Toyota Corolla Sedan 2018-2019

Toyota Corolla Sedan 2018-2019

The Russian market has favorably accepted this model, every new generation causes a surge in sales level, and in the secondary market, the cost is not much declining with the age of cars.

Rethinkable appearance

After the classical profile of the 80s - 90s, starting with the 9th generation, Toyota Corolla changed the traditional proportions. The sedan looked a knocked downstroke, the outline of the salon dominated the hood and trunk. Having worked on the 12th generation, artists managed to return the squat swiftness of the model of the 90s. The proportions did not actually change: with attentive consideration it is obvious that similar body panels are used. However, several additional lines of side afterwards, as well as new bumpers, visually pulled the body. Alloy disks of a new design of 15 or 16 inches.

The facade was completely transformed - the radiator grille is actually no, the zev of the air intake on the bumper dominates. The form of the front part is built on spent strokes from previous generations Lexus. It was enough to remove vertical faces at the corners of the bumper, and do not know the car.

The narrow strip of the falseradiator gently goes into rapidly diagonal headlights of the headlight. Traditionally, the elements of the lattice find a continuation in the optics housing. Only in the new generation it looks not so intrusive. Lower strips of daytime running lights along with small headlight lenses give the "look" seriousness, if not aggressiveness. Middle and far light using LED technologies.

The emblem of the brand does not fit into the width of the radiator lattice, and forms a traditional step-down in the bumper. Only in contrast to the playful "nose" model 2000, this element looks neat and strictly.

The feed has changed little, just the lanterns became somewhat already and added sharp faces (again, hello from Lexus). Of course, LEDs are used with verified brightness balance.

Despite the fact that Corolla refers to a compact class of passenger cars, it has always highlighted by its design. Here, on the basis of the photos from the road tests of the new Corolla 2019, it is possible to note an interesting appearance of a novelty, which differs from the existing model by the following solutions:

  • trapezoidal lower air intake;
  • composite complex form of head optics in double-liter in LED design;
  • a more powerful stepped front bumper with sharp transition angles;
  • mounted in special niches fog light headlights of a new rectangular design;
  • hood with reduced relief lines;
  • a modified line of sending to the front of the car;
  • aerodynamic shape of lateral mirrors;
  • the presence of molding on the doors;
  • enlarged rear LED lamps;
  • using the bottom dark insert in the step of the rear bumper;
  • Modified trunk cover design with smooth transitions.

The external image of the updated version of Corolla has individuality, dynamism and strive to follow the high premium class.

According to Toyota's preliminary information, despite the change of the base for the model, now it will be manufactured on the basis of the TNGA platform, the size of the new Corolla of the Sample 2019 at the initial stage of the issue will not change and make up:

  • Length - 4.62 m;
  • width - 1.78 m;
  • Height - 1.47 m;
  • Wheel base - 2.70 m;
  • Clearance - 15.0 cm.


The interior of the new car manufacturer traditionally emerged with high-quality materials, where fabric and plastic predominate in calm colors with high precision fitting of all internal elements. Given the price segment of the model, finishing with premium materials is intended only for the most expensive versions.

Among important changes are to allocate:

  • new design of a multifunctional steering wheel;
  • modified design of the front console with an increased monitor of the multifunctional complex;
  • information and entertainment complex that allows you to output all the necessary information to manage the car and technical parameters on the monitor;
  • The improved form of the front armchairs, enhancing comfort for the driver and passenger, as well as the adding space for passengers of the second row;
  • new noise-absorbing floor covering;
  • LED backlight in several variants;
  • windshield with reduced noise properties;
  • Updated climatic system.

It is necessary to note the appearance of additional departments and niches inside the cabin to accommodate various things that considering not a very large volume of the trunk (450 l) is extremely successful.


Complete Toyota Corolla 2019 will be power units, whose technical characteristics are presented in the table.

Petrol 1,20 / 115. 6.4.
1.30 / 99. 7,2
1.60 / 122. 8.3.
1.80 / 140. 8,7
2.00 / 156. 8,2
Diesel 1.40 / 90. 5,1

To equip a front-wheel drive transmission, a six-speed manual box or a stepless variator is intended.

Currently, a complete list of equipment and systems for the recruitment of a new model, Toyota has not yet imagined, and on the basis of existing information, the following devices can be noted:

  • Electrically heating and electrically regulating front seats;
  • external electrically regulated mirrors;
  • LED head optics with automatic shutdown;
  • running lights, fog lights and rear lights with LED elements;
  • invincible access;
  • launching a motor with a button;
  • multifunctional complex;
  • Rear view chamber with marking;
  • parking controllers;
  • 6 airbags;
  • help when driving down the slope;
  • emergency braking system;
  • ABS;
  • mechanism of courseworthy;
  • EBD.

Detailed register of equipment and systems, as well as the versions of the acquisition of the updated Corolla Toyota will provide before the start of the serial issue of small trains

Interestingly, fuel consumption with a stepless gearbox is lower than that of mechanics. Moreover, the most powerful motor 1.8l with a variator, consumes less gasoline than 1.6 liters with MCPP.

Modernized suspension and steering. The car has become assembled on a winding road, without compromising comfort. For the Russian market, clearance increased slightly, and more durable springs are installed.

Given the budget of the model, the options from senior models are not available in full. But parking sensors, rain and light sensors, invincible access and rear-view mirrors with electric chrome glass are available in the top configuration.

On sale now

Toyota's Russian salons are already selling 12 generation of the model. Prices from 948 thousand rubles. More "delicious" configuration begins from 1150000 rubles. Against the background of competitors with a similar equipment, a popular sedan looks advantageous: the flawless reputation of the model affects.

Look also video with a new car:


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