BMW 3 Series 2019

BMW 3 Series 2019

BMW brand is a standard of quality, reliability and dynamism in the world of modern cars. Stylish and comfortable, which possess outstanding technical characteristics and the most advanced equipment, they have long been associated with success and are not just a means of movement for owners, but as an indicator of status and wealth.

The management of the BMW concern promises that in 2019 we will see the new generation of BMW 3 series cars, which are the perfect combination of classics and innovation.

History of the model

For the first time, BMW-3 in the body of the sedan came off the conveyor in the distance 1975. The model quickly gained popularity, which prompted the company to release "Trok" in the bodies of a sedan and a convertible. All over-generation cars until 1983 sold more than 1.3 million copies.

In total from 1975 to 2018, 6 generations of BMW 3 series were developed:

  • 1975 - the first generation;
  • 1982 - second generation;
  • 1990 - the third generation;
  • 1998 - the fourth generation;
  • 2005 - the fifth generation;
  • 2012 - the sixth generation.

The manufacturer carefully hides the details of the exterior and interior of the new "Troika", but after in February 2017, camouflaged cars BMW were seen on the roads of Norway, experts with a high degree of probability are ready to say which expected by all the model.

Exterior ninks

The updated version of the classic BMW brand sedan will retain the elegance and smoothness of the lines, but the car will receive a more aggressive design, emphasizing his sporting character.

First of all, the update will touch the front of the car. Model 2019 will receive:

  • An elongated hood and a little stepped back salon;
  • new bumper design with large air intakes;
  • increased radiator grille in brand stylistry;
  • new head optics on economical and bright LEDs;
  • stylish climbing hood;
  • aerodynamic shape of the roof;
  • panoramic hatch;
  • Large wheels with updated design;
  • Multi-level rear bumper with a pair of integrated exhaust system tips;
  • The original design of the rear lights.

No doubt, the updated BMW will only win from planned restyling, becoming more aggressive and dynamic.

Interior model

In the Salon of the BMW 3 of the Model Row of 2019, everything will talk about the class of car - elite materials, luxurious interior, exceptional functionality, and comfort for the driver and passengers. The combination of high-quality plastic, resistant to mechanical damage and direct sunlight, with genuine leather, chrome and carbon inserts creates an atmosphere of luxury, but at the same time the car's interior remains incredibly practical.

It is assumed that when ordering a car, buyers will be able to choose for themselves the optimal version of the color solving salon from several color schemes offered by the manufacturer.

The owners of the new "Troika" will definitely appreciate:

  • convenient and functional steering wheel;
  • Ergonomics of the cabin;
  • the optimal location of the main elements on the central console;
  • informative in the innovation digital panel;
  • ease of control of the multimedia center and navigation by means of a large touchscreen display;
  • depth and purity of the sound of regular acoustics;
  • stylish interior backlight;
  • excellent noise insulation;
  • multizone climate control;
  • Availability of a special niche for storing small things that should always be at hand;
  • comfortable chairs adjusted for individual parameters;
  • Many of the most innovative features available to the driver.


Since the sixth generation of "Troika" was produced in the front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive option, it is worth expecting that the new car will also be available in a more economical or dynamic design.

The line of power units BMW will remain former:

Engine's Type VOLUME. Power
Petrol 1.5 L. 135 HP.
Gasoline V4. 2.0 L. 185 HP.
Gasoline V4. 2.0 L. 250 HP.
Gasolina VS. 3.0 L. 325 HP.
Diesel V4. 2.0 L. 165 HP.
Diessel VS. 3.0 L. 295 HP.

For the most powerful 300-strong motors, the installation of a cardon strut is assumed, which caused an incredible delight of experts and simple visitors to the Geneva Motor Show. Engine engines will be:

  1. 6-teasel mechanics;
  2. 8-Mididia band type STEPTRONIC.

It is also possible that in 2019 the line of cars of the 3rd series will be replenished with hybrid or completely electrical models.

The title of elite cars BMW 3 Series is confirmed not only by the fact that their price in 2019 will remain quite high, and the fact that the model will receive in the basic configuration:

  • one of the most modern autopilots capable of keeping the traffic strip and follow the markup;
  • A complete set of active safety systems that protect against accidental collisions and help the driver in difficult conditions of the metropolis;
  • a full-time navigation system with a complete set of cards and an intuitive interface;
  • package options for the driver, including autonomous parking and circular survey system;
  • Reliable suspension and efficient brakes, allowing you to feel confident at high speeds for which these cars were created.

The connoisseurs of BMW with reliable expected the debut of the new three at the Geneva Motor Show, but the Bavarians decided to pull the "Troika" premiere, presenting a number of other new and restyled models in Geneva, including X7, X4, 5-Series, and 4-Series, photos and description of which You will also find on our website.

Price and Start Sales

What is the price of the basic configuration of the new BMW 3 Series in 2019 and how much the top "charged" version of the Troika will be able to speak, because the manufacturer has not yet declassified all the innovations that will be available to future owners, but it is from innovative technologies The price segment of the car depends largely. What can be said exactly is that regardless of the cost of "treshka" will remain one of the most sought-after cars in Europe and in Russia.

Waiting for the enchanting premiere of the updated BMW 3rd series, we offer to see the climatic tests of the novelties, which were held in Norway:


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