Mercedes Benz X-Class 2018

Mercedes Benz X-Class 2018

At the end of this year, the Mercedes-Benz concern has planned to start selling the All-wheel drive X-Class 2018. It will be the first such car in the company's production line, except for the exclusive Gelendvagen 6 × 6.

Recently, a number of autocontracens have released or prepared for the release of a car of the class, which they used to be not performed. This is especially noticeable among new crossovers and SUVs. Such models can be attributed to: Volkswagen Atlas (CUV), Kia Stonic (B-SUV), Škoda Kodiaq (SUV) and a number of others. So Mercedes-Benz opens a new direction in its production of all-wheel drive cars.

Pickups have the following advantages:

  1. Multifunctionality.
  2. High passability.
  3. Maintainability.
  4. Spacious salon.

Traditionally, pickups are of the greatest popularity in the countries of America and Australia. Therefore, the initial sales of Mercedes-Benz X-Class 2018 are outlined in Argentina.


The appearance of large pickups is always allocated by brutality and solidity. The designers of the company Mercedes went along the same way and created the fundamental image of the X-Class.

For this purpose, the following solutions are used in the model:

1. Expressive multistage design front part, where:

  • Powerful radiator lattice with two wide longitudinal inserts and large logo of the company;
  • Dark bottom front bumper with round fog lights;
  • a wide lattice of an additional air intake integrated into plastic protection;
  • An elongated hood with four stamping lines to create an aggressive relief;
  • Wide LED head optics.

2. Side the X-Class belonging to the All-wheel drive version is emphasized:

  • shortened front and rear axles of the body;
  • Extended rear and front wings;
  • large enlarged and practical square arches of wheels under 22-inch discs;
  • attached to the body of the steps;
  • Direct middle racks;
  • Dark bottom body kit.

3. An unusual rear part in which straight lines prevail and used:

  • vertical compact lights;
  • plastic protection;
  • rectangular bumper;
  • Located on the body door emblem;
  • Additional stop signal mounted on the roof of the cabin.

Such solutions in the external image made it possible to form a traditional design for this class of cars, but at the same time with a bright individuality characteristic of MERCEDES SUVs.

Features of the design and exterior Mercedes-Benz X-Class

In the Swedish premiere, the interested public was able to appreciate each modification of the pickup. The Stylish Explorer model looks bright and sports. Pickup-SUV with impressive 40-centimeter clearance and huge 22-inch wheeled disks with studded rubber looks powerfully and solid.

Both versions are distinguished by compact head optics with LED filling, a huge grid of the radiator, a massive front bumper with large air ducts and embossed wings. The car has a spacious double cabin and stylish feed with original and unusually made overall lanterns on LED elements.

Salon design and pickup

The chic interior of the novelty combines strict German style and excellent functionality. Here everything is thought out to the smallest detail. The finishing uses the highest quality materials, among which there is an elite natural leather of apparatus and Alcantara, valuable wood species, as well as parts from carbon and polished aluminum.

The front panel design embodied the best elements of class V and C models on the central transmission tunnel, the touchpad is located with which it is very convenient to control the main systems of the car.

From modern equipment you can allocate:

  • high-performance multimedia complex with an eight-fashioned sensory display and mobile synchronization;
  • climatic installation for two zones;
  • Electropacket for front armchairs, windows and mirrors;
  • Overview camera from behind or video review in a circle;
  • Cruise control of adaptive type.

The future car will be able to boast a very solid set of modern security systems and help to the driver, including:

  • monitoring "blind" zones that do not fall into view of the rearview mirrors;
  • The function of automatic reduction of speed with a probable front collision with the ability to track pedestrian traffic;
  • help at the start of the mountain and the descent from the mountain;
  • Tracking road marking and automatic retention of the selected traffic strip.

A bit archaic looks a lever version of the parking brake instead of the keyboard control that entered into a wide use of keyboard control, as well as additional climate control buttons and some on-board systems. But this is not a minus, but on the contrary gives salon some originality.

Technical specifications

At the initial stage of its production, a new Pickup New Mercedes Benz X-Class 2018 will be equipped with motors with the following technical characteristics.

No. P / P. A Type. VOLUME. (L) Power (l. p.) Supplements.
one Petrol 2.5 165.0. Only for Versions with Rear-Wheel Drive and 6-Stpp
2. Diesel 2.3. 163.0. Turbated.
3. 2.3. 190.0. Turbated (2 turbines)

The following options are provided for transmissions:

  • Six-speed MCPP;
  • Seven-step 7G-Tronic machine.

And the transmission itself can be performed both in the variant with rear-wheel drive, and the total 4Matic with the ability to turn off the front axle.

Pickup body got dimensions: length - 1.59 m, width - 1.56 m, height - 0.47 m, which make it possible to carry baggage to 3.7 cubic luggage. m and weighing up to 1.10 tons. In addition, the X-class can transport a full weight of up to 3.5 tons.

The new Pickup Mercedes will have a traditional rich equipment, like all the cars of the company. Among the available equipment should be noted:

  • multimedia complex with navigation;
  • Cameras for a circular review;
  • climate control;
  • parking sensors;
  • heated seats;
  • Cruise control;
  • control of blind zones and hold in the strip;
  • four airbags;
  • LED optics
  • ABS;
  • EBD;
  • Power windows;
  • Automatic optics corrector.

Start Sales

Serial production of the car starts at the end of this year. Pickup received several options for configuration:

  1. Pure.
  2. Progressive.
  3. Power.

The cost of the initial PURE configuration will be 35 thousand dollars.

The first cars for sale will be sent to Argentina. After that, Mercedes plans to proceed to the supply of cars to Australia and South Africa. Also, the Company also consider the possibility of supplying a pick-up to Russia in 2018, and it will be announced later on possible terms and configurations.

See also Video Test Drive of the New Pickup 2018 from Mercedes:


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