Toyota Corolla 2019

Toyota Corolla 2019

Corolla's compact car is produced by Toyota since 1966. During this time, the car has become the most sold in the world. Currently, the eleventh generation of the model is sold, the release of which began in 2013, and restyling was conducted in 2015. Further development of the popular car will be the release of Toyota Corolla Sample 2019. We offer to find out what will be the restyling versions of the Corolla in the bodies of the sedan and hatchback.


The new Toyota Corolla car was introduced at the end of March 2018 within the framework of the 118 International Auto Show in New York. Stylish 5-Tider Hatchback 2019 received an aggressive design in the style of Toyota Auris and a number of technical improvements designed to make a sports model more dynamic, managed and safe.

Exterior model

In comparison with the car of last generation, the new Corolla 2019 model year wins in all positions and first of all, due to a spectacular design with aggressive notes and sports dynamism.

Updated Toyota Corolla, expected in car dealers even before the beginning of 2019, will be collected on a new platform. The model will form a proven TNGA, also used in the design of the popular Toyota Prius model and providing ample opportunities in the vehicle modification plan.

The main features of the exterior of the novelties are:

  • The streamlined body shape, providing auto excellent aerodynamics;
  • large radiator grille, on the sides of which are compact fog lights;
  • The fundamentally modified geometry of the head optics, which will also become LED in 2019;
  • Front Design with a narrow headlight strip, a line that visually continues and converges to the Toyota emblem;
  • New drawing of exclusive wheels;
  • fastenings for mounting transverse reins;
  • Spectacular two-color decoration and complex design of the rear bumper with narrow air ducts and two trapezoidal tips of the exhaust system;
  • New style 5 doors with a glass spoiler and an unusual design of the back lamp.

The transition to a new platform also reflected on the size of the car. The new Hatchback Corolla 2019 received such dimensions:

Length. 4 370 mm (+40 mm)
Width. 1 790 mm (+30 mm)
Height 1 438 mm (-22 mm)
Wheelbase. 2 640 mm (+40 mm)

Interior of the novelty

In the Salon of the new generation of Toyota Corolla, everything emphasizes the premiumness of the car and his sporty character, and Equipment of the model fully complies with the list of innovative options 2019 and can satisfy even the most demanding motorists, making a worthy competition to many European brands.

For the "charged" configuration, an upholstery of genuine leather is provided, resistant to damage matte plastic and luxurious chromed inserts. But even the basic equipment can please the owner with extremely high quality and practicality of materials.

Salon model has changed. The main components of the interior elements are:

  • Multistage central console, divergent lines on which emphasize the rapidness and sporty nature of the model;
  • Large instrument panel, which in the new hatchback remained analog;
  • New steering design, which preserved the functionality and in the configuration with the Variator sports submissive petals;
  • touchscreen display, a diagonal of 8 inches;
  • Multifunctional multimedia system capable of handing out in the Wi-Fi salon and work with any modern gadgets via the Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa interface;
  • 8-hundred component acoustic system with a capacity of 800 W;
  • Ergonomic chairs that provide comfort with a long journey not only to the driver, but and passengers of the second row.


Representing a new model in New York, the management of the company considered it necessary not to disclose all the technical features of the novelty. So, it is known that the hatchback received a new power unit - this is an atmospheric 4-cylinder gasoline engine, a capacity of 2.0 liters and a capacity in the region of 150 hp. (accurate power parameters and torque manufacturer did not voiced).

For the new Toyota Corolla in 2019 will be offered a mechanical 6-tiberate box and Dynamic-SHIFT CVT variator. Version with a variator and will be equipped with sports submissive petals.

Also updated hatchback will receive a complete safety kit:

  • 7 airbeys;
  • adaptive cruise control;
  • Pedestrian detection system and collision prevention;
  • Intelligent Auto Correction System of Head Optics;
  • circular review 360º;
  • Auto parker.

A more complete list of systems available in the basic configuration or as additional options, the manufacturer promises to disclose closer to the date of the start of official sales.

release date

According to the latest news, the world premiere of the Japanese sedan will take place in the end of spring, respectively, the date of the output of Toyota Corolla 2019 in Russia can be expected in the fall. Last year, the model demonstrated a sales growth by 44.6%, which in absolute numbers corresponds to 4,709 implemented instances. The new model of Toyota Corolla 2019, when will be released in Russia, should strengthen success in the Russian market. As before, the sedan will be well adapted to operation in conditions of bad roads and harsh climate, will have a worthy road lumen of 150 mm, a battery of high performance, a tank of the washer invested capacity and the ERA-GLONASS emergency response system. According to the official website, the supply of a relative 5-door hatchback Auris is not planned to our country. Official configurations and prices will be known at the time of the release date of Toyota Corolla 2019 with a new body in Russia.

See the first video review of the new Toyota Corolla hatchback:

Toyota Corolla 2019 configuration and prices

Standard Classic. Style. Comfort. Style +. Prestige
Minimum price, rubles 999,000 1 120 000 1 190,000 1 240,000 1 290 000 1 380,000
Tire pressure sensor 22000 rub. 22000 rub. 22000 rub. 22000 rub. 22000 rub. 22000 rub.
Rain sensor not not not not not +.
Light sensor not not not not not +.
Du Central Castle +. +. +. +. +. +.
Rear electric windows not not +. +. +. +.
Starting the engine with button not not not not not +.
Rear View Camera not not not not +. +.
Climate control not not not not +. +.
Number of airbags 2. four four 6. 6. 6.
Air conditioning +. +. +. +. not not
Xenon / Bixenon Headlights not not not not +. +.
Alloy wheels 45000 rub. 45000 rub. +. +. +. +.
Heated mirrors +. +. +. +. +. +.
Front electric windows +. +. +. +. +. +.
Heated steering wheel not not +. +. +. +.
Heated seats +. +. +. +. +. +.
Fog lights not not +. +. +. +.
Steering column adjustment +. +. +. +. +. +.
Driver seat adjustment height +. +. +. +. +. +.
Help Help System not not not +. +. +.
Stabilization system (VSC) +. +. +. +. +. +.
Folding back seat (60/40) +. +. +. +. +. +.
Telephone Hands Free / Bluetooth not not +. +. +. +.
Color "Metallic" 17000 rub. 17000 rub. 17000 rub. 17000 rub. 17000 rub. 17000 rub.
Full audio system with mp3 35000 rub. 35000 rub. +. +. +. +.
Stable navigation system 67500 rub. 67500 rub. 67500 rub. 67500 rub. 67500 rub. 67500 rub.
Staten parking sensors 11500 rub. 11500 rub. 11500 rub. 11500 rub. 11500 rub. +.
Electric controlled mirrors +. +. +. +. +. +.

- Approximate data


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