VOLKSWAGEN 2018-2019 model range

VOLKSWAGEN 2018-2019 model range

For the most part, the new Volkswagen models 2018-2019 belong to the category of crossovers, which is not surprisingly considering what boom is now experiencing the SUV market.

In Europe, Volkswagen will firmly holds the first place in the number of cars implemented, ahead of the nearest competitor by almost 600,000 units. In Russia, Volkswagen successes are more modest - only 6th place with a sales volume 2 times less than that of KIA (2nd place).

We invite you to get acquainted with the new and restyled models of cars of the famous German automaker: Tiguan, Atlas and Touareg.

Volkswagen Tiguan.

Buyers who are looking at Tiguan, but doubt, in 2018 all reasons will disappear for doubt. Perhaps there was something in crossovers of other manufacturers, which seemed more attractive than the proposal from Volkswagen.

With the second generation of Volkswagen Tiguan 2018, this model will become the reference in this class of the car. The new Tiguan will add an enlarged wheel database and dimensions to its advantages, as well as the third row of seats.

Exterior auto

The fact that the body of Volkswagen Tiguan 2018 will change in digital terms, externally will not be a doubt that we are still the same model. The car has become longer and therefore seems squat.

In addition to the increased length, the new model can also be found in other pharmaceans, bumper and rear lamps. The radiator grille remained the same form, it changed slightly and notice the difference only in comparison.

New headlights definitely attract attention from the first seconds. Thanks to them, Tiguan 2018 began to look much more modern. On the front bumper in the center there is a rather small air intake of the trapezoidal form. On both sides of it, we will see two-section niches in the lower segments of which are placed fog lights.

Credit changed the tail lights. They became more, acquired more complex shape and segmentation. Highting the fairly high functionality of the car, its body protects the lining from black plastic throughout the perimeter. Volkswagen Tiguan 2018 looks good.

The increase in dimensions adds to him attractiveness in the eyes of some potential buyers and loses those clients who are looking for a compact urban crossover.

It is no secret that women's drivers prefer cars with small dimensions, and the lion's share of Tiguan sales came on beautiful ladies.

Interior of Crossover

The layout of the cabin remained the same, but the details became more expressive. If the front panel has flowed smoothly in the central console, then the Volkswagen Tiguan 2018 will distinguish the larger than noticeable. Changed the form of blowing deflectors with a round to trapezoidal.

Deflectors on the center console migrated above the 8-inch screen of the multimedia system, while on the previous version they were located on the sides of the screen. A slightly changed the lines of the steering wheel, comfortable digest recesses remained.

If you expect that with an increase in the wheelbase in the cabin, it will be more space, then it is not. The entire additional volume "eats" the luggage compartment (increased by 44%) with the third row seats placed in it.

It seems that Volkswagen developers are trying to run after two hares. Due to the third row of seats, the volume of the cabin did not increase, while the third row is incredibly closely. Plus, the minus gives a zero in the end - and with the third nearby seats in Tiguan 2018.


In addition to the fact that Volkswagen Tiguan 2018 is built on the MQB modular platform of data on the technical parameters of the car. There is information that engineers lead work on the new version of the engine from Volkswagen EA888, which will become the main power unit for the new model.

This motor is a row 4-cylinder unit, a 2 liter volume. It is known that as a result of manipulations, he lost 16 liters. from. (now 184 l.), but has acquired a greater torque and less fuel consumption. Specific figures are waiting with the official presentation of the car.

Volkswagen atlas.

What can offer Volkswagen if the buyer wants to buy a steep SUV? Volkswagen Amarok? An excellent car, but those who want to buy a pickup, not so much, besides, for some time, this model is not officially sold in Russia.

So it turns out that on the roads and outside of them, "Japanese", and Volkswagen in this not the most recent car category is not presented (Touareg is good, but not that), and do not earn money. Finally in 2018 we will see something brutal from VW, namely Atlas.

Exterior auto

The appearance of the car is readily declare that Volkswagen Atlas is configured to move forward independently of the quality or availability of the road under any conditions and in any weather. Its exterior is simple, without any flirting and creative designer experiments.

The grille is high and is located almost vertically. Headlights are also high massive simple form. The air intake takes almost the entire width of the front bumper. In deep small niches, fog lights were attracted.

Arches Wheels Dressed. They are marked by a climbing edge that passes along the entire length of the car - from headlights to the rear lights. All over the perimeter of the body is protected by plastic black linings.

Volkswagen Atlas really looks powerful, it was such a car that was not enough in the Volkswagen line for a complete set.

Interior of Crossover

Inside Volkswagen Atlas, we do not expect absolutely nothing surprising or unusual. Here we sees the same thing as Golf, Jetta or Passat, only several times more in size. The design is simple, boring, but definitely thought out and functional.

The quality of the materials is good. With folded rear seats, the volume of the cargo compartment is 2,741 liters. The seats of the second row easily lean forward for convenient access to the third row, which for adult passengers is still small.

As additional options will be offered an audio system with 12 speakers and Volkswagen Digital CockPit with a 12.3-inch screen, similar to Audi Virtual Cockpit.

The standard equipment includes a rear view camera and automatic post emergency braking, which blocks the wheels after the collision and prevents the uncontrolled rolling of the car. Adaptive cruise control is equipped with a full stop of the movement.

Technical characteristics of a new model

In the basic configuration, the Atlas will be equipped with a 4-cylinder turbocharged 2 liter engine with a capacity of 235 liters. from. Such cars will be exclusively front-wheel drive. It is logical, since for such a giant, this engine outside the road will be small, while in the city and not far from civilization it will be enough.

Another motor is V6 with a volume of 3.6 liters and with a capacity of 276 liters. from. This engine will deliver Volkswagen Atlas anywhere. With this power unit will be offered cars, both with front and full drive. Automatic 8-speed gearbox works fine, making switching almost imperceptibly.

Volkswagen Touareg.

In his class, Volkswagen Touareg is one of the most successful and interesting models. After restyling in 2014, the next update of the model is waiting for us in 2018.

Despite the fact that Touareg is not included in the TOP-100 European and Top-25 Russian sales, this model is essential. Nobody would not refuse such a car, only its price in the basic configuration at the beginning of 2017 2,699,000 rubles. Not everyone for pocket even on credit.

Exterior auto

Cardinal design concept of Volkswagen Touareg will not be. External changes will be superficial cosmetic. We are awaiting a new front optics, a grille of the radiator, the front bumper and the rear lights. The form of the rear windshield has changed, and this small part strongly affects the perception of the shape of the car as a whole.

The front bumper acquired a more complicated form, and the developers have tried to give more volume at the expense of additional Röbembers and fire. Rearview mirrors are installed on a longer brackets, laid parallel turning indicators.

The lower part of the car is protected by black plastic, but to the Touareg does not lose in the representativeness, the chrome plane is beaten above the protection.

Rear lights have become massive and enter the wings. They changed the drawing of the location of the lighting elements. The trunk door is massive, wide with good glazing area.

Traditionally, Touareg looks not so gorgeous from behind like in front, but claims for the design as a whole, no one will arise. The dimensions of the car will remain the same.

Interior of Crossover

Volkswagen Touareg 2018 Salon, as the exterior will get predominantly local changes. As before, the passengers will not feel constrained regardless of a number of seats on which they are settled.

The front seats will provide lumbar support, however, only with mechanical adjustment. The position of the rear seats is adjustable along the longitudinal axis and tilting the back.

The steering column is now adjustable in height - the absence of such an option caused bewilderment for such a class of car. A system of two-phase climates-control is introduced.

The dashboard is arranged according to the classic scheme - two wells with an on-board computer screen between them (4.5 inches). The shape and location of the blowing deflectors changed. In the basic configuration, buyers will find all the main, modern security systems.


Without changes, under the hood, it would be impossible to talk about the full update of the model. The new Volkswagen Touareg 2018 will not be able to boast a revolutionary breakthrough in the DVS region, but the evolution of force aggregates is obvious.

Qualitative revision, both nodal units and individual elements, was performed. Using the catalytic neutralizer, it was possible to significantly reduce fuel consumption.

Gasoline motors will be presented 3.6 and 4.2 liters of aggregates, their maximum power will be 249 and 360 liters. from. respectively. The diesel 3-liter motor to the court of buyers will be present in 3 modifications - 204, 245 and 340 liters. from. As a transmission, an exceptionally 8-speed automatic box with manual switching mode will be installed.

Volkswagen Polo.

A line of a series of urban compact hatchback is particularly popular in the domestic automotive market. The new Volkswagen Polo 2018 can be called the current model is quite fresh, high-tech, exquisite. At the existing expert video, it is clearly clear that the modern version of the model development was made exclusively in accurately compliance with the requirements and features of the operation in the conditions of climate specific.

The maximum accurate analysis of the quality of domestic roads, the features of the terrain, in the design of the Polo hatchback and other features - in particular the prices create an excellent image of the car in the Russian market. The new VW Polo experts predict great demand, and as usual, undoubtedly.

The price suggests from 475 thousand rubles a basic option and up to 700 - 710 thousand rubles in the full available configuration.

Volkswagen Arteon.

Faminess on the podiums of our car dealership of the German direction of passenger transport brand Volkswagens will not be able to challenge. The novelty called VW Arteon will be a worthy continuation of the Passat CC model known.

A new model of Liftback at the Spring Geneva Salon is presented, and judging by the opinions of specialists, it can be considered one of the most intriguing customer with a model of a passenger car, which is in many indicators between Passat and Phideon. In the global trading network and in Russia, Arians will appear closer to the autumn of the current year.

Price 35 000 dollars The car is closer to the budget category for the European consumer, the model is offered only at the top-configuration level.

Volkswagen Golf.

The usual, reliable, high-quality and powerful golf became the permanent inhabitant of our highway and urban streets. But the 2018 season has brought the changes and this model line, the characteristics of the technical, technological and visual type have undergone a fundamental update.

The transfigurations were subjected to technical part, equipping, design of the body part and the cabin. The new Volkswagen Golf has become three and five doorway.

Domestic speed fans will meet the model in the autumn of 2018. Basic assembly will cost 18,500, 0 Euro.

Volkswagen Bora C-Trek

This car is another worthy modification of the universal intended for the roads of the Middle Kingdom. Latest news about the model:

  • Noticeable ground clearance;
  • Overwhelmed body kit perimeter;
  • Use as the basis for the design platform of a popular sedan.

The cost in the equivalent of 1200 thousand rubles, but sales are scheduled only in China.

Volkswagen Crafter - second generation of legendary van

The updated Volkswagen Crafter van will be implemented in Russia at the beginning of this year, and the developers have improved not only aerodynamic resistance (now this indicator is 0.33 CX), but also expanded the options for forcing diesel engines with a volume of 2.0 liters. The power of the power units varies in the range of 102-175 liters. with., And the car itself is equipped with numerous security systems (ABC, EBD, EBA, Multi Collision Brake). The exterior and interior of the cabin are made in Spartan style, but at the same time you will not notice any extra or unnecessary detail.

Thus, the new folkswagen 2018 is combined in itself advanced technology, stylish design, excellent value for money. The German brand produces both budget cars and a premium segment, so the potential buyer offers a wide selection of models with different characteristics.

Volkswagen Teramont.

Among the new models from Volkswagen 2018 model range is allocated to the TeraMont SUV. He was already presented to the public on car dealerships in China and the United States, and in dealerships he will appear in the summer of 2018. The appearance of the car is solid, which is not surprising, because only the length of this "giant" is more than 5 meters (5040 mm). Various interior layout options are available for the consumer, and three rows of seats are easily placed in the cabin.

As for the line of power units, one of three gasoline engines will be installed on the machine:

  • 2.0-liter 186 "horses";
  • 2.0-liter turbine (220 l. P.);
  • 3.6-liter (280 l. P.).

The least powerful engine will equip only front-wheel drive, while the connection of the connection 4x4 will be available on more powerful versions. All motors will scale either with 7-speed robots, or with an 8-range automatic machine. The estimated price of Volkswagen Teramont. Suggest from 3.4 to 4.9 million rubles, depending on the configuration.


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