Chevrolet Niva 2019

Chevrolet Niva 2019

The most popular SUVs of domestic production, which received the loud name of Chevrolet Niva, are very popular not only in Russia, and more than 100 countries of the world. Reliable off-road conquers attract attention with such advantages as:

  1. constant four-wheel drive and independent suspension;
  2. high passability;
  3. a wide range of specialized models;
  4. availability of components;
  5. Favorable price in comparison with the analogues of imported automakers.

Brand history

Prehistory. The first small-class SUV from the Volga Automobile Plant (VAZ-2121 "Niva") came off the conveyor in the distance 1977. The car quickly won not only the love of domestic motorists, but was one of the few models of the VAZ company supplied to export. Domestic SUVs highly appreciated even in Japan.

For more than 40 years of production of Niva cars, the car VAZ has repeatedly modernized the model, improving technical specifications, carrying out insignificant restyling and offering specialized "charged" versions.

The first generation of Chevrolet Niva appeared in 2002 as a result of the joint development of two major automotive companies and this car can be purchased in car dealerships until 2019. The release of the model was established at the GM-AvtoVAZ joint venture (Togliatti), and since 2017, the conveyor on the production of cars was launched in Kazakhstan.

After restyling, who received the name of the American brand as a well-known name as a prefix, Niva retained all the main advantages of the model, offering the owner at the same time:

  • higher level of comfort;
  • Powerful power unit under the hood;
  • Reliable 5-teasel MCPP;
  • economical for all-wheel drive vehicle fuel consumption (11 l per 100 km);
  • Package of the most modern options.

In the car dealers of the Russian Federation, the model is presented in five configurations:

  1. L - basic equipment;
  2. LC - with air conditioning;
  3. GL is an improved version with a set of airbags, anti-locking system and alarm;
  4. GLC is the maximum cabin comfort plus a package of additional options for the driver;
  5. LE + This off-road version in which the Schnorkel is present, the trailer device and reliable engine protection.

We offer to learn more about Chevrolet Niva cars implemented in car dealers today and why this car will be listed on the market and in 2018-2019.

The second generation of Chevrolet Niva began to develop back in 2010 and promised to launch into mass production by the beginning of 2019, but today the project remained at the level of promising photos and the only prototype of 2014.

Experts talk about two options for developing events. So, in the nearest development of the domestic auto industry, we can see:

  1. Chevrolet Niva 2 models of 2019 in design from the Italian studio Blue Engineering.
  2. Niva 4 × 4 from AvtoVAZ.

Cheverolet Niva I.

CHEVROLET NIVA 2 generation was officially presented at the 2014 Moscow Motor Show as a model that was supposed to enter the series already by 2016, but later the start of the assembly was postponed at the beginning of 2019.

The exterior of the updated SUV turned out to be quite impressive and absolutely not like all previous models of the line. Brutal, aggressive, underlining off-road character of the car, he promised a new successful start and attention not only by motorists, conquering off-road, and from the side of the audience.

In the cabin of the new Niva, everything said that the car would not give way to comfort to competitors of import brands. Qualitative materials, a complete set of necessary on-board equipment, the most advanced options to help the driver, a multimedia system and stylish backlight - everything is like an elite car applying to the owner with prosperity and status.

On the technical side of the promise also impressed. Under the hood of the SUV should have been a powerful French gasoline engine PSA with a volume of 1.8 liters and with a capacity of 136 hp, for which a reliable 5-tiberate transmission manual was also intended.

After displaying the model on the metropolitan auto show, the latest news about the model Niva Chevrolet scattered lightning around, but until 2019 the company did not manage to justify the hopes of domestic motorists to get modern, reliable and at the same time inexpensive SUV.

In 2015, the ambitious project was unexpectedly frozen, as the company did not find the necessary funds for its implementation. Moreover, in August 2017, the company did not pay for the extension of the patent on the design of the car, without commenting on its actions. Of course, this does not mean that "GM-AvtoVAZ" refused the idea, because they still remain its owners (at least over the next 2 years) and can pay payment at any time, extinguishing Patent.


When creating an appearance, designers of the company sought to arrange a modern type of powerful classical SUV. According to the new generation of Chevrolet Niva 2019, the company managed to perform this thanks to the use of basic solutions:

  • reinforced hexagonal grid of radiator with five longitudinal inserts and light edging;
  • Relief hood with a slight angle of inclination;
  • step of the front bumper with niches for fog headlights;
  • high installation head headlights of a narrowed form;
  • deep frontal climbing lines;
  • large wheeled arches with protective inserts;
  • plastic body kit and overhead panels front and reverse protection;
  • powerful rear bumper;
  • large outer mirrors;
  • location of the spare wheel outside the swing door of the luggage compartment;
  • massive rear bumper;
  • Vertical combined rear lights.

Additional dynamic features for the new car form upper rails and narrowed side windows with rapidly increasing from the front wings to the stern, the bottom line.

The developed new design fully indicates the creation of the next generation of a popular SUV.


Salon of the new Chevrolet Niva 2019 is characterized by high-quality layout with high ergonomic parameters. At the same time, the developers have tried to apply solutions to preserve the existing budget class of the SUV. Therefore, in the interior it should be noted:

  • three-spin steering wheel;
  • classic instrument panel with rounded scales and monitor personal computer;
  • front armchairs with side support and head restraints;
  • Direct central console with glove compartment;
  • insertion on consoles with climatic equipment and audio settings keys, as well as side deflectors;
  • front tunnel with transmission controls, chassis settings and switching on (shutdown) lock;
  • The screen on the front console with displayed off-road parameters.

Fissure materials, plastic, artificial leather, carpet coating are used in the decoration.

Additional comfort in the Chevrolet Niva Salon 2018-2019 will create enlarged dimensions (in brackets the value of changes):

  • Wheel base - 2.60 m (+15.0 cm);
  • Length - 4.32 m (+ 27.0 cm);
  • height - 1.70 m (+2.0 cm);
  • width - 1.80 m;
  • clearance - 21.0 cm (+2.5 cm);
  • The size of the trunk is 305 liters (-15 l).

SUVs, first of all, are intended for nature travel, therefore, even a slight decrease in the size of the luggage compartment cannot be considered a good solution.

Technical parameters and equipment

The new "Shevi Niva" retained the all-wheel drive transmission, and the improved cargo of the car also add a transfer box, the possibility of using wheel differential, geometric body parameters and special off-road tires.

At the initial version of the SUV as a power unit, the use of the engine with the following technical parameters is provided:

  • Type - gasoline;
  • The number of cylinders is 4;
  • disposal - inline;
  • cooling - liquid;
  • Number of valves - 16;
  • volume - 1.8 liters;
  • Power - 122 liters. from.

Agegatized the engine will become with a 5-speed manual transmission. In the future, the use of a more powerful motor in 135 forces with a robotic transmission is scheduled.

The SUV will receive three options for configuration, which will be announced later, and at the moment it is known about the following equipment:

  • ABS;
  • Power windows;
  • on-board computer;
  • Electric heating front seats and mirrors;
  • Two airbags;
  • steering amplifier;
  • navigation complex;
  • audio system.

Start Sales

According to the latest news from the company "GM-AvtoVAZ" currently undergoes the final phase to finance the production of the conveyor in 2019 of the second generation "Niva Chevrolet". At the same time, the manufacturer notes that the price of the novelty will grow, and it will approximately begin from 600 thousand rubles, and the cost of the most applied versions can approach 1.0 million rubles.

Watch the video about Chevrolet Niva 2019:


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