Ford Mondeo 2019

Ford Mondeo 2019

Mondeo - the flagship D-class car from Ford, whose popularity is due to a sports character and a stylish design, which combines the elegance of classic lines and dynamic inherent in sports cars.

Ford Company promises to please the connoisseurs of high-quality, reliable and modern cars, presented by the beginning of 2019 the new Sedo 5 generation sedan.

History of the model

The first generation of Mondeo entered the market in the second half of 1992, as replacing the outdated model Sierra. The first generation of the model was presented in the sedan bodies, hatchback (5 doors) and wagon.

The features of the model were:

  • front-wheel drive platform;
  • Line of gasoline power units ZETEC, with a capacity of 90 to 177 hp;
  • really high (at that time) level of security;
  • Elegant exterior;
  • Excellent dynamics and reduction.

The second generation of the model was presented in 200. Attract attention to an updated car was called up a few modified exterior and interior. So, Restyled Mondeo received new optics and a luxurious salon that did not give way to comfort to cars of a higher class.

The third generation of Ford Mondeo made his debut in 2007. It is this model that can often be found on the roads of Russia, because its production was established in the Vsevolozhskaya factory.

The once popular models in the buildings wagon and hatchback did not use much popular and were removed from production. The third generation sedan could be purchased at the RF car dealers until 2015.

The fourth generation is a model presented today on sale in many countries of the world. In the US market, she was named Ford Fusion.

The features of the Mondeo-4 are bright and recognizable, with a pronounced sports notch. Coming from the conveyor in 2013 the car received:

  • Spectacular hexagonal radiator grille;
  • Brand new on the design of the head optics;
  • 6-tireless machine;
  • Innovative set at that time options;
  • Required: Ambiente, Titanium and Titanium +.

The fifth generation of Ford Mondeo (in the photo) is a car of the future 2019, which has not been officially represented in New York.

What will be the new Ford Mondeo 2019, what will he delight buyers and what will be the starting price of the novelties in the European, American and domestic market? Let's try to figure out.


The new Ford Mondeo 2019 model year externally changed quite seriously. At the same time, the traditional features remained for this model, which can be judged by looking at the photo.

If we talk about the front part, it has become much more aggressive and evil. The angle of the windshield is now stronger, which allows you to count on a much smaller resistance to the oncoming air streams. The hood received a large number of stylish relief. He himself has a slightly swollen shape. Sports turned out optics. She now became much already, has an aggressive slope. Visually something resembles the headlights of the legendary Mitsubishi Lancer. Filling a premium level, exclusively expensive and high-quality LED lights. The radiator grille is very large, in the form of a fairly large black grid. Bumper, despite its massiveness, looks rather neat. In its lower part there are a lot of sports stuff and relief. Narrow rectangular fog lights are built on the edges.

No less brightly looks a car in profile. Along the body several embossed strips are placed. The area that glass occupies has decreased in size, while keeping the quality view for the driver along with this. In the door handles, a modern system of invincible access is mounted.

Fully reworked the design of the wheeled disks, they increased in size, and also became much easier than in the past. Side mirrors also became more innovative. They are now automatically folded when the engine is turned off. Road clearance is not very high, respectively, there may be problems on roads with a bad coating.

The smallest changes received the stern part. Repeated back optics, between the headlights placed a wide chrome band, which looks not very pretty. Lightly changed the structure of the bumper. The exhaust system is quite large, represented in the form of a rectangular nozzle.


The internal equipment of Ford Mondeo 2019 is characterized by high quality. Finishing materials were taken enough expensive. Here you can find soft skin, fabric, plastic and even metal inserts. Everything is very pretty combined with each other. It is impossible not to mark excellent ergonomics.

The central console is perfectly designed. At the same time, there are practically no traditional mechanical buttons and regulators. At the top in a special recess there is a large touchscreen display. With it, you can control multimedia features, navigating and most car settings.

Steering wheel is excellent. It is very comfortable in hand and provides high-quality feedback during a trip, instantly reacting to all drivers' movements. It conveniently passes several buttons that simplify the management of the main options, such as music or cruise control. The dashboard is very stylish, despite its classic type of two shooting sensors. The on-board computer between them has high functionality and displays all the necessary information, ranging from fuel consumption, ending with the temperature of the engine and other elements.

Luxurious came the chairs. They are packed by a very soft material, have ventilated skin, heating system and electrically regulatory. There are side support.


In 2019, the new Ford Mondeo (he is also fusion) will be produced in different variations:

  • Ford Fusion - basic version;
  • Ford Fusion Hybrid - Standard Hybrid from Ford Company with 1,4 kW / h Battery;
  • Ford Fusion Energi is a model with a hybrid power plant and a 9 kW / h battery, which is enough for 40 km of autonomous movement;
  • Ford Fusion V6 Sport is a sports all-wheel drive version with a powerful 2.7-liter power unit.

Depending on the configuration, the car can receive such power units:

Engine's Type VOLUME. Power
Petrol Turbocharged EcoBoost. 1.5 LITERS. 181 HP.
Petrol Turbocharged 2.0 l. 245 HP.
Petrol ATMOSPHERIC 2.5 liters 173 HP.
Petrol Turbohargesed VS. 2.7 l. 325 HP.

For all modifications, a modern 6-tireless automaton is offered.

Thinking the improvement of the model, the company's engineers paid special attention to security issues. So, Ford Mondeo 2019 already in the basic configuration will receive the CO-PILOT360 PROTECT complex, including:

  • Airbag set,
  • rear view chamber;
  • adaptive cruise control;
  • automatic adjustment of headlights;
  • Pedestrian detection function;
  • collision prevention options;
  • monitoring "blind zones";
  • Stop and Go system.

Price and Start Sales

It is expected that the new Ford Mondeo (Fusion) will be released on the American market closer to mid 2019. When you can expect a novelty in Russia's car dealers is still unknown.

The price of an updated sedan will accurately increase, because he will receive a whole package of innovative options. What will be the cost, depending on the proposed packages, the manufacturer promises to voice closer to the start of sales.

Also watch the video review of the model presented on New York International Auto Show 2018:


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