Kia K900 2019

Kia K900 2019

If you are looking for a full-sized sedan, then 2019 KIA K900 will be the right solution for you. This flagship sedan comes as a second generation with changes that will improve it.

First of all, the declaration of the automaker Kia goes towards making the body longer, but at the same time smoother than the previous one. According to the report of engineers, the basis was taken from the model of the last Kia Stinger.

We are talking about a rear-wheel drive platform, but with the ability to use a four-wheel drive. Some spy photos are made during testing hide their appearance from prying eyes.

The design changes are obvious, and we will tell about what they were able to see. Finally, Kia keeps current engines, while one of these two options receives additional updates.

You cannot imagine how you will feel in the new interior of 2019 KIA K900. We think you feel the king. The South Korean manufacturer puts comfort to a higher level.

History of the model

I am generation

The first K9 (Quoris), which is based on the Hyundai Equus platform, appeared in the South Korean market in 2012, and in 2014 he was already successfully debuted in the United States. Stylish, reliable and, which is not unavailable, affordable, they quickly found their buyer, taking a place in the niche of the car business and premium class.

Of the advantages inherent in the first generation cars, the owners note:

  1. Powerful power unit V8 (3.8l / 311 hp or 5.0l / 420 hp);
  2. Excellent dynamics and thread;
  3. rear drive;
  4. luxurious interior design;
  5. Full set of most innovative options.

In Russian car dealers today, CIA cars collected in the Kaliningrad "Avtotor" are presented.

II generation

The new KIA K900, the exterior of which can be estimated in the photo, was presented in March of this year as part of the New York International Auto Show and should appear in car dealerships before 2019.

Kia K900 in a new body is an elegant classic luxury with a wide range of options for the comfort and safety of the driver and passengers. The restyling model received a number of serious improvements, including:

  1. new body dimensions;
  2. stylish exterior;
  3. interior of the premium class;
  4. Rear or complete drive (optional);
  5. Outstanding technical characteristics.

But let's go about everything in order.

2019 Kia K900 Interior

What can we tell you new about the unique interior? Currently, the interior information is not fully available. Maybe this is a few other intention of the manufacturer?

Large surprises come mainly at the last moment. Therefore, we must say that Kia K900 is very comfortable with luxury. Device management, systems and other technologies are very simple.

If you look at the accomplishment of the predecessor, then the new Kia must add a lot, and the equipment in the standard version it was:

  1. Front and rear seats of their skin appropriate.
  2. 12.3 inch on-board computer with digital devices.
  3. 9 3 inch touchscreen display.
  4. Navigation.
  5. 17 speakers.
  6. Climate control.
  7. Four chambers with a review 360 *.
  8. Projection head-up display.
  9. Rear View Camera.
  10. Heated seats.
  11. Seat ventilation.


The luxurious South Korean sedan of the K900 model range of 2019 produced a real furyor in New York, because the car became even more and acquired all the features of the luxury.

The overall dimensions of the model make up:

Length. 5 120 mm
Width 1 915 mm
Height 1,491 mm
Wheelbase. s 104 mm


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