Lexus ES 2018-2019

Lexus ES 2018-2019

The LEXUS Japanese automaker was created by Toyota specifically for the release of premium cars in 1983. For all LEXUS cars, the following key advantages are characterized by:

  1. elegant design;
  2. luxury salon;
  3. rich equipment;
  4. the presence of powerful power units;
  5. High security.

All listed properties have both a passenger car Lexus under the designation ES (Executive Sedan), which is decoded as an executive sedan.

The first cars of this class were released in 1989 and were intended specifically only for the US market. The new model immediately earned a large commercial success, which in the future the company continued to increase. This confirms the fact that the sixth generation of ES sedan has been produced currently developed in 2012.

Despite the stable interest in the car by buyers, Lexus decided to prepare and in 2018 to offer a new generation of ES model. This decision is associated with the emergence of new modifications of representation cars from competitors companies (Audi A8, Infiniti Q50, Mercedes W222, Jaguar XJ), a rather long period of release of the previous sixth modification, as well as the rapid development of new automotive technologies.

Design Overview

The official presentation of the new model company has scheduled for the New York auto show of next year. Currently, road tests of the new Lexus ES 2018 are completed, which allowed a number of leading car publications to present photos and other information materials about the car. Even a quick familiarization with photographs of the new sedan makes it safe to say that Lexus managed to create a unique external image of their car. Such elegant design is formed using the following solutions:

  • the use of a large grid of the radiator made in the form of an hourglass and with chrome edging;
  • increased windshield;
  • a narrowed form of LED head optics with thin lines of running lights;
  • L-shaped lower additional air intakes with mounted round fog lights;
  • the use of acute-angular firewalls in the design of the front and rear bumper;
  • elongated body silhouette with smooth transition lines;
  • the presence of large wheeled arches and the new pattern of wheels;
  • rapid image of aerodynamic outer mirrors;
  • installation of light frame for lateral windows;
  • large combined rear headlights;
  • Trapezoid diffusers on exhaust pipes.

All indicated solutions form an image of a new chic sedan.

Interior Salon

The presented photos and descriptions of the interior of the new Lexus ES 250 2018 indicate its luxurious finish and excellent ergonomics.

The model attracts attention to such innovations as:

  • Multifunctional steering wheel;
  • leather seats having a large number of adjustments, heated, high-quality side support and ventilation;
  • An individual form of the backs of the front seats, allowing you to add an additional floor space to passengers of the second row of seats;
  • LED lighting of the cabin with different colors and changing brightness;
  • Electric curtains on the rear doors and the rear window;
  • Acoustic complex with 15 speakers.

Also, the new Lexus is characterized by a three-row construction of the central console, on which:

  • The upper row is the screen of the infotainment complex, protected by a special light visor,
  • In the second row, climatic equipment deflectors are mounted,
  • In the lower part, a wide glove box is mounted and elements of control of various sedan systems are installed,

In the finishing of the model, only premium-class premium applied to which high-quality embossed skin, polished inserts from noble tree species and carbon, improved plastic. To reduce noise, highly efficient protective components are used, as well as noise absorbing glasses.

In addition, comfortable conditions inside the new sedan allow you to form the following overall dimensions:

  1. Length - 4.92 m.
  2. Height - 1.82 m.
  3. Width - 1.45 m.
  4. Wheel base - 2.82 m.

Characteristics and equipment

For the recruitment of the EU Lexus of 2018 in the new body, the manufacturer has provided power gasoline engines with the following technical characteristics:

  1. 4-cylinder inline, volume of 2.50 l, with a capacity of 184.0 liters. from. (Fuel consumption - 7.90 liters in the combined cycle, the maximum speed of 209.0 km / h).
  2. 6-cylinder V-shaped, volume of 3.50 l, with a capacity of 249.0 liters. from. (Fuel consumption - 9.50 l in the combined cycle, the maximum speed is 211.0 km / h).

With both units, only a 6-speed front-wheel drive automatic transmission will be applied.

The status of a representative sedan indicates the highest equipment equipment. Among systems and equipment, which are planned to equip a new Lexus ES should be especially noted:

  • Controllers of light, rain, headlights, parking, wheels pressure;
  • air ionizer for the cabin;
  • Rear view chamber with marking;
  • navigation complex;
  • intellectual access to the car;
  • three-zone climate control;
  • hatch with electrical control;
  • Seat settings memory;
  • Complete landing complex (landing) of the driver;
  • electric trunk;
  • adjustment of the size of the driver's seat cushion;
  • 10 airbags;
  • Cruise control.

Also provided complexes:

  • tracking blind zones
  • Parking help and start in the rise,
  • Rear lights with emergency stop function.

Full information on available equipment for equipping a new ES generation will be represented by the manufacturer before starting acceptance of applications for the car.


The beginning of the production of a representative car LEXUS has planned for the summer of next year. Traditionally, the first cars will go for sale to the North American dealers.

In Russia, the start of sales of the new Lexus 2018 is scheduled for the next autumn, while the price of the model in the domestic market will be announced only a few months before accepting applications.

See also video about a new car:

Lexus ES 2019 version

The ES car is a business class sedan who has been manufactured by Lexus since 1989. The ES designation comes from the "Executive Sedan" formulation, which is translated into Russian as a representative sedan. This sixth generation of cars is produced since 2012 and therefore the appearance of modification of the ES 2018-2019 model planned by Lexus, which is a premium division of the Toyota concern. Given this fact, the business sedan is based on a single platform with the Toyota Avalon model.

Like all representative automobiles Lexus ES are characterized by the following properties:

  • luxury and comfort;
  • individual design;
  • dynamic characteristics;
  • high safety;
  • Power.

At the very beginning of its production, Lexus ES was intended only for the American market, but a great interest in the car allowed him to be successfully sold in other markets. In Russia, the representative sedan appeared at the end of 2010.


The changes presented in the photo of a number of publications that Lexus performed in the appearance of the EU in the new body of the Sample 2019, primarily aimed at creating an updated branded design for all its cars. Therefore, the greatest changes were carried out in front of the business sedan. As a result of the overgrown, the following significant differences between the updated version of ES from the previous modification can be noted:

  • The modified shape and drawing of the front grid, which now received a mesh version;
  • A new device of the front LED optics, which received together with the line of day lights Z-shaped solution;
  • step front bumper with sharp translations and additional side air intakes;
  • The roof line has received a more showful execution;
  • dimensions of side windows decreased;
  • Changed, obtained additional aerodynamic properties of outer mirrors;
  • the presence of a dynamic lower side emitting;
  • narrow combined rear lights;
  • Relief trunk lid.

Changes were added to the traditional solid and stylish image of a representative car of the dynamics and if so many aggressiveness can be expressed.

Salon update

Improvements performed in the interior of Lexus ES 2019 in the new body are not global.

The interior of the car has a luxury, magnificent ergonomics and among its main advantages, it is necessary to allocate:

  • Finishing materials of the highest quality, embossed leather, carbon, polished wood, polished metal;
  • the special form of the backrest of the front chairs, which increase the volume and, accordingly, comfort for the rear passengers;
  • corrugated door trimming in the form of a three-dimensional pattern;
  • a special three-tiered multifunctional design of the central console;
  • leather steering wheel with a large number of control switches;
  • Wide tunnel with a high armrest between the front passenger and the driver;
  • Highly referred back chairs with a function of individual climate equipment management.

To form additional comfortable conditions in the cabin, the following equipment and functions are intended:

  • numerous seats settings, as well as preheating, ventilation, massage;
  • Individual air conditioning system;
  • complex for air ionization;
  • audio system with surround sound, 15 speakers and power amplifier.

The car is equipped with a number of decisions to reduce noise, including special glasses.


To equip Lexus 2019, three types of gasoline power units are provided:

A Type. Volume / Power Consumption In a Combined Cycle
INLINE 4-CYLINDER 2.0 L / 150 LITERS. from. 6.9 L / 100 km
INLINE 4-CYLINDER 2.5 L / 185 LITERS. FROM. 7.9 L / 100 km
In-shaped 6 cylinders 3.5 L / 249 LITERS. FROM. 9.5 L / 100 km

Transmission with front-wheel drive with all variants of motors is equipped with an eight-dipbandon automatic transmission.

Like all representative cars, the updated Lexus will have a very rich equipment, the full catalog of which the company will report before the start of production, and at the moment it is known about the following basic equipment:

  • Fully LED optics with automatic adjustment;
  • Sensors of light, parking, rain, pressure control;
  • 17-inch discs;
  • Rear view camera with markup;
  • Starting engine with buttons;
  • autoclaving of outer mirrors, with electrically regulating and heated;
  • memory of the parameters of the chairs;
  • Cruise control;
  • separate climate control;
  • The lid of the trunk with an electric drive;
  • Complete landing complex for the driver;
  • 10 airbags;
  • signaling;
  • monitoring of the traffic strip;
  • controller of a possible collision;
  • Complex tracking traffic signs;
  • Control over the driver's condition.

Start of sales

The official presentation of the new model is scheduled for autumn 2018. The planned production start - the first half of 2019. The initial Lexus ES of the Sample 2019 is traditionally for sale in the North American market, and in the opinion of specialists, the price will approximately begin from $ 39,500.

The appearance of a modified version of the business sedan in Russia should be expected at the end of 2019.


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