New Subaru 2018-2019

New Subaru 2018-2019

Subaru is the legendary Japanese brand of dynamic, safe and reliable cars of the highest quality assembly. The reliability and safety of Subaru models confirm the most authoritative world ratings.

The company has developed its own symmetrical system of a full drive, which provides stable thrust on any road surfaces and in various conditions.

The famous SUBARU Boxer horizontal opposite engines are characterized by a smaller height than, for example, in line or V-shaped motors, which reduces the center of gravity of the machine and improves its handling.

Subaru is cars that can be trusted. Every year, the automaker pleases its customers with new products, which are consistently popular in the global automotive market. In the 2019 model year, the Japanese brand will release several interesting new products, including Subaru WRX, Subaru BRZ and Subaru XV.


One of the popular models of the company is the All-wheel drive crossover Forester, which has been manufactured since 1997. In 2019, the Japanese manufacturer will submit another fifth generation of cars.

The updated Forester will be different from your predecessor in the following features in an external image:

  • wide headlights with integrated lines of running lights;
  • Compact radiator grille;
  • enlarged front protection panel;
  • two-stage side air intakes;
  • increased wheel arches with protective inserts;
  • a massive top spoiler with a built-in stop signal;
  • Small rear bumper;
  • S-shaped rear lamps;
  • Corner lines of punching luggage doors.

Forester salon will be more spacious and comfortable. In the interior it is interesting to look;

  • multifunctional steering wheel;
  • digital instrument panel;
  • Comfortable seats;
  • Qualitative materials in the finish.

For the equipment of the crossover, gasoline motors are provided with a capacity of 150 and 170 liters. p., Turbodiesel in 140 forces. Sales of new products start in the North American market in the winter of this year. To domestic buyers, the modified Forester will fall into I-kV. 2019 with an elementary price of 1.75 million rubles.


Among the innovations of Subaru 2018-2019 there is an 8-seater crossover under the name ascent. The car is originally designed for the North American market and is designed to compete with the following models:

  • Mazda CX-9;
  • Volkswagen Atlas;
  • Ford Explorer;
  • Toyota Hignlander.

The appearance of the model corresponds to the classic image of a massive SUV and formed using the following solutions:

  • long hood;
  • straight line of the roof;
  • big front bumper with lower air intake;
  • hinged protective parts;
  • large wheeled arches;
  • plastic body kit.

When finishing the cabin, high-quality materials and special noise absorbing inserts were used. For the convenience of passengers, the seats of the rear rows can not only move along the floor of the cabin, but also have the possibility of tilt the backs of the chairs. In order to form high parameters for ergonomics and safety, a significant number of modern systems was applied.

To equip the all-wheel drive crossover, a power motor is 265 liters. from. Sales of the car will begin in America at the end of the year at a price of 35.0 thousand dollars. To domestic dealers of Subaru, ASCENT will be received in mid-2019.


The existing fourth generation of the WRX passenger sports car company Subaru has been producing since 2014. Previously, the manufacturer announced a futuristic concept of a model that did not go into mass production.

The new generation of SUBARU WRX serial sports car will go on sale in 2019, but the car will differ significantly from the prototype.

That this will be a new model generation, indicate the changed WRX dimensions. Now they make up:

  • Length - 4.63 m (+ 5 mm);
  • width - 1.95 m (+ 175 mm);
  • Height - 1.43 m (-25 mm).

The changed sizes in conjunction with the updated body design will form high dynamic qualities for the all-wheel drive sports car.

Changes in the interior of cars are associated with the use of high-quality finishing materials:

  • aluminum;
  • skin;
  • fabrics;
  • Carbon.

Also, the car will equip the large number of modern options for the formation of comfort and safety. For example, a multimedia complex can be managed not only by pressing the touch screen, but also with gestures.

Motors in 269 and 335 forces are intended for engines. The indicated power units in the transmission will be with a 6-speed manual transmission or automatic variator. Subaru WRX will receive two equipment, while the price of the smallest will amount to 2.4 million rubles. On sale the car will appear in the middle of 2019.


Subaru BRZ is a lightweight high-breasted car, which quickly finds a common language with the driver. According to preliminary data, the circulation of this model 2019 will be limited to 500 cars that are more unique than the usual factory versions of Subaru.

Thus, the entire body of an exclusive Japanese coupe will be painted in blue color HyperBlue, and side mirrors, seventeen-seed wheels, window frames and all stickers are painted black. If we talk about the design as a whole, he remained unchanged and reminds the identical model of the Toyota GT86, with which the coupe debuted in 2011 at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Alcantara's cabin cabin, also has a blue HyperBlue line with seats logos. This unique finish does not end. The driver is located on a high chair, a three-spoke steering wheel is not equipped with a single button, and the entire dashboard has a red backlight.

The vertical central console from the carbon fiber mounted a touch screen of the Improved Starlink multimedia system. Below is a digital climate control control unit and a huge engine start button.

On the transmission tunnel, you can find the lever of the gearbox shift box and the rare parking brake, which is now under threat of disappearance. There is also a pair of rear seats that can be folded to increase the luggage space.

Under the hood of the unique Subaru BRZ, there is a 2.0-liter power unit Boxer4 with a turbocharged capacity of 204 horsepower and 205 Nm of torque, available at a speed of 6,400 revolutions per minute.

The engine works in a tandem with a six-speed manual gearbox. If you pay 10,000 US dollars, it can be changed on a six-speed automatic box. Thanks to the rear drive, 569 kilographed BRZ accelerates to 100 km / h in 7.6 seconds.

Fuel consumption in the city cycle is 10.7 liters per hundred kilometers traveled path. The car has an excellent clutch with a road surface and weight distribution during the entry in turns.

Subaru XV.

The SUBARU XV 2019 model year crossover will not change in comparison with the current generation, although the car is positioned as a new crossover in the industry, overcrowded to modern and attractive models.

Unlike other manufacturers, Subaru has not yet become a lot to change in the design area, providing several variants of power units and equipment.

The upcoming XV will receive a new chassis and suspension, which will allow you to raise the car over the road and will offer a new stage of the development of power and attractiveness. On the other hand, it contributes to the search for fresh efficient ways to improve the modern sports vehicle with recognized characteristics.

There are some details that show that the Subaru XV 2019 was created, perhaps more for off-road targets than to drive around the city. The new crossover, in addition to the increased road lumen and the renewed plastic front and reverse protection, has much more integrated fog lights.

There are also additional LED lights with a plastic frame around. The sharp nose ends with curved lines on the hood and expressive finish with aluminum protection at the bottom of the bumper. Rough rails are installed on the roof. A unique feature is the angular lamps, so the dimensions of the car are clearly visible in the dark.

In general, the appearance of the crossover, ranging from the front end to the stern, demonstrates strength and at the same time rapidness.

If externally, the new Subaru XV looks off-road and sports, then inside it is equipped as many luxury sedans. And this is not just the first impression. A large dashboard, created from expensive materials and chrome parts, is perfectly combined with high-quality leather on well-designed chairs.

In the middle of the dashboard there is a large 8.0-inch touch screen of a modern information and entertainment system. There is a 4.5-inch display with the buttons and the necessary switches around the perimeter, which is displayed as important information as speed, fuel consumption, etc..

There are some changes in the location of the ventilation holes and design buttons design. The second row has become spacious. Now even high passengers can travel comfortably.

There is no accurate information about the embodiments of engines prepared for the new Subaru XV, but the manufacturer confirmed that you can expect a 2.0-liter gasoline power unit with direct injection for the basic configuration. Thanks to the easiest and better harmonization of elements, it is 80% faster than now.

The preliminary declared power of this engine is 152 horsepower. The motor will be connected to a six-speed manual gearbox.

The initial cost of the SUBARU XV 2019 model year will be expected to be about $ 21,650, but it is just a basic model without any additions, which include many new systems and functions. Therefore, future buyers need to count on the average price of about 25,000 US dollars.


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