Mercedes Gla 2018

Mercedes Gla 2018

At the beginning of January of this year, at the largest car salon in Detroit, the premium German brand Mercedes-Benz introduced several of his new products at once.

The public has shown great interest in the updated compact crossover Mercedes GLA 2018 model year, which was received by the first restyling in three years from the moment of entering the market.

The enhancement of the PARKT certificate is reflected in the low modification of the exterior, the change in electrical equipment, adding a new 184-strong gasoline 4Matic modification - GLA 220.

The car started to be sold immediately after the official show - January 9, 2017. The cost of the car is in the range from 29,000 to 57,000 EUR. The starting price corresponds to the GLA 180 version, and the greatest cost is set to the "charged" modification AMG GLA 45 4Matic. According to preliminary information, the updated crossover will fall on the domestic market, most likely in April.


The appearance of the new Mercedes Gla 2018 reminiscent of the hatchback, but high clearance, large wheels, lower dark body kit on the body indicate off-road qualities of this car.

The Mercedes-Benz concern from the very beginning positioned the GLA model as the most sports crossover in its class, so all the changes made in the external image are primarily aimed at preserving and multiplying such a rapid design of the car.

These solutions must be attributed to:

  • Increased lines of power ribs on the hood;
  • Unusual form of LED head optics;
  • Stylish dark grille with a large branded sign and bright intermittent inserts;
  • a stepped front bumper with the bottom dark insert of the lattice of an additional air intake;
  • The smooth line of the transition of the roof from the front to the sneaker's feed, such a solution made it possible to improve the aerodynamic parameters of the car;
  • The upper side figure on the wings and doors coincides in the form from the lines of the roof;
  • The lower line of sending on the contrary rises from the front of the car to the stern;
  • aerodynamic dark outer mirrors with turn repeaters;
  • Increased LED rear lights;
  • rear spoiler on the roof with an additional stop signal line;
  • Powerful black insert in the rear bumper with wide diffusers of the exhaust system.

The changes in the design of mini-crossover allowed him to give him a sports and dynamic character.

Interior features

Moving to the novelty salon You can immediately notice the updated instrument panel and steering wheel. In addition, most of the components of the interior are now stylishly decorated with a chromed framed. Several new ones with other finishing materials were added to the previous design of the interior decoration.

Audio, video, graphic images, that is, all multimedia content is displayed on a separate screen with a diagonal of 8 inches. Contemporary entertainment and multimedia system Comand On-Line activates SD card connector, USB ports Wireless Bluetooth data transmission feature, a 200 GB solid-state drive, a navigation system, a DVD player. "Multimediyka" supports the connection with the Androidauto and AppleCarPlay interfaces.

Optionally, for a fee, each wishes can mount a high-quality 3D-audio system HARMANKARDON, equipped with 12 speakers.

Functions and security systems were seriously revised, many of them are now included in the "Basic Package". For example, all versions of the car are now equipped with active braking technology, as well as a useful system that controls the current driver's condition.

For a specific fee, a set of systems can be seriously enlarged. Systems tracking the "dead" zones, a function recognizing road marking and road signs will be proposed. In addition, for the first time, a 360 degree review cameras are available for this segment (seven types of angles, including top view).

So that the loading or unloading of baggage was as comfortable as possible, the engineers mounted the system of contactless control of the trunk door, which is activated by a simple wave of the leg near the bumper.

Technical features of the car

The Mercedes-Bens GLA modifications list during the 2018 update process increased due to the 184-strong version of GLA 220 with the 4Matic all-wheel drive system. The modern range of gasoline variations is now as follows:

  • 122 hp - GLA 180;
  • 155 hp -gla 200;
  • 185 hp, 4matic - GLA 220;
  • 210 hp - GLA 250;
  • 210 hp, 4matic - GLA 250;
  • 381 hp, 4matic - AMG GLA 45.

Diesel vehicle modifications:

  • 110 hp - GLA 180D;
  • 135 hp - GLA 200D;
  • 135 hp, 4matic - GLA 200D;
  • 177 hp - GLA 220D;
  • 177 hp 4Matic - GLA 220D.

PPP options - semi-band "automatic" or mechanical "hexista". Fuel consumption (medium) of the most economical power unit among diesel versions (GLA 180D) is 4.0 - 4.4 liters per 100 km, the GLA 180 gasoline representative consumes about 5.5 - 6.0 liters to "hundred".

The most "hot" GLA 45 AMG is the best speaker. The crossover drives a four-cylinder double-liter power unit equipped with two turbocharger. Up to 100 km / h car accelerates for incredible 4.3 seconds. The peak of speed was recorded 250 km / h.

The spectacular parckarter is available with a three-type suspension: standard, off-road (+30 mm to the base road lumen) and lowered (15 mm less than standard suspension). Smaller clearance with appropriate shock absorbers is available in the DynamicHanding and AMG Line package.

In the transmission as a gearbox will be installed semi-band automatic box 7G-DCT with double clutch. Such a CP provides soft and fast switching, the possibility of an economical car movement. For this, it is equipped with three options:

  • manually switching;
  • sports;
  • economical.

As an option, the compact crossover will be equipped with a full-wheel drive of 4Matic, and by the end of 2018 the automaker will offer the Mercedes GLA in the coupe of Coupe.

In the standard configuration, the German automaker offers the following systems and equipment:

  • ABC;
  • ASR;
  • ESP;
  • Electric heating front seats;
  • air conditioning;
  • CD player;
  • 6 speakers;
  • device to maintain a safe distance when driving;
  • device to control the driver's fatigue;
  • adaptive brake system;
  • LED optics;
  • 9 airbags;
  • "Active" hood;
  • temperature sensor;
  • electronic key;
  • on-board computer;
  • Automatic headlight on.

Previously, as options for mini-crossover Mercedes GLA 2018 will be available:

  • The door for the trunk with an electric drive;
  • Cruise control;
  • window airbags;
  • Pressure control sensors in wheels;
  • multifunctional complex with display;
  • invincible tolerance;
  • Autostream mirrors and folding side in the parking lot;
  • monitoring controller and blind zones;
  • Parking system.

Start Sales

Mercedes-Benz in Europe is currently receiving applications for a new mini-crossover GLA 2018 while the price in the smallest configuration with the front-wheel drive will be 33.5 thousand dollars, and a similar complete set with a full drive will cost 2.0 thousand. Dollars are more expensive.

In Russia, the emergence of an updated version is expected in the fall of 2018, while the minimum cost will be 2.17 million RUB. For a front-wheel drive, a full-wheel drive will start from 2.65 million rubles.

Also watch the video test drive of the new Mercedes Gla 2018:


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