New Peugeot 2018-2019

New Peugeot 2018-2019

The French company Peugeot was founded in 1810 and was originally engaged in the production of metal products: springs for watches, metal saws, mills, etc. In 1882, a bicycle release was organized, which became the main, on that period, the type of product of the company. As a manufacturer of a driver, Peugeot is counting from 1889, when the first passenger car was produced.

In the future, the company confidently developed the manufacture of vehicles, and in 1974 he was united with another French automaker by Citroen. Currently, the joint company PSA PEUGEOT CITROëN is the second in terms of car market.

Фото как менялись логотипы Пежо

The Peugeot division has a large manufacturing line of cars, which includes seven passenger and four commercial models. In order to maintain and develop demand for their cars, the company performs regular updating. For 2018 and 2019, the appearance of the following new models is announced:


The official presentation of the new generation of Peugeot 308 car company is scheduled during the Frankfurt Motor Show in the fall of the current year. This small class car is produced since 2007. In the present period, since 2014, the second generation of compact small polybuga is produced. The car is of great popularity and is going to the company in six production sites in five different countries of the world.

The main changes in the design of 2018-2019 model year made it possible to create a dynamic sport external for the car. For this purpose, the compact hatchback got more smooth than the predecessor, body lines, extended arches for wheels and a reduced location of the center of gravity. In addition, the car received LED optics, a new design of fog lights and an enlarged company logo located on the radiator lattice.

The interior of small changes has not undergone with the exception of the application of new fabric materials more resistant to the fading process. To equip the Peugeot 308, a modified multimedia complex has been added, which now includes satellite navigation, as well as a special feature that allows you to display an image from a smartphone and other media to the monitor.

To already existing verified power units, the manufacturer added a new diesel engine with a capacity of 132.0 liters. from. and 1,60l. Also carried out a six-speed automatic box, which can now be installed together with a 187-strong engine.

Sales of the updated Peugeot 308 will begin in the winter of the current year in Europe, where the cost will start from 20.5 thousand euros. In Russia, Compact Hatchbek will appear in early 2018, the estimated primary configuration price will be 1 million 330 thousand rubles.

Also watch the video about the new car from Peugeot:

Peugeot 208.

PEUGEOT 208 subcompact passenger car is made by the company since 2012. This front-wheel-water five-seater base is produced in sedan and hatchback bodies. Peugeot 208 enjoys the greatest popularity of Europe.

The main feature of the model should be the possibility of recruiting nine different power units with a capacity of 68.0 to 200.0 liters. from. Such equipment does not boast any car of this class.

When creating a new car design, Peugeot, as well as for Hatchback 308, tried to create a sports and dynamic image of the model. To do this, the small body has received direct lines of the body, pointed angles of individual outer elements (optics, fog lights, additional air intake grilles), an increased tilt of the rear window, an elongated top spoiler.

The interior of the car has not undergone significant changes and retained the main qualities inherent in this model:

  • high ergonomics;
  • high-quality finishing materials;
  • A fairly large volume for its class.

In a number of power units, the most powerful 220-strong diesel engine of 1.60 liters was added.

The presentation of the car is scheduled for the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. The estimated price of the updated Peugeot 208 2018-2019 model year will begin from 10.5 euros.

The company has not yet declared about the supply of a car to Russia. First of all, this is due to the fact that the popularity of this model in our country is low, which is confirmed by the cessation of sales of the previous modification in 2016.

Also watch the new Peugeot 208 on the video:

Next year Peugeot planned primarily updating its line of passenger cars. All popular Peugeot, which will be presented in 2018-2019, enjoys the greatest popularity in European countries. This indicates the desire of the company to maintain one of the leading provisions on the sales of passenger cars in Europe.


In 2018-2019, Peugeot will make a serious bet on several new models of compact urban cars, one of which Peugeot 108. Let's see together if a new model has a chance to succeed in this segment or it will be another mediocre car of French automakers.

The 108th model replaced Peugeot 107 and was very popular, only 2 million copies were sold in Russia for all the time. In Europe for 2016, 63,561 peugeot 108 were sold.

Exterior auto

Peugeot 108 will be available in the 3rd and 5-door version. Both versions will optionally be equipped with a folding roof that will be folded due to the electrical drive. A fairly interesting proposal is to turn a compact hatchback in a convertible in a few seconds.

Despite its small sizes, the car looks sports, with some shares of aggression and factories. Designers tried perfectly. They realize well that without a bright appearance, the car will be difficult to compete with models of other manufacturers.

Massive front bumper and large air intake create a very interesting ensemble. Stylish optics and a good location of LED running lights add peugeot 108 attractiveness.

If you look at the model side, it seems that the manufacturer initially thought to create a sports car. There is a feeling that after the release of Peugeot 108 in a short time we will get both a sports version of this car.

The window line to the rear of the model rises. This adds the speakers to the exterior of Peugeot 108. The wheel arches seem very small, but they will easily be located on 15 and even 16-inch drives.

Big rear lights, LED elements with a 3D effect and a neat trunk door form an image of the back of the model. The manufacturer will provide the Buyer to create a car image independently not only due to the choice of combination of colors, but also the order of special stickers.

The dimensions of Peugeot 108 fully correspond to class A cars, its length will be only 3,75 mm, and the clearance will be 150 mm.

Interior Peugeot 108.

With the interior of Peugeot 108 is not so smooth as with an appearance. Let's start with the fact that in the fact that in the car 2018-2019 there is a second row of seats, it is very problematic to use it for appointment.

For the driver and front passenger, excellent conditions are created. Comfortable chairs with good lateral support, there is enough space for the legs and heads built into the anatomical head restraints in the chair and much more.

The second row of seats will suit the passengers a good check for the ability to adapt and endure inconvenience. However, the manufacturer is positioning Peugeot 108 as a city car for a young family. If so, then for children in the back row there will be enough place.

Adults there is definitely nothing to do there. Due to the size of the car, the trunk also exists more for a tick. What is 180 l useful? If you fold the seats, get 750 l, but who needs it?

If problems with space are completely expected, considering the class of the car, and buyers know what they expect them, then problems with the interior design is an unpleasant surprise. How pleasant the car is outside - it is so stupidly uninteresting inside. Everything is very simple and very cheap.

Minimalism in its worst manifestation when it is not the result of a carefully thought-out functionality, but the lack of taste and fantasy. Available colored stickers on some parts of the cabin are not decorated, but only emphasize its mild.

It does not save the situation and the presence of a modern 7-inch sensory bright screen of an infotainment system.

Technical characteristics of hatchback

The sports and aggressive appearance of Peugeot 108 is completely not supported by the power units. Only two gasoline engines will be available, both 3 cylinders. The younger with a volume of 1 liter will issue 68 liters. from. and 95 and a half N · m moment. Acceleration up to 100 km / h on a manual transmission is 14.3 seconds, the maximum speed is 157 km / h.

Peugeot 3008.

Peugeot 3008 conquered the title of European car 2017, but the French are not going to rest on the laurels and are already preparing an update of their star model.

Peugeot 3008 is produced since 2008 and almost 9 years has needed to developers to bring it to the title of the best car. We hope the French will not forget their experience and make the car even better.

Exterior auto

The best car looks in front. We will see a short sloping hood, narrow headlights with a thin line of LEDs and an elegant trapezoid grid of a radiator with chrome elements. Fog lights will be placed in special niches, also edged with chrome. A powerful protruding bumper will decorate a large air intake located in the center.

The rear of the car will undergo significant changes. Will become other rear lights. They receive an unusual form, tinting and segmentation. The original form will acquire the rear bumper, which will be protected by plastic lining. Very harmonious with the front and rear, the car profile looks.

Lowering a panoramic glass roof, wide doors and protruding wheeled arches are noticeably revived by the exterior of Peugeot 3008. The car platform will not change. Dimensions will remain the same. The length will be 4 365 mm, width 1 837, clearance from 156 to 170 mm depending on the configuration. The mass of the new car will not exceed 1,590 kg.

Interior Peugeot 3008.

Inside Peugeot 3008 is not so noticeable as outside. Other materials will be applied. Replace climate management and multimedia system. A little will change the form of the front panel.

In general, the changes will be local. Designers of the company The current version of the cabin is recognized as a relevant and pleasant buyer, which is true.

Despite the fact that an asymmetry is present in the interior, or rather layout and design of the front panel, it produces a pleasant impression. The only controversial solution is a pen for the front passenger, on the central tunnel, which visually separates the driver and passenger zone.

I really like a number of togglers on the central console. In what else car can you find the tumbler, as in the cabin cabin? Very interesting solution.

The landing is comfortable, the driver's chairs and the front passenger are adjustable in a wide range. The only little drawback is a weakly pronounced side support. In the rear sofa will be able to accommodate three adult passengers and in the long way of special inconvenience they will not experience.

The volume of the trunk is 432 liters. The back of the rear sofa is separate and equipped with an electric drive. With the folded backs of the rear row, a smooth floor is obtained, and the volume of the luggage compartment increases to 1 241l. The door of the trunk of two segments, the bottom leans, and the upper rises.

Specifications of crossover

The choice of power units will depend on the specific market of sales. In general, 3 gasoline and 3 diesel engines are provided for Peugeot 3008. Gasoline motors The whole volume of 1.6 l is distinguished by power - 120, 150 and 156 liters. from.

Diesel engines will be 1.6 l with a capacity of 115 liters. from. and two 2 liter aggregates with a capacity of 150 and 163 liters. from. Separately, it is worth mentioning the hybrid version of Peugeot 3008 with a diesel engine at 163 liters. from. and an electric motor for 37 liters. from.

Transmissions will be mechanical and automatic no more than 6 speed. Optionally will be offered adaptive rear stabilizers. In the basic configuration, we will see the standard Macpherson and torsion beam. The suspension setting is excellent, as always among the French.

Peugeot 508.

It's time to update Peugeot 508. It will not be the next generation, but restyling the current one. Despite the fact that Peugeot in Europe is sold well, it is the 508th model that does not use special demand. She did not enter the TOP-100 European sales, while 5 other models of this manufacturer are present there.

Exterior auto

Looks at the new peugeot 508 excellent. He is aggressive, and elegant, and business. It seems slightly shiny, but it does not spoil the impression, on the contrary adds confidence in the car, in its reliability and stability. The design remained in the same style, but I purchased more sophisticated and interesting forms.

Positioned by Peugeot 508 as a family sedan, but its capabilities are much more. As a car for business people, it is also suitable, thanks to solid appearance and inner comfort. Peugeot designers make very interesting models, the 508th managed to them better than others.

Interior Peugeot 508.

Inside Peugeot 508 has changed slightly, contrary to the expectations of many experts. It is almost changed more precisely, but it's not bad. The salon is very pleasant. Nothing causes irritation, the beautiful layout of the control panels.

The cabin will be equally comfortable as a driver and passengers, regardless of which row of seats they are located. There is enough space in order not to feel crammed and the long way there will be no problems.

There are two drawbacks that do not allow PEUGEOT 508 to rise to the level of German cars of a similar class. First, the seats seemed severe.

Of course, it is impossible to expect the enveloping comfort of the luxury seats of the luxury seats, but also vague, should not be.

Secondly, with all the pleasant appearance of the cabin and excellent ergonomics, the car authorities will not please you with hospitality. There is a place for a person in it, but there is no room for familiar little things that surround a person in life. Parmashkov, penalties and boxes are very small.

Technical characteristics of novelties

Under the hood of Peugeot 508 we will find new engines. We will offer one gasoline and two diesel engines. A hybrid version of the 508th model will also be issued, but in Russia we are unlikely to see it. Gasoline turbocked Motor 1.6 liters will provide a 165 liter car. from. Diesel units with a volume of 2 liters will be produced 150 and 180 liters. from.

The main trump card Peugeot has always been the ability to customize the suspension. In this regard, they can argue with any manufacturer of any class of cars. Driving Peugeot 508 nice. Gorgeous soft stroke, sufficient engine power and an adequate 6-step automaton in the course of the movement do not cause completely no complaints or discontent.

The representative of the business class of the PEUGEOT 508 passenger car serves as the flagship of the model range of the French company. Model 508 from 2011, restyling car passed in 2014. Given this period after the changes made, the appearance of a new modification in 2018 should be considered a natural event, maybe even a little later belated.

The changes in the appearance of the updated Peugeot 508 designers were sent to further formation of solidity, individuality and power. To this end, the height of the lines of the hood stamping lines changed, the front grille of the table is slightly longer, and the additional lower air intakes have become wider and obtained increased longitudinal inserts. Extended side lines of sending and the modified roof line also give the car an additional solidity.

Inside Peugeot 508 has become more comfortable due to the use of new high-quality finishing materials, as well as the fully new design of all chairs. This is especially reflected in the rear sofa, where the passengers now grow above 180 feel free and even has a reserve in height above their head, and the front seats received the massage function.

New from Peugeot model 508 2018-2019 received power units that possess the following technical parameters:

A Type VOLUME (L.) Power (L.)
Petrol 1,60 165.0.
Diesel 2.00 150.0.
Diesel Turbocharged. 2.00 180.0.

Peugeot plans to start the release of an updated model 508 until the end of this year. The estimated price will begin from 36 thousand euros, while in the initial configuration, the car will have a rich equipment.

On the timing of the supply of a business car to Russia and its value, the company has not yet provided official information.

Peugeot Rifter.

The new compacttwan Peugeot Rifter is officially represented on the eve of the world premiere at the auto show in Geneva at the beginning of the spring of 2018. Sales of the new Peugeot Rifter in Europe will start in September 2018 at a price of 20 with small thousand euros, in Russia, a novelty will appear next 2019.

In general, the design of 2018-2019 corresponds to the classic image of the compacttva and looks more attractive than the predecessor with the name "partner".

  • The external dimensions of the Peugeot Rifter body (Peugeot Rifter Long) 2018-2019 is 4400 mm (4750 mm) in length, 1850 mm wide, 1810 mm high, from 2780 mm (2970 mm) Wheelbase.

In technical plan, the new Peugeot Rifter repeats and copies the Citroen Berlingo brothers and Opel Combo. Under the hood of the novelty, a gasoline turbocharged Motor 1.2 Puretech, available in two embodiments (110 drugs and 130 drugs), as well as turbo diesel 1.5 BlueHDI, proposed in three power facilities (75 hp, 100 HC or 130 HP).

Standard gearbox 6 transmissions, but for powerful 130-strong motors base box 8 AISIN automatic transmission. According to preliminary information, the new peugeot rifter can be booked both with front-wheel drive and with a full-wheel drive 4 × 4 (all-wheel drive transmission from Dangel).

Full video review and test drive:


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