Mazda CX-5 2019

Mazda CX-5 2019

Mazda has begun to produce a compact crossover CX-5 in 2011. One of the most interesting features of the new car was a spacious salon, which, with a small length of the car, concerned constructors managed to develop with a long wheelbase and displacement of the windshield frame. Among other advantages of CX-5 should be noted:

  1. bright design;
  2. Comfortable salon;
  3. good dynamics;
  4. high safety;
  5. The presence of modifications with full and front-wheel drive.

In addition, the model is considered one of the most economical in its class compact crossovers.

The second generation of the car company manufactures from 2017. Given this fact, most of the automotive experts believe that the emergence of an updated Mazda CX-5 2019, this is most likely the company's marketing course aimed at maintaining constant attention to the Japanese crossover.


At the presented official photos and video materials, it is clearly clear that in the exterior of Mazda CX-5 2019, minimal changes were held, designed to add a crossover of power and dynamics in the front part.

As a result of the facelifting conducted, the car received the following execution:

  • slightly enlarged radiator grille with a larger pattern;
  • reduced LED head optics in acute-coronal design;
  • Chrome bright edging partially replaced on dark;
  • Grown tilt of the hood.

An important point is the fact that despite the changes to CX-5 retained excellent aerodynamic indicators. In the front part, the car is still highlighted by proportional parameters, smooth lines of transitions between body elements and the original pattern of wheels.

The solutions made preserved the elegant and beautiful external image of Mazda CX-5, in addition, a new dynamic design made a crossover visually larger than its predecessor when the sizes remained.


The salon "Mazda CX-5" traditionally has a spacious and high comfort. In addition, it is characterized by high-quality ergonomics and rich equipment. Therefore, taking into account the existing qualities of big changes in the interior, the company did not fulfill, and there was some additions designed to increase comfort.

To the main one should be attributed:

  • the changed shape of all seats;
  • The rear armchairs received several options for tilting back;
  • The monitor on the central console acquired a special anti-reflective coating;
  • For passengers of the second row, USB ports are mounted, allowing to charge various devices;
  • Additional controls on a multifunctional steering wheel and driver's door armrest;
  • installation of new acoustic equipment that improves sound quality;
  • Expansion of the memory function is not only for the driver's seat, but also for the position of the side mirrors.

In the finish, materials were applied with higher characteristics, special inserts were additionally used, which, according to the company, made it possible to reduce the noise in the cabin almost 10%. Also, in order to improve protection against dust and precipitation, new sealing materials are established.

Specifications Mazda CX-5 2018

The chassis of a new car is constructively practically identical to the previous version, however, the use of new materials made it possible to improve body rigidity rate by 15.5%. As for the engines, they remained the same, and the name

  • SkyActiv-D - 2.2 liter diesel engine;
  • SkyActiv-G - 2.0 and 2.2 liter gasoline engines.

The power of these engines has not yet been reported. However, most likely engineers have worked on the fuel system of motors, which will surely affect the power of the engines. According to rumors, CX-5 can get a 2.5-liter turbocharged engine from high CX-9. As a transmission, future owners are offered both 6-speed mechanics and automatic. The car is initially equipped with a complete drive, but the I-ACTIV AWD system can be installed for an additional surcharge, which provides a four-wheel drive.

The size of the luggage compartment is in a normal state equal to 500 liters, and with a folded second row, the volume increases to 1625 liters. The rear seats are folded in a 40/20/40 ratio, forming not only a flat floor, but also allow you to form multiple versions of the transformation of the cabin.

The crossover will still remain with two drive options: full and front. The used KPs are also changed - six-speed automatic transmission and manual transmission.

Changes will occur in the line of power aggregates of the car. Currently, CX-5 is equipped with motorcycles with the following technical characteristics:

Engine's Type VOLUME. Power
Petrol 2.0 L. 150 LITERS FROM.
Petrol 2.5 L. 187 LITERS FROM.
Diesel 2.2 L. 175 LITERS FROM.

The new turbocharged diesel engine with a volume of 2.2 liters and a capacity of 190.0 will be added to the specified power units.

The equipment of the SUV will remain still rich enough, the names of the packages (Drive, Active, Supreme) will not change, but the configuration itself can be replenished with previously inaccessible options. Among the new equipment for CX-5 follow:

  • circular review;
  • cooled glove box;
  • Parking assistant;
  • Car retention system in the movement strip;
  • LED lighting of the cabin;
  • Assistant Movement when lifting;
  • remote opening of the rear door;
  • Additional outlets at 12 V;
  • Adaptive head lighting.

For the updated version of CX-5 as an option, a special telescopic chair with remote control for people with disabilities is available.

Beginning of sales in Russia and the price

The sale of the car in Japan will start in February 2017, and in Russia the car should be expected approximately in the fall. The prices for Russia have not yet been called, but it is quite expected that they will grow up for a new generation.


Thus, the new Mazda CX-5 2018 model year to expect in Russia in the mid-late 2017. Externally, the car has not changed much, but the new optics and the new form of bumpers made the car outwardly more aggressive and dynamic. The dimensions of the car increased slightly, in particular, 5 millimeters length and 20 millimeters width. Inside the car changes, much larger: this is a new steering wheel, improved multimedia, better sound insulation and audio system. As for the technical part, the engine ruler has practically not changed, it is possible that the power of motors will be improved by improving the fuel system somewhat.

Video with new Mazda CX-5:


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