New Models Mitsubishi 2018

New Models Mitsubishi 2018

When you see new models of Mitsubishi 2018, it is already not clear to rejoice or disappear.

On the one hand, the legendary Japanese manufacturer demonstrates certain signs of life, on the other hand, a variety of examples can be brought when the next efforts of this manufacturer ended in deplorable.

Let's see together that Mitsubishi will offer us in 2018. Whether to extend agony, giving 34% of his shares more successful Nissan.

Mitsubishi Outlander 2018 Model Year

At one time, Outlander had a great opportunity to become an icon of the class of medium-sized crossovers. He began his way long before this segment covered a rapid wave of interest on the part of buyers and active activities from other manufacturers.

Thanks to the resulting experience, Mitsubishi Outlander could be one of the authoritative models, but alas.

Exterior Crossovers

The car has undergone significant external changes, which could be convinced by Visitors Motor Show in New York. Now in front of Outlander is a complex spatial structure in which the designers organically fit the headlights with LED backlight. In the center we see the X-shaped grid of the radiator, which, together with an impressive air intake, occupies a lion's share of the area.

In the mirrors of the rear view, turning repeaters are built. Wheel arches increased, and the rear racks have become already. On the entire perimeter of the body, protective overlays from black plastic are installed. On the doors, they are decorated with additional decorative elements of silver color. Rear headlights received LED backlight.

The trunk door has acquired many embossed elements and is decorated with chrome decorative insert. Rear glass of impressive sizes.

Compared with its predecessor, Mitsubishi Outlander 2018 has become more and higher. 11 mm increased clearance, which is now 215 mm. The length of the car is 4.69 m, the width is 1.81 m, and the height reaches a millimeter 1.69 m. Visually is obviously noticeable the difference between the past and the updated Outlander, both in size and designer.

Interior of the new Mitsubishi Outlander

If you expect the same amount of change inside Mitsubishi Outlander 2018, then you are waiting for disappointment. Manufacturers claim that the tissue seat upholstery was improved, their ergonomics were reworked, the quality of the finishing materials was improved. Of all the above, it becomes clear that the salon remained the same.

Again, we see this completely controversial layout of the front panel in the asymmetric performance. It turned out that the human eye is more pleasant symmetric objects than asymmetrical.

Some manufacturers, such as Audi or Kia, sometimes dared to break the symmetry and unfold the center console towards the driver. It does not always work beautifully and not everyone likes everyone, but these manufacturers can afford such experiments. Outlander is not so popular model to allow themselves such liberties.

Despite high-quality materials, comfortable seats, a sufficient amount of living space in the machine is morally uncomfortable precisely because of the layout of the central console. It is not known what concept designers adhered to, but one word comes to mind - Meszanin.

Apparently the guide is quite pretty because none of their Mitsubishi models are included in the list of top sales not a single large automotive market of the world. In any case, some active actions in order to make their models more attractive, in addition to the placement of cupcakers in the trunk, imperceptibly.

Manufacturers declare that they improved the insulation of the cabin. In this case, it is appropriate to say that they did not improve, but they made noise insulation, since in the previous model, judging by the sensations, it was not at all. It is a pity that the brand with such a huge potential is so seriously suitable for creating its models, and the volumes of sales Mitsubishi is the best proof of that.

Technical characteristics of cars

Under the hood we will not see any surprises, but in this case it is good. This inertness of Mitsubishi in terms of motors objectively plays the hand to consumers. We will see the same 4-cylinder engines with a volume of 2 and 2.5 liters and 3-liter V6. Motors proven and reliable, greater and not necessary. The power of power units is 196, 222 and 292 liters. from. respectively.

Unfortunately, in addition to dry numbers, we cannot inform you whether the operation of engines and transmissions was reconfigured. The last model was tested with a 2.5 liter engine, it was unpleasantly struck by a completely inadequate operation of this tandem. Why promote motor up to 5,500 rpm before switching transfer? Hence the considerable fuel consumption, and the wild engine, penetrating the salon.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2018 Model Year

For the first time in a very long time, we will see a completely new model from Mitsubishi, which was named Eclipse Cross. The new model has nothing to do with the sports coupe Mitsubishi Eclipse, which was produced until 2011. Eclipse Cross is a compact crossover of 2018, it does not claim high performance and will look like such models like Jeep Compass or Subaru Crosstrek.

Exterior Crossovers

Externally in Eclipse Cross, general features are guessed characteristic of the Mitsubishi model range. His front part of something resembles Outlander 2014, but fresh and more aggressive. The grille of the radiator is narrow, consists of two chrome bands, but the front bumper is huge and impressive, due to major imitation of air intakes in which fog lights are located.

The Cross Eclipse roof is bevelled to the rear and goes into the inclined rear window almost like a hatchback. At the same time, the window line rises closer to the rear. The glazing of the rear door on the square was meager. Outside it looks interesting, but inside people with claustrophobia will not be easy.

On the lateral part there are original firewalls, one of which continues the line given by L-shaped rear lamps, which are located high, almost at the level of the rear rack. The back of Eclipse Cross looks original and interesting. Over the rear glass set massive spoiler.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross has the same wheel database as Outlander, but with a slightly enlarged kolas up to 1545 mm. It looks fresh and pleasant in comparison with the same Outlander.

Interior Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

The interior design is surprisingly pleasant, it is impossible to say anything bad about it. Everything is harmonious and neat, but bold experiments did not cost. Mitsubishi decided to borrow the idea of ​​Lexus with remote control of the entertainment and information system using the controller at hand. Unlike the Japanese premium brand in Eclipse Cross, it is not a tin-shaped controller, but a real platform of a touchpad.

This is how dull and uninteresting salon at Outlander, such an interesting and attractive design received Eclipse Cross. There is a real feeling that these are cars from different manufacturers.

The dashboard is bright and colorful, the screen of the multimedia system is made in a separate item and perfectly harmonizes with the rest of the front panel and the center console. The combination of black plastic with silver smoothly in such a proportion so that the interior does not seem gloomy, but did not look vulgar.

Technical characteristics of cars

It is known that Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross will be completed with a gasoline turbocharged engine with a volume of 1.5 liters with direct injection.

In a pair, a variator with a sports mode will work with him. Equipment will also be available with a turbocked diesel engine with a volume of 2.2 liters. As a transmission, an 8-step automaton is offered to it.

Mitsubishi ASX 2018 Model Year

Mitsubishi is trying to again breathe life into a compact Mitsubishi ASX crossover. Information is still extremely small. The Internet fell spy photos from the test landfill in the USA, where the new model passes the adjustment.

It is known for certain that the new ASX will be presented will be in 2018 and the same year its mass production will begin. Sales start in the North American market, but the Mitsubishi ASX will come to us at best at the end of 2018.

Exterior Crossovers

Unambiguously we can say that serious work will be made over the exterior. Judging by the fact that the test model is completely closed by camouflated film changes to affect all parts of the car. In the profile, the new model is not very different from the current version.

The front part of a lot borrowed from the R-PHEV concept, naturally in an older form without that extreme, which demonstrates the source model.

Increased protection received the back of the test sample, which means that it is there that we are waiting for the greatest changes. I really want to believe that designers will present something similar on the plan with the back of a completely new model Eclipse Cross. We do not need blind copying or imitation - let it be just something fresh and original.

There is information that the new Mitsubishi ASX will increase in dimensions. It would be nice for both consumers and the brand itself. Most competitors demonstrate a tendency towards an increase in body, and not at least fall behind them.

Technical characteristics of cars

Only turbocharged engines (with the exception of the new Outlander) be installed on the new Mitsubishi models. Long in Mitsubishi held for atmospheric power units, but time came. We expect at least the same motor as an Eclipse Cross - 1.5 liters. However, the same 1.6 l with a capacity of 117 liters. from. or 2.0 l with a capacity of 150 liters. from. Completely rise.

Mitsubishi Pajero.

The most expected premiere of 2018 in the class of SUVs will be Mitsubishi Pajero. The fifth generation will receive a futuristic exterior with narrow head optics, an unusual placement of side wings, large wheeled arches to increase patency.

As for the technical filling, Pajero is planned to install gasoline, diesel and hybrid motors, the capacity of which is more than enough for trips with the breeze. For the safety of the driver will be responsible:

  • blind zone control systems;
  • Pedestrian recognition option;
  • the ability to enable adaptive lighting;
  • Stroke mitigation technology when a collision of Pedestrian Collision Mitigating.

Mitsubishi Pajero of the fifth generation will appear in European markets in the summer of 2018. In Russia, the adapted version will go to dealer centers not earlier than the fall, while the estimated cost of the car will be from 2.5 million rubles in the basic configuration.

XM - new class from Mitsubishi

Considering the new items of Mitsubishi 2018, it is worth mentioning a unique model XM, which combined the characteristics of the crossover and minivan. The desire of designers to create symbiosis of sought-after classes commemorated, however, as practice shows, such models do not enjoy tremendous market in demand. The appearance of XM is strict, aggressive and largely similar to Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. There is nothing unknown on the size of the novelty, but for three rows of seats will need a minimum of 4.5 m in length, as well as a large wheelbase (allegedly borrowed to Outlander). In the cabin everything will be ergonomically, functionally and stylish:

  • air conditioning;
  • 2-zone climate control;
  • electronic front console;
  • Decorative chrome inserts;
  • Multimedia System with touch screen.

The model will be equipped with only one variant of the gasoline engine with a volume of 1.5 liters (110 liters.). The power installation is made with a machine gun or variator, while the car will be able to boast only the leading front axle. In Russia, the model, which will cost the potential owner from 800 thousand rubles in the basic configuration, will appear not before the summer of 2018.

Grand Lancer - New Sedan from Mitsubishi

To achieve sales growth in the sedans class, the Japanese company Mitsubishi plans at the expense of the Grand Lancer model. The novelty is a modified version of the Lancer X, although the total body length increased to 4500 mm. Relief wings, frame and chassis remained the same. Captural changes were only the interior of the car: everything was replaced with everything, ranging from the steering wheel and ending with the material of the trim. The list of major elements of the interior of Grand Lancer includes:

  • upgraded terrain chairs with anatomically correct back;
  • Multimedia System with sensory control;
  • new climate control unit;
  • Motor start button;
  • Rear View Camera.

An alternative gasoline engine of 1.8 l and 140 "horses" will be installed on the car. The power unit will work in conjunction with the Invecs-III CVT variator, and the invaluable assistance in driving the driver will provide a stabilization system, warnings about the probability of frontal impact, ABS with EBD and Brake Assist. Saedan sales in Russia start in the fall of 2018, and the estimated price of the car will vary within 1.2-1.6 million rubles.

Mitsubishi Komorebi.

Mitsubishi Komorebi - Concept Car, presented at the end of 2016. It is interesting because on its basis it is planned to construct an updated generation of flagship sedans Galant and Lancer. The appearance implies a refusal of the anterior grille of the radiator, which will partially replace the head optics. As defensive elements, only two chrome strips are peculiar, which are a kind of continuation of the headlights.

An innovative dashboard is introduced into the interior consisting of three massive jets of a diamond form. From the mechanical shooter of the tachometer and speedometer, it was decided to refuse the electronic scoreboard, while the massive multimedia system with navigation was located on the central console. The front row of the chair shares a comfortable folding armrest with an internal storage compartment. The concept of Kara does not have to talk about the technical equipment (there is simply no information), especially since it is unlikely to be launched into serial production.

New models of Mitsubishi 2018 are mainly full-fledged SUVs and crossovers. In an effort to increase fairly fallen sales in the global market, the manufacturer refused the near future from the modernization and production of compact sedans or hatchbacks. Nevertheless, even those models that are planned to be started are affecting their reliability, stylish design, as well as quite acceptable cost.


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