BMW M5 2018-2019

BMW M5 2018-2019

M5 is a sports premium sedan, which is made on the basis of a standard BMW 5 series car. For the first time, a single car model, the German automaker released in 1984. Currently, five generations of sports sedans have already been produced, and the latter was released in 2011.

M5 cars differ from serial options with more powerful engines, enlarged wheels and air intakes converted by the suspension, a number of changes in the body design aimed at increasing the stiffness, interior of the cabin.

At the same time, such models fully retain all the advantages of the BMW brand, which should be attributed to:

  1. Bright design.
  2. High dynamics.
  3. Overall reliability.
  4. Comfort.

Planned restyling Sports sedan passed simultaneously with his brothers 5 series in 2013. Despite periodically conducted changes in the current version of the car, BMW decided to replace the existing sports sedan model in 2018, on the new modification of the M5 2019 model year. She received the designation F 90.

Sports style interior

Above the interior of the BMW M5 2018-2019, German designers also worked on fame. The internal design of the cabin must correspond to the reputation of the best sports car series. In the decoration, one of the best and most expensive materials were involved. The interior of the updated M5 looks nothing worse than the luxurious decoration of the seventh model of the representative class BMW.

Dear genuine leather is used everywhere. For example, for the design of the doors and the surface of the "torpedoes", two of its species are used in various combinations.

By the way, such an unofficial nickname of the dashboard is not from the name of the rocket, but on behalf of the German company Torpedo, in the middle of the 20th century, the release of devices for cars. They were installed on the panel, which they later became so called.

For better clutch with the hands of the driver, leather finish is present on the steering wheel. On it, numerous controls of various auto systems are accommodated:

  • Selection and adjustment of M-functions;
  • control panel multimedia system;
  • Adjusting the volume of the sound;
  • Switching speeds and so on.

The developers tried to do everything in order for the driver of such a powerful sports car anything distracted by driving. Everything you need should be at hand. Therefore, placement on the steering wheel of the most frequently used options is an excellent idea.

After all, stretching your hand for one or another need to dashboard, the driver still involuntarily takes a look from the road. And at high speed it can be dangerous.

As for the seats, then everything is very good here. His armchair is very comfortable. Electrical control allows you to adjust their position in different directions.

What is particularly worth noting is the flexibility of setting the chairs. It is multipoint. You can easily adjust the support pillows under the lower back and at the top of the back. Then all changes made are saved and, if necessary, recover again with one press of the button.

In addition to expensive materials, the salon is distinguished by its unique designer style created using various inserts and lining. Elements of aluminum decor and polished stainless steel are also widely used.


Sports sedans traditionally have an aggressive stylish appearance. So now the new BMW M5 2018-2019 received a bright sports image. This design is characterized by the following executed solutions:

  • powerful, stylish and aggressive front bumper, multistage design with small lower spoilers for creating pressure force;
  • more expressive radiator lattice;
  • massive lower air intakes;
  • narrow head LED optics in double-liter;
  • powerful hood lines creating a complex embossed form;
  • Snain aerodynamic side mirrors with turning repeaters;
  • dome-shaped roof;
  • dynamic side lines of sending, reinforcing "muscular" image;
  • strongly inclined lateral racks;
  • short feed part;
  • Relief rear bumper with large niches, in which additional lines of light signals are mounted, as well as the dual diffusers of the exhaust system;
  • Large narrow combined lamps smoothly moving from the lid of the trunk on the side wings.

The presence of such design solutions in M5 fully forms the corresponding sports image for the sedan.

Technical specifications

By updated M5 2018-2019, BMW plans to install a power unit with the following characteristics:

  • volume - 4.40 l;
  • The number of cylinders - V 8;
  • Technological solutions - direct injection, changing phases of gas distribution;
  • Power - 600 liters. from.

In addition, constructive features include the presence of a high-precision fuel injection system and improved cooling and lubrication systems.

As a transmission box, the transmission is planned to install an eight-stage automatic box M Steptronic. Application Such a CP will create 3 modes of operation for the transmission of sports sedan: a comfortable, economical, sports.

After the start of production and sales of the standard version of M5, BMW plans to present in the market and a more charged version of the sports sedan with a full drive.

For basic equipment of the car, BMW has yet announced the presence of the next equipment:

  • projection display;
  • device for controlling distant light;
  • Assistant for parking;
  • front seats with lots of memory adjustments, electric heating, ventilation;
  • Incinual access systems;
  • sports package;
  • active differential;
  • Carbon brakes.

Detailed information on possible equipment and options M 5 The German concern will be announced at the end of this year.

Start sales and price

BMW plans to start selling a new sports sedan M5 2018-2019 at the beginning of next year, they are pre-started in North America and the approximate price will be $ 85,000.

In Russia, the emergence of new items should be expected not before mid-2018. The price of the model for the domestic market BMW will announce before selling.

Also watch the video test drive owner BMW M5 2018-2019:


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