New models of VAZ (Lada) 2018-2019 model year

New models of VAZ (Lada) 2018-2019 model year

What to say, the latest press releases and leaks of information from Insiders of the Togliatti Plant plans are painted truly Napoleonic. Someone is pleased - they say, finally Russian automotive production began to demonstrate ambitions, which must be reflected in the image of the local market, as such.

Others are skeptically smirking - such "news" in this brand to issue with a greater or lesser degree of intensity has become traditionally. But are they implemented in practice? And if so, what happens in the end?

Whatever it, 2019, everything will show everything and determine who was right in initially. Essentially, it is planned to carry out a large-scale campaign to reform the conveyors and the corresponding model range, to abolish many modifications that strongly crossed themselves with the goods according to prices, and in general, to make the proposals for less multicomponent, more structured and understandable in the near future.

Within this, there will be a massive restyling of all topical versions, and if economic failures will not prevent - a few last successful concepts have been introduced into a series.

Restylangi actual models

From the updates are waiting for, first of all, the overflow "Niva". Now the only all-wheel drive SUV brand will restart the import updated platform, will find a new one, in the style of branded conceptual angular decisions, the exterior that will be sports and, I want to believe modern.

True, it is not a fact that there will be strong motors on the engine and the rest of the technique, but at least a little to improve everything must be necessary.

Regarding the granta message is very contradictory. On the one hand, because in 2019 they are going to put on a series of a crossover on the basis of viburnum, and indeed its entire modification row to translate into Grant rails, in theory, should before that and the platform for all this is changed, as planned.

Other sources argue that it will translate with the future Logan B0 not earlier than the 21st year. How it will be in reality - so far it is difficult to guess. But, at least cosmetic restyling over the next two years, the car will rain the car without fail.

Vesta SW Cross

Cross is a stylized versions of the SW version of the version.

This model will turn on the uniqueness of the universal hybrid and crossover analogues. What, of course, cannot but cause alloculations to the sad fate of Kalina Cross.

Although the SUV Vesti body should look much more organic due to its large sizes and initially better predisposition to sports and endurance.

Construction and exterior Auto

To the design of the exterior hand, Steve Mattin was attached, who, at one time, did a lot for Volvo and Mercedes. There is a sharp feature, a grotesque elongated and a surrendered body and very, for some reason, resembling old versions of Peugeot nose ...

The hint of off-road chart carries a protective body kit out of shockproof plastic and clearance of 20 cm. Dynamicity and the same appearance will be added large lower air intakes, minimizing the front bumper and x-shaped e-jams on the doors.

Design Salon Model

In the interior of the concept dominates the corporate two-color, although it is not a fact that it will be transferred to the serial version for all complete sets.

Otherwise - stylish modern seats, leather steering wheel, box-armrest, turning into a central tunnel, about 500 liters of trunk and, of course, a complete set of equipment for this price category and audience level.

Read the full review of Lada Vesta SW Cross 2019.


  • wheels - 17 "(in charged versions - up to 18");
  • front-wheel drive (later plans and plug-in 4x4);
  • MCP or robot;
  • Motors - domestic by 1.6 liters and 106 hp, as well as 1.8 liters and 126 hp, or Nissanovsky at 114 hp

Vesta Cross Sedan

Cross Sedan An option with improved coupling, developed on the basis of the standard Vesta Sedan. CROSS modification is characterized by:

  • increased road lumen (20 cm);
  • 17-inch wheels;
  • plastic body kit;
  • Elements of the front and reverse protection.

The novelty interior fully corresponds to the standard sedan.

For installation there are two motors with a capacity of 106.0 and 122.0 forces. The front-wheel drive transmission will be equipped with a 5-step MCPP. A car will go on sale after the start of production of Vesta SW Cross. The price of the sedan starts from 635 thousand rubles.

Vesta Signature.

Signature Sample 2018 is elongated to 4.66 m by car. As a result of such a decision, the salon has increased comfort. The distinctive features include enlarged rear doors, as well as the fact that the designers managed to eliminate without additional inserts.

The car is equipped with a motor with a capacity of 135.5 forces and a variety of modern equipment. Initially, Signature is planned to be issued according to individual applications, and the cost will be more than 1.0 million rubles.

Xray Cross.

New crossover from AvtoVAZ company, the release of which is scheduled for mid-2018. The car, as it should be given to this class, got a powerful and solid appearance. Such an image helped to form:

  • high clearance (20 cm);
  • Large wheeled arches with protective inserts;
  • plastic body kit;
  • Hood lines.

In the interior, bright elements are highlighted in finishing and seats of improved design with lateral support.

For installation, gasoline motors are outlined in 123.0 and 114.0 forces, in a pair with them it is possible to install automatic transmission and manual transmission in a 5-speed version.

The release is provided for in the II kV. 2018. The price for basic equipment will be 560 thousand rubles.

Xray Sport

New AvtoVAZ 2019, the sports option Xray is characterized by:

  • aggressive design;
  • with red inserts that emphasize body elements;
  • 18-inch wheels;
  • reduced clearance.

Special settings and efficient brakes are used in the suspension.

To be equipped with Xray Sport will be a turbocharged motor in 150, 0 forces. Expect a vehicle appearance at the end of 2018. The manufacturer has not yet voiced the price of a car. According to experts, it will be about 1.0 million rubles.


For 2019, AvtoVAZ is considering the possibility of producing Xcode crossover. The car may replace Lada Kalina.

Attractive appearance xcode form:

  • compact dimensions;
  • Low roof line;
  • Enlarged clearance.

The interior is characterized by anatomical chairs, a deep dashboard and a digital display on a stepped central console.

Pre-car will be equipped with a 109.0 liter engine. from. and various options for automatic and mechanical gearboxes.

On the possible value of new items can be said as the crossover is further developed.

The presence and implementation of a plan for the release and modernization of its cars underlines the desire of AvtoVAZ to remain the leader in the domestic car market in the budget vehicle segment.

Lada Vesta Sport

This modification will give bright racing settings in the style of touring competitions, whose permanent participant are the brainchild of AvtoVAZ for many years. The model will receive a low chassis, ventilated brakes and the ability to take a hundred in less than 9c, which for the motors of its power class is still very good.

Construction and exterior Auto

The "sportiness" will fit the car with a tangible car, and not only because of the suspension, but also due to the very low spoiler along the edge of the front bumper.

The exhaust pipe in the best racing traditions will be doubled, impressive diffusers will settle in the rear bumper. Contrast lining will find a lot in the housing, apparently in order to emphasize the independent nature of the model and its ability.

Design Salon Model

In the interior, too, everything will be built in two contrasting colors, and here, as in other premium concepts of this manufacturer, will definitely be decorated with a sifting seats with very good support.

In front, unlike the base model, the armrest will appear and the floor illumination, as well as instruments and levers.


  • 18 "discs;
  • rear disc brakes;
  • Motor for 1.8 liters and 149 hp (in the future, versions with 180-strong installations are possible;
  • trunk at 480 l;
  • 5-speed MCPP.


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