Lexus GX 460 2019

Lexus GX 460 2019

Lexus GX 460 is a luxury SUV, which took place in the model range of the Lexus car between the RX crossover, developed for urban conditions, and a full-sized SUV model LX. Spectacular exterior, excellent running characteristics, high level of comfort and unprecedented security measures made this car one of the best in its class.

At the end of 2017, the company presented the new Lexus GX 460, which should appear in car dealerships by the beginning of 2019. We propose to learn more about where and when the premiere of an updated SUV took place, as well as evaluate the exterior, the interior and the main characteristics of the model.

History of the model

The first generation of all-wheel drive SUVs of the E-class is produced by Lexus for 15 years. The presentation of the first serial Lexus GX took place within the framework of the North American International Auto Show of 2003 (Detroit, Michigan).

I received a completely new platform, a new SUV inherited a lot from Toyota Land Cruiser, but pleased more expensive finish and a package of innovative at the time of release of the model of functions. The heart of the new model was gasoline V8 (4.7 liters / 235 liters.), Which in 2004 received the VVT-I system, which allowed to increase the capacity to 270 hp In the basic configuration, the car was equipped with a 5-thyme salon, but optionally it was possible to order 8-Mirth Lexus.

The official model of the first generation was not sold in the Russian Federation.

The second generation of Lexus GX 460, which will be presented in the car dealerships of Europe and Russia to the beginning of 2019, first shown in 2009 in Shanghai. Although the car is built on the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado platform, its consumer characteristics were completely different due to:

  • high-quality materials used in the interior;
  • 300-strong 4,6-liter gasoline engine;
  • Luxury equipment.

Although the price of the model is above the average plank in its class, more than 300,000 EEEMPLERs have already been sold. In 2018, the second generation of Lexus GX 460 cars received a long-awaited update in the form of a restyled model, a photo and a description of which is presented in this article.


LEXUS GX460 2019, which appeared in the World Wide Network, show minor changes made in the appearance of the car. First of all, it should be noted the more powerful front stamping and a new design of the wheeled disks. In the face of the head optics, the design of the head optics is changed and a little reduced in the sizes branded radiator grille. Changes added rapidness in the appearance of the car, but it retained the parameters of the classic SUV at the expense of:

  • body proportions;
  • Relief hood;
  • straight roof line;
  • wide square wheeled arches;
  • Door footrest;
  • protruding front and rear wings;
  • large outer mirrors;
  • powerful bumpers;
  • Rectangular side windows.

Off-road qualities GX460 emphasize protective overhead elements and high ground clearance.

Exterior ninks

Updated Ji X 460 Lexus will save the recognizable features of the model and will remain one of the few frames of the luxury SUVs. Being the most reliable car according to J.D. Power and Associates, Restyled Grand Crossover in 2019 will be more cooler, making serious competition to such cars as Infiniti QX60, Mercedes-Benz Gle, Lexus RX and Acura MDX.

The appearance of the car form:

  • Powerful radiator grille, visually combined with a large air intake;
  • stylish chrome body elements;
  • Spectacular three-element modules of head optics with a narrow strip of LED running lights;
  • sufficiently highly located fog;
  • Relief line of side emitting;
  • New geometry rear lights.

Periodically, unconfirmed information appears on the network that the 2018 model will receive new dimensions. But, estimating the photo of the model Lexus GX 460 2018-2019 presented on the network, it can be argued that, most likely, the sizes of the SUV will remain the same.

Length. 4806 mm
Width. 1886 mm
Height 1844 mm
Clearance 215 mm

The manufacturer also promises to surprise the wide variety of shades in which a novelty will be available.


The car's salon is characterized by a spacious, high comfort and comfortably the corresponding parameters of the premium sedan. The updates made in the interior are associated with an increase in the use of new color solutions and high-quality materials:

  • genuine leather;
  • wooden inserts;
  • polished aluminum;
  • Carbon.

To improve Ergonomics Lexus GX460 2019:

  • Added controls on a multifunctional steering wheel;
  • Increased number of driver's seat settings;
  • The new 8.5-inch touch screen of the infotainment complex is installed;
  • Updated climate system.

In a five-seater modification, it is possible to move on the salon of the second row of seats at a distance of up to 13.5 cm, which allows you to form additional comfort for passengers.

Technical specifications

In the design of an updated SUV, a significant number of elements made of durable and high-strength steel, as well as plastic, are applied. This made it possible to reduce the weight of the car from 2.45 to 2.39 tons and, as a result, improving handling, to increase off-road and dynamic qualities. Among the technical characteristics should be noted the changing dimensions of the SUV (the magnitude of the changes is indicated):

  • Length - 4.81 m;
  • width - 1.89 m (+2.0 cm);
  • Height - 1.85 (-4.0 cm);
  • Wheel base - 2.79 m;
  • Clearance - 22.5 cm.

A certain disadvantage is considered a small size of the luggage separation of only 105 liters for the seven-storey execution of the SUV. With the seeds of the second and third row, the volume increases to 1890 liters.

As a power unit, a gasoline motor was installed with the following parameters:

  • the number of cylinders is 8;
  • Location - V-shaped;
  • Number of valves - 32;
  • compression ratio - 10.2;
  • volume - 4.6 l;
  • Power - 295.0 liters. from.

All-wheel drive transmission with a specified engine is aggregated by a six-speed automatic transmission and has the ability to redistribute traction efforts, as well as several options for settings depending on the type of road surface.

Prices and Start Sales

The updated Lexus GX 460 should go on sale even until the onset of 2019. What the price of new items on the European and Russian market is still difficult to say, but it will definitely exceed the cost of the previous version.

Most likely, 7 options for the configuration will arrive on sale:

  • Comfort 5S;
  • Executive 5S;
  • Executive 5S Sport;
  • Executive 7S;
  • Premium 7S;
  • Luxury.

Waiting for the emergency premiere of the updated version, we offer to evaluate the luxurious interior of the 2017 model in the video:


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