KIA CARNIVAL 2018-2019

KIA CARNIVAL 2018-2019

After the Geneva premiere of the new Kia Ceed Sportswagon, it was a turn to seem peace and an updated minivan Kia Carnival 2018-2019. The restyling model was visited outside, acquired a rich configuration of "Limousine" and received a new automatic checkpoint, while maintaining the previous set of motors.

Historic Path

For the first time, the name Kia Carnival appeared in the automotive vocabulary in the late 90s of the last century, or rather in 1999, when sales of the first generation of minivan began. Initially, the novelty conquered the market only South Korea, but then moved to the USA, where he received the name Kia Sedona. The current third generation debuted in the framework of the New York car dealership of 2014 and only now undergoing planned resting. Today Kia Carnival is sold in Korea, North America, Great Britain and in the Middle East. In Russia, the model is not presented due to low demand for minivans in general, so waiting for the appearance of our updated version.

Exterior of restyled Kia Carnival

Although the cardinal changes in the geometry of the body did not occur, the updated Kia Carnival of the 2019 model will be able to boast some stylish solutions.

The exterior of a large, spacious and incredibly comfortable minivan form:

  • large chrome-plated grille with rectangular cells;
  • New head optics, which has become narrower and obtained striped stylish LED running lights;
  • Front bumper with a large central air intake and two modules of LED fog, made in the style of "ice cubes" design of which emphasize chrome-plated L-shaped lining;
  • stepped line of lateral glazing and diminished in the size of the 3rd row window;
  • Stylish design door of the luggage compartment with a rigged glass of a neat spoiler and an elegant chrome strip;
  • Massive bumper with a protective overlay for the most comfortable and safe load;
  • R17, R18 or R19 wheels.

In general, the new minivan turned out to be stylish and elegant. Its design reads dynamism and dedication, and light aggressive notes that give the elements of the front part of the car, give the exterior special charismatic.

Future owners of restyled models can count on the presence of such advantages as:

  • Spectacular two-color interior design;
  • high-quality and practical materials;
  • A convenient dashboard consisting of two wells with a classic speedometer and a tachometer, as well as signal icons and a digital display that displays information from the onboard computer;
  • Multifunctional steering wheel 3-Hispiece design;
  • Ergonomic central console, on which the touchscreen display is located, stylish climate system deflectors and multimedia control unit;
  • Excellent multicomponent acoustics (JBL on 13 speakers or Krell on 8 points depending on the configuration);
  • adjustable passenger seats with adjustable footrest;
  • two large hatches;
  • 3-tan climate control;
  • Two compartments for storing various trifles.

Interior of the novelty

Working out the interior of minivan Engineers and designers sought to ensure maximum comfort to the driver and passengers, because this type of car is initially intended for travel.

In 2019, the market is planning to release several modifications of the new Kia Carnival:

  • 7-thiesh 3-chicken interior option will receive a 2: 2: 3 planting formula;
  • 9-thiesh 4-chicken - 2: 2: 2: 3;
  • 11-thieme 4-churning - 2: 3: 3: 3.

It is worth noting that even in the maximum 11-thiesh configuration of Minivan Kia Carnival (Sedona) will be able to provide optimal comfort for all passengers, which must be paid to this car in 2019 the attention of those who have a big family or love to travel a large company.

Specifications KIA CARNIVAL 2018-2019

Model 2019 will retain the previous dimensions:

Length. 5 115 mm
Height 1 755 mm
Width. 1 985 mm
Wheelbase. Z 060 mm

The engine line of the model did not receive changes. As before, Carnival will be equipped with such power units:

Engine's Type VOLUME. Power
Gasoline GDI 3.3 LITERS. 280 HP.
Turbodiesel E-VGT 2.2 liters. 202 HP.

Aggregate both engines will be a new 8-mydia band automatic transmission.

Staying roomy and comfortable, the updated carnival will receive a complete set of the most modern options:

  • blind zone monitoring system;
  • Motion Strip Retention System;
  • collision prevention system;
  • Automatic adjustment and switching light headlights;
  • Full electrically accommodation, including trunk electric drive.

If the appearance and salon Koreans were modified, the motor gamma of the carnival remained the same. In the asset of minivan two engines: one gasoline and one diesel. GDI gasoline motor has a V-shaped 6-cylinder layout with a working volume of 3.3 liters, allowing to develop up to 280 hp. Power rates at 336 nm of torque. Diesel E-VGT A little simpler: 4 cylinders with a total volume of 2.2 liters, turbocharging, 202 hp Power and up to 441 nm of torque.

Instead of the old 6-range automatic transmission, both motor after restyling received a new 8-speed "automatic". With its appearance, fuel consumption in the mixed cycle has decreased to 8.8 and 12.2 liters for diesel and gasoline versions, respectively. Other options for gearboxes and new engines so far that Koreans did not offer.

Minivan Kia Carnival is built on a high-tech front-wheel drive platform with fully independent pendants in front and rear. The instrument equipment of the model is saturated with modern technologies, offering the driver a wide range of electronic helpers: electromechanical parking brake, radar cruise control, circular chambers of a circular review, traffic control system, frontal collision prevention system, intelligent monitoring of "blind" zones and automatic light-light control system.

Price and Start Sales

In 2018, a novelty should appear in South Korean car dealers. Start of sales in Europe is scheduled at the beginning of 2019. The estimated price of the updated Kia Carnival (Sedona) in 2019 may be in the range of $ 27,000 for the basic complete set of up to 38,000 per model with a powerful gasoline engine, 7-miroby salon and a complete set of options.

We also suggest evaluating the new Carnival of 2019 on the video:


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