Mercedes GLB 2019

Mercedes GLB 2019

German autocontracean planned in 2019 to begin production of the compact crossover of the GLB series. On the possibility of issuing such a premium compact car in the class of improved passability, the company has declared repeatedly. But to make a decision on production, according to the latest news from Mercedes-Benz, influenced the rapid growth in demand for such cars and the availability of similar models from companies of competitors.

The new Luxury Crossover Mercedes is designed to compete with such models as:

  • BMW X1;
  • Audi Q2;
  • Acura CDX;
  • Volvo v40 xc;
  • Infiniti QX30.

The compact crossover in the manufacturer's lineup will be located in accordance with its designation between cars A and G-class. Currently, Mercedes GLB 2019 entered the road tests, which indicates the final stage of finishing and preparation of a car for mass production.

Exterior ninks

On the photos and video materials presented by a number of editions and video materials from the tests of the new Mercedes car, it should be noted the external image of a novelty, which is significantly different from the newly released, more junior crossover of the GLA series. In the design of W247, the features of the legendary G-class SUV are clearly traced, but the novelty is not a reduced copy.

Create an image of a classic SUV for a compact model designers due to the following solutions:

  • Relief hood with a slight inclination;
  • straight roof line;
  • installation of a massive radiator lattice;
  • the execution of the front and rear bumper in several tiers with sharp transition angles;
  • large front air intakes with fog lights mounted on sides;
  • wide head optics;
  • significant outer mirrors with integrated turning repeaters;
  • rectangular side windows;
  • square protruding wheeled arches with installed protective inserts;
  • deep and smooth lines of frontal climbing;
  • Vertical rear doors of the luggage compartment.

Additional features of the car of improved passability for Mercedes GLB 2019 form: Road clearance, lower body kit, protective lining, body geometry.

Thanks to the created external image, a new SUV immediately earned the nickname "Mini Gelendvagen", which can serve as an additional advertisement of the car.


According to the information provided by the Interior of Mercedes GLB versions of 2018-2019, it will remind the salon of the GLA model and have premium comfort, as well as high-quality ergonomics. To help create such parameters will help the following solutions:

  • Anatomical chairs with a large number of settings and lateral support;
  • adjustable multifunctional steering wheel;
  • 6-inch COMAND information and entertainment complex monitor;
  • dashboard with protective visor and deep wells round devices;
  • Step central console with cooled branch of glove box;
  • a spacious trunk with a smooth rear seat formed when folding;
  • availability of departments and niches for the placement of things;
  • Convenient location of control keys of numerous cross-drive systems.

In the finish used expensive materials: leather, velor, carbon, light polished metal inserts. In the form of an option, it is possible to design the interior in several colors.

The length of the five-seater Mercedes GLB will be 4.54 m, the volume of the luggage compartment is 500 liters. For the American and Chinese market it is planned to manufacture an extended to 4.80 m seven-mentioned version of the crossover.

Technical parameters and equipment

At the initial stage of production "Mercedes GLB" 2019, the release of a five-seater modification is scheduled, which will receive the following dimensions:

Length. 4 500 mm
Width 1 890 mm
Height 1 520 mm
Wheelbase. 2 700 mm
Clearance 200 mm

In accordance with the traditions of the German company, the new car will be equipped with a wide range of power units with the following basic characteristics:

Engine's Type VOLUME. Power
Petrol 1.35 L. 113.0 HP.
Petrol 1,60 L. 150.0 HP.
Petrol 2.00 L. 210.0 HP.
Diesel 2.00 L. 109.0 HP.
Diesel 2.00 L. 150.0 HP.
Diesel 2.00 L. 245.0 HP.

All specified engines will be aggregated with semi-band automatic transmission.

For the basic equipment of the crossover used front-wheel drive. All-wheel drive execution with the 4Matic traction forces assembly mechanism is provided as an option.

Among the numerous equipment for equipping W247 follow the note:

  • Benefable access;
  • running motor with buttons;
  • adaptive LED optics;
  • nine curtains and airbags;
  • electric drivers of the driver's heating chair and memory;
  • cruise control;
  • information and entertainment complex;
  • 20-inch wheels;
  • circular review;
  • pressure sensors, rain, light;
  • Assistant parking.

The options for the configuration of the crossover, as well as the complete list of equipment and systems, the Mercedes concern will be announced before the start of the serial release of the novelties.

Start of production and cost

The release of the new Mercedes GLB crossover is scheduled for the beginning of 2019, the car will initially be shipped for the German market, and the approximate price of the basic version will be 32.0 thousand euros. Subsequent sales, including the seven-bed modification cost from 48.5 thousand dollars, are outlined in the US market. The idea of ​​the new dealers in our country should be expected in the II-III square. 2019, while the initial cost may amount to 2.30 million rubles.

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