Mitsubishi Outlander 2019

Mitsubishi Outlander 2019

For many years, Mitsubishi has been supplied to world markets cars, which are distinguished by a high level of reliability and good characteristics. The most popular crossover of the Japanese brand, as the reviews show, is Outlander. That is why it is often updated enough to not lose sale. This time restyling will seriously attain the appearance of the car. Mitsubishi Outlander 2019 will receive increased dimensions, new design, slightly modified interior and more interesting features.


As mentioned earlier, the new model received increased dimensions. Its length will be 4693 mm, width - 1811 mm, and height is 1689 mm. A traffic clearance will grow on a centimeter - now it equals 215 mm.

As for the appearance, the car failed under the new style of the company. The photo immediately striking enough short face, at the very top of which is the embossed hood cover. There is an angle of inclination to the road, but it is almost impaired. The bumper is made in the style of the letter "x". On the upper protrusions there is a small rectangular optics, inside of which, depending on the configuration, can be xenon or halogen lights. The headlights with two chrome stripes are connected. Below is the main air intake system, designed in the form of a trapezium, the perimeter of which is trimmed with chrome wide lines.

Also on the bumper there is still a pair of cuts at the very bottom. They have small round lights of fog lights. Ends in a thin layer of plastic-metal protection.

On the side of the new body has changed not as much as in front. The car here is decorated with large windows with a chromed perimeter, new mirrors with repeaters of rotary signals, several protruding lines and a protective layer on the body.

Behind you can also find a lot of interesting things. Approximately half of the entire free space was removed for a huge glass of the luggage compartment. It then smoothly goes into a bumper, which begins with massive triangular optics. The relief here is a little more than in other parts. The bumper ends with a powerful plastic insert with a metal base. Over the edges, it is placed by dimensional and rotary signals, and a small pipe of the exhaust system is hidden under the bottom.

Length. 4.695 mm
Width 1 811 mm
Height 1.680 mm
Wheelbase. 2 670 mm
Clearance 215 mm

Interior of the novelty

The changes affected not only the appearance of the crossover, and the interior design. The manufacturer assures that in the design of the design of the design, all the wishes were taken into account, which had 3 generation owners.

So, in 2018 and 2019, the new Mitsubishi Outlander will delight such improvements. as:

  • air ducts of the climate system for passengers of the second row;
  • Folding third row of seats, which will most likely be available in all modifications of the model;
  • Modern multimedia system supporting all modern interfaces;
  • touch monitor;
  • Powerful acoustics with high-quality bass and pure surround sound;
  • Ergonomic chairs designed to significantly improve the comfort of the driver and passengers;
  • Separate USB connectors for second-row passengers;
  • Slightly finalized Central Console Design

Otherwise, the interior of the car remained the same. Apparently, Mitsubishi decided not to invest too much forces and money in the Outlander 2019 restyled model, because her predecessor was sold very well.


The third generation of outlander had the most complete package of innovative options and, perhaps, nothing fundamentally new in the model functionality did not appear. The maximum level of security is achieved through a complete set of pillows and the most modern active systems:

  • prevention of collisions;
  • circular review;
  • cruise control;
  • help driver.

But what really is worth attention is the technical characteristics of the updated outlander with a hybrid power unit!

A hybrid was also represented in the third generation model range, but the 2019 car will be able to surpass it for a number of sufficiently important parameters. In the process of updating, the crossover received such improvements:

  • Accumulator by 13.8 kW / h, which is 15% more battery installed on the previous version;
  • increased by 10% power of the electric motor;
  • The supply of autonomous stroke should also become more than that of the previous version (40 km);
  • The power unit will become more economical;
  • Add control modes "Sport" and "SNOW".

Under the hood of the all-wheel drive Mitsubishi Outlander will be located 2,4-liter gasoline engine ATKINSON, the detailed parameters of which the manufacturer still holds in the secret.

Configuration and prices

You can buy Mitsubishi Outlander 2019 at a price of 1.5 million. Here there will be many different options, thanks to which you can ride relaxed under any road conditions. Price Top - 2.1 million. It will appear climate control on the front zone, cruise control, multifunctional chairs, the best finish, cool multimedia, parking sensors and many other helpers.

Release date in Russia

The start of sales in Russia will begin closer to the summer of 2018. In Europe, the car is already riding on the roads of many countries.

See also a detailed review of Mitsubishi Outlander, presented in Geneva:


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