combined lamps;
  • 9 pillows and security curtains;
  • three-zone climate control;
  • audio cruise control;
  • Parking sensors, rain, light;
  • multifunctional steering wheel;
  • Hinged monitor for rear passengers;
  • 18-inch discs;
  • Front seats with electric heating, memory and ventilation.

Start Sales and Cost

The production of an updated SUV is scheduled to end this year. The first cars will be sold only in the inner Korean market.

The arrival of Mohave new generation to domestic dealers of Kia should be expected in mid-2019, and the price of the basic configuration of the novelty can begin with 2.6 million rubles.

Also watch the video review of the new Mohave (Telluride) of 2019:


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