Toyota Tundra 2018

Toyota Tundra 2018

Toyota Tundra 2018 model year, according to many experts and analysts, is the most real beast. This main feature and the feature of this model of an SUV, which highlights the model among the car of the same level and class.

If in a few words to make a small overview of the car, then it is and characterized by the most real fuel eater, although, despite this not too good, the trend is famous for its excellent permeability.

But, about everything, of course, if you want to have a complete picture of this novelty.

Exterior auto, photo.

In terms of its external indicators, a new product is a real American pickup, which is characterized by its impressive sizes and a solid design. What special can be noted in the external design of this model of the car?

  • First, the new body format, which is impressive with his brutality.
  • Secondly, huge rectangular headlights that have also acquired and are famous for a special, unusual neat step.
  • Thirdly, huge sizes of the radiator grille. The main feature of this lattice is that it is separated by powerful horizontal chromed crossbars.
  • Fourth, the front bumper boasts impenetrable protection.
  • Fifth, huge wheel arches, which give the appearance of the car even greater impossibility.
  • Sixth, impressive dimensions, as one car length is 6 m.
  • In the seventh, behind the car model is the easiest and most typical American car with chopped forms, deliberately rudeness, spectacular by emptying.

As can be seen, everything in the external design of the car speaks of his impressivity and strong features of character.

Interior of the cabin.

But will this feature be observed and the trend inside the car? In other words, how the interior will look like. Immediately it is worth saying that looking inside even a couple of minutes it becomes quite clear that the interior of the cabin has nothing to do with the interior of the utilitarian pickup. Many experts with great confidence argue that this interior is most of all matches the business class. After all, it is here that you can observe a large combination of a variety of fashion accessories, elegant and elegant aluminum inserts, as well as cute airframe deflectors. What else can you be included in this list?

  1. Seats are presented in the form of luxurious soft chairs, which allow you to comfortably and comfortably will be located in a completely any complexation and physique.
  2. A good review, which is created at the expense of a high landing of the car, thanks to which it is possible to easily control the situation on the road and the behavior of the auto model itself.
  3. Large many of the most useful options and functions. In this list, you can enable the system of control and climate control cruise, hook and touch screen of the multimedia system, which is bangible on the center console.

If we talk about minuses and disadvantages, then they are also present in this model. First of all, it is a hard-pitted plastic that is completely unusual for the car model of this class and level. Regarding seats, there is also one essential minus here, which consists in weak side support, which could be much stronger and more powerful.

Technical parameters and equipment

For the configuration of the SUV, power units are provided by engines with the following technical specifications:

  1. Petrol, V-4.00 l., Power is 270 liters. from.
  2. Petrol, V-4660 l., Power 310 liters. from.
  3. Gasoline, V-5.70 l., Power 380 l. from.

In transmissions with the most powerful engines, only a 6-speed automatic transmission will be used, a 5-step automaton is designed for the least power engine. Pickup Depending on the configuration, the front or four-wheel drive will receive, while regardless of the drive, the use of reduced transmission is provided.

Crossover, which traditionally for the North American market has a large number of modern systems and equipment, among which it is necessary to allocate:

  • ABS with EBD;
  • Brake Assist;
  • Cruise control;
  • climate control;
  • four airbags;
  • rear view chamber;
  • Power windows;
  • Controller of robin;
  • multimedia complex;
  • LED optics;
  • satellite navigation;
  • Automatic headlight corrector.
  • Two-zone cruise control;
  • Heated all seats.
  • Panoramic hatch with electric drive.

Price and Start Sales

The production of a new generation Toyota Tundra will begin at the end of this year, the first cars will go on sale in the US to the New Year. The pickup will have three versions of the cabin and, depending on the length of the freight platform, five types of configuration. The price of the cheapest modification of Toyota Tundra version 2018 will be 33 thousand dollars.

We also suggest viewing video presentations of the new model Toyota Tundra, which took place on Chicago Auto Show:

Toyota Company officially Pickup Tundra has never supplied in Russia. Unfortunately, there is also no official data on the possible sales of a new generation of this model in Russian car dealers.


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