Volkswagen Atlas 2018-2019

Volkswagen Atlas 2018-2019

In the autumn last fall, the German automobile company Volkswagen presented its new SUV atlas 2018-2019 model year. It will be a big and powerful machine, equipped with three rows of chairs. It is planned that the new Volkswagen ATLAS will take the leading position among the cars of the company in the SUV category. Now at the top is a less dimensional Touareg SUV.

Representatives of Volkswagen reported that the novelty was developed taking into account the needs of the American market and there will also be made.

The new German SUV conceived as the chief contender for leadership in the segment of medium-sized cars. Although the appearance of the atlas will not say that such a car in the West refers to the average size. But it was the same class Volkswagen Atlas 2018 in the USA. We can safely be called a lot of auto impressive dimensions:

  • Length - 503.7 cm;
  • Width - 197.9 cm;
  • Height - 176.8 cm;
  • The mid-scene distance is 298 cm.

Externally, the novelty is strongly reminded by another conceptual model Cross Blue. The body shape is made in a strict and laconic manner characteristic of the Germans.

The lattice of the falseradiator and the front optics form a single stylistic element. A similar idea has already been used by the new Tiguan. You can even think that it is it, only more. But with a more attentive review, it becomes clear that the drawing of the lighting parts here was individually worked out and modified to a unique state.

The front headlights and rear lights have a modern LED filling. Almost all car brands began to move on LEDs. Working Optional Rear LED Backlight has a 3D effect, can automatically turn on when the outer illumination is reduced, and during operation creates spectacular patterns that serve as a real decoration of the car.

As for the color of the body, eight options are officially announced:

  • White Color "Pure White"
  • Black "Deep Black Pearl"
  • Yellow color "Kurkuma Yellow"

  • Red "Fortana Red"
  • Serovatted shade "Platinum Gray"
  • Silver Shade "Reflex Silver"
  • Beige Shade "Titanium Beige"
  • Blue Touch Tourmaline Blue

The wheels of the new crossover will be equipped with eighteeny-one or twenty-yid discs. Its impressive overall dimensions allowed to organize a very roomy trunk.

Even a basic configuration with three rows of seats from behind there is enough free space for luggage. If we add seats, it turns out a huge loading compartment with a total capacity of 2.5 thousand liters.


Based on the numerous photo of the interior of the new Volkswagen Atlas 2018, which are published in many car publications, you can designate the following moments as the Eastern Step Front Panel and the use of standard WV SUV:

  1. block key control system of SUV;
  2. multifunctional steering;
  3. Dashboard panels with round indicators, personal computer screen and protective visor;
  4. Display information and entertainment complex.

In the interior decoration used: the skin in two color versions, soft and hard plastic, inserts from polished wood, fabric materials, a large amount of chrome edging.

The front seats have an anatomical shape, including head restraints, have great side support. On the second row of the chair, the angle of inclination of the back, the third row is also sufficiently comfortable for two with high increasing passengers.

The volume of the trunk with the folded third and second row of the chairs reaches 2700 liters, while the smooth area is formed. In the standard position, the volume of separation is at least 450 liters.

The SUV has dimensions:

  • Length - 5.04 m,
  • Height - 1.77 m,
  • width - 1.98 m,
  • Wheel base - 2.98 m.

Such overall dimensions allow to comfortably accommodate in the salon to six passengers along with the driver, as well as place a fairly large amount of luggage.

See also video presentations of this SUV:


Volkswagen Atlas For the initial production period, get two gasoline engines with the following technical specifications (Table 1):

No. P / P. Number of Cylinders. VOLUME (L) Power (L.) Notes.
one Four. 2.0 238.0. Turbated.
2. 6. 3.6. 280.0. VR6 (Small Corner of Cylinders Collapse)

Only an eight-speed automatic transmission will be used in the transmission.

The front suspension suspension is made in an independent spring version McPherson, a lever type is applied behind. The device of the front brakes is disc, ventilated, and in the rear version are simply disk.

In the basic version, the SUV has only front actuator, all-wheel drive transmission with a powerful engine (280.0 liters) is provided as an option.

The SUV received for configuration:

  • 20-inch discs
  • LED optics
  • Rearview chamber,
  • start the engine with button and invincible access,
  • Audio FENDER,
  • 12 speakers,
  • control of blind zones
  • Cruise control,
  • Eletection of seats and mirrors,
  • Parking sensors,
  • rain sensors, light,
  • electric power steering
  • three-zone climate control
  • Adjusting the chairs and steering column.

Start Sales

The VW concern organized the production of a seven-bed SUV on its American production in Chattanuga. Currently, Volkswagen Atlas 2018 went on sale in the United States with an initial price of 30 thousand dollars.

The company's plans for the end of this year to organize the sale of an SUV in China. After that, Atlas will receive to implement in Russia tentatively at the beginning of 2018. The price and configuration of the SUV concern will be announced immediately before deliveries to the car dealerships.

See a quick review of the new SUV from Volkswagen on video:


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