Audi Q3 2018

Audi Q3 2018

The German automotive company Audi, specializing in the manufacture of high-quality, proven from the positive side of the car, officially announced the date of the flagship of the brand in the line of crossovers Audi Q3 2018.

German SUV segment grows literally in front of her eyes. The goal of Audi is not only the creation of new cars, but also the modernization of old models, the main mass of which is very successful and in demand today. That is why the manufacturer decided to make some changes in Q3.

Initially, it is worth reminding that the last update happened to this famous crossover two years ago. After restyling the Q3, the car received a modified rear and front bumper, a more attractive radiator grille and new headlight headlamp with built-in "fog-tums".

Regarding the modification that should go to the market next year, according to the design of the designers of the German company, it will appear in a more attractive and strict form, which will undoubtedly appreciate modern men.


The German automaker has already begun road testing of a new generation of crossover, which allows the presented photo from these tests to analyze changes in the external image of the Audi Q3 2018.

Among the most important should be allocated:

  • massive hexagonal radiator grille;
  • Skinny LED Head Optics;
  • Wide niches of additional air intakes located on the sides of the front bumper;
  • aerodynamic side mirrors on special racks;
  • Smooth transition of the roof line from the front to the feed of the car;
  • large protruding arches of wheels;
  • Dark kit throughout the entire body perimeter;
  • Roof light rails;
  • wide rear glass with top spoiler and wiper;
  • Skinny combined rear LED lights;
  • stepped construction of the rear door of the trunk;
  • an increased angle of inclination of the rear racks;
  • direct rear bumper with additional LED lines;
  • Light insert in the rear dark apron with dual diffusers of the exhaust system.

The changes made allowed to obtain an external image of a crossover, which can be denoted by a beautiful, sports, recognizable and responding to the best design traditions of the German company.

Salon Q3 2018

The inner part of the improved Audi Q3 2018, consists of many solutions from the new generation A4 sedan. Free space in the car will become more - the passengers of the back of the seats will feel very comfortable, even going to long-distance travel.

The useful luggage compartment will also increase. Instead of today's 365 liters, the last generation of the car will offer an impressive 400 liters - another plus for travel trips.

There will be changes with the instrument panel and the central console, the truth is, which is not yet known. Undoubtedly, the new Q3 will be able to impress its internal decoration for future buyers.

Fresh auto will receive new rails on the roof of the trapezoidal form, and a wide list of security systems that are so necessary to get a mark of five stars on the Euroncap test.


The future crossover at its disposal will receive a rich line of engines, which will offer both diesel and gasoline versions.

The basic variation of the model will acquire a turbocharged gasoline power unit with a 1.4 liter working capacity and maximum power in 150 hp. The most advanced components will be equipped with double-liter motors, with a capacity of 190 and 230 hp.

All versions Q3 2018 in a pair to motors will receive a mechanical six-speed gearbox or automatic seven-step variant with double grip.

The "top" variants of the crossover, which differ in high performance and power will receive the designation Audi SQ3 and RSQ3 2018, for the movement of which will be 280-strong and 400-strong power units, respectively. Until a hundred kilometers per hour, the new Q3 will accelerate in 4.3 seconds. The maximum speed of the car is 270 km / h.

The company's plans include partial translation of the machine for electricity, as a result of which its hybrid modification will appear. This is not news, as in the Chinese market, which has become a practical main for AUDI, reigns a real excitement for hybrid cars. This variation may be offered with a 2.5 liter turbocharged gasoline engine.

Equipment and Crossover Systems

For basic equipment, the following equipment is planned:

  • Security systems: ABS, EBS;
  • LED optics;
  • climate control;
  • Parking sensors;
  • multifunctional steering wheel;
  • Side mirrors with electrically regulating and electric heating;
  • central locking;
  • Assistant movement on the rise and on the descents;
  • electric trunk;
  • air conditioning;
  • 18-inch wheels;
  • immobilizer;
  • front armrest;
  • two-tier box of luggage compartment;
  • Electrical control of the front seats.

Equipment use that in the car is possible as options:

  • soundproofing and heat shielding glass;
  • inner mirror with autocession;
  • washer for headlights;
  • sports suspension;
  • Assistant switching light;
  • Cruise control;
  • information system with monochrome monitor;
  • Automatic parking complex;
  • Farkop;
  • Navigation complex.

The exact list of systems and equipment possible to install on a new crossover Q3 Audi intends to declare before receiving applications for the supply of a car.

Start sales and price

Audi has planned the start of sales of the new K3 crossover for mid-2018, while the price in basic equipment is approximately 29.5 thousand euro. Traditionally, sales of new items will begin in Germany.

The arrival of new items on the domestic market is scheduled for the end of 2018, while the cost will approximately begin from 1 million 750 thousand rubles.

Also watch video review New Audi Q3:


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