Toyota Highlander 2019

Toyota Highlander 2019

The Toyota Highlander crossover is a large and powerful car that combines excellent off-road qualities, spectacular design and unconditional reliability, which has become a characteristic feature of all cars of this largest Japanese manufacturer.

From 2000 to 2018, 3 generations of the model were released, and today all connoisseurs of SUVs are interested in the question when the new Toyota Highlander crossover will be released and what will be the car of 2019.

History of the model

1 generation

The first medium-sized crossover Toyota Highlander XU20 was presented in Japan in 2000 and was known in his homeland under the name of Kruger. The model was based on the Camry platform and was equipped with an front or complete drive. To choose from buyers was proposed modifications with 5 and 7th local salon.

The first generation received two essential refinement:

  1. In 2004, instead of gasoline 2.4 and 3.0-liter engines, the crossover received a new 3.3 liter power unit with a capacity of 225 hp;
  2. In 2005, the first hybrid version was published.

2 generation

The second generation of the SUV was presented in 2007. In addition to visual changes in the exterior and interior The car received a 3.5-liter V6 with a capacity of 270 liters. with., as well as a package of various options.

In 2010, the restyled Highlander of the 2nd generation was published, which for many years has been presented in Russia's car dealerships.

3 generation

In 2013, the third generation of crossover was published, whose features were:

  1. Spacious 7-mirth salon;
  2. stylish exterior;
  3. New line of powerful power units.

4 generation or restyling 3rd?

The new Toyota Highlander, represented in the photo, will go into car dealerships even until 2019, because the model presentation took place at the end of 2017 as part of La Auto Show. Experts believe that the car will make a worthy competition to such popular crossovers as Honda Pilot, Ford Explorer and Nissan Pathfinder.


At the presented official photos of the new "Toyota Highlander" of the 2019 model year, it is clearly seen that changes in the exterior performed by the manufacturer are minimal. First of all, it is due to the fact that the existing design creates a car classic image of an impressive SUV. But still the updated version can be distinguished from its predecessor at the expense of the following solutions:

  • an enlarged trapezoid lattice of the radiator, located from the hood to the lower edge of the front bumper;
  • a larger logo of the company installed on the lattice;
  • rounded transitions between the elements in the facial part of the car;
  • modified aerodynamic design of upper rails, allowing to reduce noise when driving;
  • Compact combined rear lights;
  • In-depth bottom climbing in the front of the crossover.

Despite such minor updates, the execution allows you to add additional features of dynamism and solidity to the appearance of Highlander.


Toyota Highlander 2019 has kept all the existing advantages of the cabin, the main of which includes:

  • high-quality finish;
  • The possibility of three-row execution with a capacity of 7 or 8 people;
  • a significant number of modern security and comfort systems;
  • High ergonomics.

In addition to the equipment that form listed features, the crossover received:

  • New color solutions for interior design;
  • up to six number of USB connectors to connect various gadgets;
  • inserts with improved sound-absorbing properties;
  • Increased central boxing;
  • Additional controls on a multifunctional steering wheel;
  • Updated information and entertainment complex software.

The crossover also retained the following dimensions:

  • length - 4.89 m;
  • width - 1.93 m;
  • height - 1.77 m;
  • Wheel database - 2.79 m;
  • clearance - 20.0 cm;
  • The magnitude of the luggage compartment is 230-1300 l (depending on the capacity).

Specified dimensions make Highlander one of the largest crossovers in its class.


As a force aggregates on the new model "Toyota Highlander" of 2019, the use of gasoline engines with the following technical parameters is scheduled:

  1. Power - 180.0 liters. s., Volume - 2.7 liters.
  2. Power - 270.0 liters. p., Volume - 3.5 liters.

Both engines will be aggregated with a sixdiaband automatic transmission, while the basic will remain a four-wheel drive, the front is considered an option.

The Toyota company plans to maintain the existing versions of the configuration of the crossover:

  1. Limited Platinum.
  2. Limited.
  3. SE
  4. Xle.
  5. Le Plus.
  6. Le.

The list of options for each of the six options will be revised. Among the numerous equipment intended for equipping a car should be noted:

  • ABS;
  • Vsc;
  • ESC;
  • steering electric power;
  • multifunctional steering wheel;
  • head LED optics with automatic shutdown function;
  • Pressure controllers, light, rain;
  • outer mirrors with electrically regulating, the possibility of folding and mounted turning signs;
  • Intelligent entrance to the salon;
  • launching a motor with a button;
  • electrical discovery of the rear door;
  • Electric heating of all seats (the front ventilation option);
  • three-zone climate control;
  • Electrically regulating front seats in 8 directions;
  • Circular panoramic overview;
  • Cruise control;
  • eight pillows and security curtains;
  • Assistant when moving on the rise and descent;
  • pointer number of washer fluid;
  • anti-slip system;
  • parking sensors;
  • 12 audio data;
  • Complex for tracking road signs and marking;
  • Navigation and infotainment systems.

Price and Start Sales

The new crossover should appear in car dealers before 2019, but when you can buy Toyota Highlander in Russia, while it is difficult to say.

Presumably the price of the model will vary in the range of 32,000 - 47,000 dollars depending on the configuration, which are promised as many as five:

  • Le (basic);
  • Le Plus (improved);
  • Xle (partially leather upholstery + option package);
  • SE (19-TID discs, leather + stylish black radiator grille);
  • Limited (maximum equipment).

Also, see the exterior and interior of Hybrid Toyota Highlander 2018-2019 on the video with La Auto Show:


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