Ford Ranger Raptor 2019

Ford Ranger Raptor 2019

Full-sized Pickups company Ford has been manufactured since 1948. Such small trucks are very popular in America, as well as in Canada and Australia. In the present period, the thirteenth generation of the car is manufactured. For the first time, a powerful Raptor is presented at the Los Angeles Auto Show in 2008.

Like other cars of this class, the model characterizes the following advantages:

  • durable frame design;
  • high-power power units;
  • safety;
  • individual design;
  • increased permeability;
  • versatility;
  • Total reliability.

The new version of the 2019 Pickup received the name Ford Ranger Raptor. The novelty differs from the basic model with reduced dimensions and is intended for implementation primarily in Asia countries. In the future, the car should expand the line of the manufactured Pickup concern for the North American region.

History of the model

The new Ford Ranger Raptor model 2019 is the receiver of the once popular Ford F-150 model manufactured by Ford since 1978.

Since the pickups were enjoyed in great demand and well sold, the company often updated the model range by providing customers with the opportunity to purchase a car in an optimal combination of price and characteristics, taking into account the scope of use. So from 1978 to 2018, 13 generations F-150 were issued.

For 40 years, the model has evolved from a small 2-kdveral car for farmers to a fairly large and powerful SUV, the advantages of which are:

  • Reliable frame design;
  • 2 or 4-kdveral cab design;
  • roomy body;
  • suspension ready to test the most severe off-road;
  • wide range of powerful power units;
  • Stylish exterior, emphasizing the nature of the owner.

Auto 13 generation presented today in car dealerships was recognized as the best Pickup of 2017. And this is not the first victory F-150 in similar nominations.

Generation Model 14, called Ranger Raptor was presented by Ford in early 2018 and should be included in the US and Canadian car dealerships before 2019.

Exterior Ranger Raptor 2019

Working out the next model of the popular pickup, engineers and designers of Ford sought to create a car that will be interested in buyers from Asia countries. That is why the new Ford Ranger 2019 model year will be slightly less than its predecessor. The overall dimensions of the model will be:

Length. 5 400 mm
Width. 2 180 mm
Height 1,870 mm
Wheelbase. from 220 mm
Clearance 283 mm
Length Platform. 1 980 mm
King of Front Wheels 1 710 mm

At the same time, the car will delight the owner with a carrying capacity of up to 0.65 tons and the ability to pull the trailer weighing up to 2.5 tons.

Thus, buying a new Ranger Raptor, you get two in one - a reliable and spacious truck and a comfortable 5-way passenger car with a comfortable interior and a complete set of the most modern options.

Exterior of the model form:

  • Massive radiator grille with the inscription "Ford" and a widespread edging;
  • Powerful bumper in which fog lights are integrated;
  • Relief hood with a slight bias;
  • The head optics, which became closer to the classic design, but received a stylish L-shaped lane of LED lights;
  • Powerful wings, visually being a continuation of the stylistics of the front bumper;
  • The steps that give the image of the car is even more massiveness;
  • large wheels whose size may vary depending on the modification of the car and the rubber installed on it;
  • Powerful engine protection from sheet steel 2.3 mm thick.

Interior of the novelty

Salon of the new Ford Ranger Raptor, which will be possible in early 2019, emphasizes that the price of this luxurious pickup will fully comply with its outstanding qualities. There is everything, about what a modern driver can dream of:

  1. Functionality in combination with the most advanced technologies;
  2. Maximum comfort and safety;
  3. Spectacular interior, for the implementation of which the best materials are used: genuine leather, resistant to mechanical damage to plastic, polished aluminum.

This elements like:

  • comfortable sports chairs and side support;
  • Leather steering wheel with a large number of control buttons and a red zone zone label;
  • The dashboard, on which, in addition to the speedometer and the tachometer, is located digital onboard computer screen;
  • 8-Miduima touch monitor located between two vertical deflectors;
  • Modern Multimedia System Sync 3;
  • Excellent acoustics, providing the surround sound of favorite tracks;
  • 2-tan climates control.

For passengers of a second row of space more than enough. Unlike 2-hour pickups and models with half-and-and-half cabins, the new 4-Double Raptor with the Supercrew cabin is ready to offer the maximum comfort for the passenger in a long journey.

Technical parameters and equipment

The size and dimensions of the Compact Ranger Raptor truck are:

  • Length - 5.40 m;
  • width - 2.18 m;
  • Height - 1.87 m;
  • Wheel base - 3.22 m;
  • Road clearance - 28.3 cm;
  • Wheelproof - 1.71 m;
  • The angle of entry is 32.5 degrees;
  • The angle of the congress is 24.1 degrees;
  • Capacity - 5 people;
  • the number of rows of seats - 2;
  • The length of the platform is 1.98 m;
  • Load capacity - 0.65 tons;
  • Maximum trailer weight - 2.50 tons.

At the initial stage of production, the pickup will be equipped with a double-superimposed 2.0-liter diesel engine and a capacity of 215 liters. from. For all-wheel drive transmissions, the use of a 10-speed automatic box is designed. In order to improve the off-road properties of the car, the use of six different motion modes is provided depending on the type of road web. In the future, at the beginning of the sales of cars in North America, it will become equipped with a gasoline engine with a power reinforced to 325.

Among the technical solutions used in the device of the new pickup, it is necessary to note the manufacture of the carrier frame made of special steel. This allowed not only to reduce the mass of the car, but also to increase the structural rigidity.

When equipping a Picap Ford Ranger Raptor, the following main systems and devices will be used:

  • 17-inch wheels;
  • Cruise control;
  • LED optics and interior lighting;
  • six airbags;
  • two-zone climate control;
  • parking controllers;
  • Power windows;
  • Electric in the front armchairs and mirrors;
  • invincible access;
  • multifunctional complex;
  • Complex "Start Stop".

A detailed list of equipment and options for the vehicle will be presented before the start of serial production.

Release and Start Sales

The initial manufacturer of a small truck is scheduled for Ford production facilities in Thailand, which, according to the company, should simplify the promotion of new items in the region. The price of Ford Ranger Raptor 2019 in the initial execution will be 58.50 thousand US dollars.

In the further plans of the company, the development of the production and commencement of the production of a pickup formation for the North American market. In addition, Ford does not exclude the sales of Ranger Raptor in our country in the next year.

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