New Gas 2019

New Gas 2019

The domestic automotive industry GAZ Group includes more than 13 different enterprises, as well as numerous specialized service and distribution organizations. The main products of the group make up motor vehicles using stable demand in the domestic market. For 2019, the GAZ Group prepared a significant number of various automotive new products for production.

GAZ 5000 GL "Volga"

One of the most pleasant new models of the 2019 gas models can be a revived Volga. The planned car design will create a bright, rapid and individual appearance of the model. Salon due to its size will be comfortable and comfortable for five people.

To equip the car will become a gasoline engine in 290 forces in conjunction with the family of range automatic transmission. Among the rich equipment can be noted LED optics, a multimedia complex, a circular review, numerous security systems. On the exact date of the production of the machine and the cost of the company to provide information later.

Gazelle Next Citiline.

This year, the company will present an upgraded version of the minibus under the notation "Next Cityline", which is manufactured since 2015.

The updated option is intended for use as an urban route taxi. A minibus will receive an enlarged comfortable salon with a special platform for the location of children's wheelchairs and other baggage. Also for the convenience of landing and disembarking, a double door is applied.

Among the constructive features it is necessary to highlight the reinforced frame and disk rear brakes. The implementation of these changes occurred in connection with the increase in the mass of the minibus. The cost of the novelty will begin from 1.10 million rubles.

Electric minibus

For 2019, the production of the electric minibus is planned. The electric vehicle will use the chassis from the new modification of the NEXT Citiline gazelle, have a low-grade device and a pneumatic suspension.

As a power unit, an electromotor with a capacity of 98 kW was used on the model, which will reach speeds of 90 km / h. The reserve of the novelty is determined 120 km, and the period of complete charge will be about three hours from the household power grid. The options for the electromotive and cost will be announced by the manufacturer later.

Gazelle Next Euro-6

For 2019, the company planned to proceed to foreign sales of the model Gazelle NEXT with a motor according to the requirements of Euro-6. The novelty is equipped with a diesel unit with a capacity of 135 liters. from. From the Volkswagen concern in a pair with which the 6-speed MCPP of his own design was applied.

The car will be equipped with an anatomical seat for the driver, safety pillows, stabilization device (ESP), and the frame design used will allow you to mount a variety of specialized equipment.

Minibus "Sable"

In the current 2018, the Sabol minibus will celebrate its 20th anniversary. To this date, the manufacturer has prepared a restyled version of the model. All-wheel drive modification will be different as follows:

  • new form of bumpers;
  • the design of the head optics;
  • enhanced crankcase protection;
  • the possibility of blocking both differentials;
  • A large number of transformation options for the cabin.

The power units are provided by two diesel engines in 120 liters. from. and gasoline power in 107 forces. The price of the updated version of the minibus will begin from 675 thousand rubles.

Sable NEXT 4 × 4

The updated all-wheel drive minibus is designed on the chassis from the existing model, but with a completely new body made in the style of Nekst. The novelty will have a complete drive that, together with downward transmission and blocking of differentials, provides high permeability.

The initially changing 4x4 sable will be equipped with a Cummins turbodiesel and a five-speed manual transmission, automatic transmission will be available in the future. The cost of the minibus will be the range from 1.2 to 2.0 million rubles, depending on the configuration.

Lawn Next.

In 2019, the Nizhny Novgorod car facility will begin production of a NEXT lawn truck with a manipulator crane.

The truck is characterized by the corrected design of the triple cab, an adjustable onboard 6.2 m long platform. The hinged CMU will make up to 3 tons of cargo at the maximum arrows from 10.0 m. In the base version, the car will be equipped with a 150 liter diesel engine. from. and five-speed manual transmission.

Another special car on the basis of the new lawn nex will become a tanker. The main task of the novelties to serve the technique of agricultural enterprises, construction and road construction companies. The volume of the tank is 5.3 thousand m3, and the use of aluminum and a special design allows to reduce the mass of the entire tanker and increase its stability.

Taking into account the specifics of the car, some changes for the means of active and passive safety have been made, an increased optics is also delivered for power.

Sadko Next.

At the end of this year, an updated model of the All-wheel drive truck Sadko Next will be from the conveyor to the enterprise. The novelty received a reinforced suspension, high passability tires, frame platform, dispensing box. The comfortable cabin has a common design with the NEXT Gazelle and are characterized by high ergonomics, convenient landing of the driver, a significant number of niches for storing various things.

The base for the car will be the four-cylinder diesel engine NMZ-5344 with a capacity of 149 liters. from. Among the features of new items should be noted:

  • adjustable steering column;
  • mechanism of wheel swap;
  • Two acb;
  • Drum brakes.

The approximate value of the truck is indicated by the manufacturer of 2.0 million rubles.

"Ural" T25.420

In order to expand the model range, the GAZ Group plans to produce saddle tractors "Ural" in the near future.

Unlike other all-wheel drive trucks of the family, "Ural" under the index T25.420 has a wheel formula 6x4. The truck tractor is equipped with a diesel engine of the YAMZ-653, providing power in 425 liters. from. For the specified engine, two models of mechanical boxes with 16 and 9-steps are intended. Also, the tractor will receive two versions of the cabin: triple and elongated double with a sleeping place.

The novelty will be able to be operated in the composition of a truck with a total weight of up to 62 tons. At the present period, the car is certified and will be received by sales at the end of 2018.

"Ural" C25.330

The new dump truck is made on a common, with a T25.420 tractor, platform. A truck is equipped with a Diesel of the YAMZ-536 with a capacity of 335 (EURO 5 standard) together with the nine-speed MCPP ZF9S. The absence of anterior drive made it possible to increase the angles of rotation for the front wheels, which significantly improved the truck maneuverability. This property is an important quality of any dump truck and allows you to expand its scope. The established body of 14 cubic meters will provide transportation to 15 tons of different bulk cargo.

It is planned that the new truck will go on sale simultaneously with the saddle tractor.

Ways "Gas"

The exhibition presents all-purpose amphibian "Sable", an expedition car and the Pickup "Wear Next".

Marsh amphibian "Sable"

The most unusual new model from the GAZ Group 2018-2019 is the all-terrain vehicle "Sobol", a non-standard car is equipped with the Kamminz engine with a volume of 2.80 L (120 forces) and has a wheel formula 4x4. High off-road qualities are created at the expense of:

  • full connected drive;
  • lower transmission;
  • blocking both differentials;
  • arched tires equipped with pressure adjustment mechanism;
  • Road clearance of 53 cm.

Werethod-amphibian "Sable" - a car with unique off-road properties. The machine is capable of moving on off-road, snowy plain, swampy terrain, overcome reservoirs. The car has a plug-in full drive with lower transmission and locking of the front and rear intercole differentials.

The use of portal bridges made it possible to increase the car clearance to 53 cm. Managing a handouts - electronic. Pontoons in the front and lateral parts allow the machine to stay afloat even with full loading. The all-terrain vehicle is equipped with an electronic pressure adjustment system, a propeller with an electric heater, a pre-heater and an additional salon heater, a electric winch, water pumping system, low pressure tires with minimal load on the ground. The number of passenger seats - 10 (2 in the cabin, 8 in the cabin), if necessary, the rear part of the cabin can be converted to a cargo compartment.

"Wear NEXT"

The expedition car "Wear Next" was created on the platform of the off-road truck GAZ-33088 "Sadko", on which the all-metal body of the van "Gazelle Next" was installed. Two rows of seats are designed for 6 passengers and a driver. The volume of the free part of the body is 6 cubic meters. The free layout of the cabin allows you to install additional passenger seats and remove the second number of the chairs to increase the volume of cargo transported.

Pickup Wear Next

Pickup "Wear NEXT" also has 7 passenger seats. The car has a metal onboard platform with a rear folding board. The spacious and comfortable cabin with a wide doorway is equipped with an antenched driver's seat with anatomical support, five levels of adjustment and lumbar backup. Hardly connected front axle, self-locking differentials in the front and rear axles, lowering transmission, tire pressure control system, high ground clearance, large entry / departure angles, 18-inch wheel drives with accommodated rubber and powerful mechanical winch allow the car "Wear NEXT" overcome the most difficult obstacles.

Gazelle Avtolavka

At the heart of the new car chassis Gazelle NEXT and therefore the appearance is very similar to the basic model. One of the main visual differences are lifting board, which not only open the showcase in the parking lot and protect it when driving, but also turn into information board.

The salon can have several versions depending on the autolawer specialization. For the configuration, a variety of equipment is provided, among which you can allocate:

  • numerous racks;
  • hinged boxes;
  • diverse cabinets;
  • Washing with water;
  • refrigeration equipment.

The length of the car can be standard - 3.1 m or extended - 4.2 m., And the base power unit will become a diesel cummins with a capacity of 150 liters. from.

Bus Cruise 2.0.

Among the new buses there is a model for long-distance transportation called Cruise 2.0. The modification of 2019 received a fresh exterior, as well as a completely modified interior with passenger premium chairs. In addition, more productive climatic equipment has been installed to increase comfort, a modern multimedia system has been added.

The bus is still based on the SCANIA chassis. For the first time for domestic models on Cruise 2.0, a complex of assistance to the driver of the Adans driver was used and the Off-Board system was used for remote diagnostics by specialists of the most important systems, equipment and aggregates.

Vector-Next 8.8

The new urban Pazik differs from the predecessor increased to 8.8 meters long, the basic version of 7.6 m. This made it possible to increase the capacity of up to 65 people and mounted 23 seats.

As a power unit, a powerful row yamz-534 turbodiesel is installed. from. Automatic transmission initially will be equipped with an Allison six-band box. In future plans, companies to establish and begin the production of own automatic transmission.

Electrobe Liaz

Another novelty for the city from GAZ Group will be the Election of LIAZ-6274 with a capacity of 90 passengers.

The new low-voltage construction bus is widely aligned with a serial number of urban Liaz models. This will make it possible to create high efficiency during the operation and maintenance of the electrobe.

The features of the design include all-metal body with high anti-corrosion resistance and lithium-manganese acb with an increased resource (up to 5000 charging cycles). Such a battery will allow electroturbus per day of mileage 200 km at one long charge and several short passages. According to the manufacturer, the first car will be delivered at the end of this year in Moscow fleets.

Liaz "Cruise"

By the World Cup in our country, the GAZ concern has prepared an updated version of the luxury bus Liaz-5293 "Cruise". First of all, the 45-seater model has high comfort for passengers, which is achieved by the following key solutions:

  • climate control;
  • individual service block;
  • comfortable chairs with a tilt of the back and armrests;
  • video system;
  • Finishing with high-quality materials.

Depending on the modification, the "cruise" will be equipped with a diesel or gas engine of Siemens with a capacity of 295 and 235 liters. from. respectively. A paired with both motors is designed to install an eighty-band automatic transmission. The maximum speed of the bus is limited to 100 km / h.


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