Skoda Fabia 2018-2019

Skoda Fabia 2018-2019

According to the official representative of Skoda, the start of sales of Skoda Fabia 2018 in Russia will begin in the spring.

Now all the cards are disclosed and you can find out any information about this car. I propose to get acquainted with an interesting material. Also look at the updated Skoda Superb 2018. The new Skoda Fabia 2018 is the second most important car in the Czech company. The exterior of the car is worthy of respect. Clear streamlined body lines, graceful becoming, solid arrogant "muzzle" look great. It is for this model that the company will take advantage of the newly created MQB platform. It will also be created by Volkswagen Polo 6 generation and the updated creation of Seat Ibiza. The company assure that such innovations will allow the car more and more comfortable.

The restyled version of Skoda Fabia 2018 was offered in the Paris Motor Show, the presentation took place back in October 21 in October. At this show, several options were offered, which are equipped with five doors.

Salon Skoda Fabia 2018

Skoda Fabia is available in two types of body: hatchback and wagon.

The car was created in the spirit of the latest concept of the company used in the updated versions of other models of autocontrace - Octavia, Yeti, Rapid, Superb. Updated Fabia in 2018 will receive a different radiator lattice having vertical rods and only chromium edging. There was a larger basic optics, LED stripes of daytime running lights.

Fog lights, as well as basic, have a rectangular shape. It gives the car more restrained appearance. In the new version, the developers took care of the comfort at the maximum, taking into account even the moment of landing and disembarking passengers. For the convenience, the doors became larger than in the previous model. When viewing on the side, you can also note the short hood, compactness, relief ribs, severe wheel arches.

The steering wheel is performed in a three-speech version. The dashboard is located under the protruding light visor. It is mounted traditional rounds of devices: a tachometer and speedometer, as well as a small screen for the onboard computer. The finish used soft plastic and fabric materials in gray shades. Some elements have a light edge.

The feed part of the car decorates the head optics, which, as the front, has a rectangular shape. It gives rigor to the car. For future owners, 15 body painting options are offered, as well as the ability to paint separate parts of the car in another color. This allows you to make a car individual, create it in your own taste.

Overall characteristics for hatchback / station wagon are below:

Length - 3,992 m / 4.257 m Width - 1.958 m / 1.958 m Height - 1.467 m / 1.467 m Wheel base - 2,470 m / 2.470 m Road clearance - 13.5 cm

Skod Skoda 2018 has changed more substantially. It is believed that the finishing material was at the level above, there are several variants of color design. The steering wheel has three knitting needles, has all the necessary functions. Engineers sought to make a car not only practical, but interesting to the younger generation. That is why a new multimedia system is set, which allows reading from a flash drive.


Skoda has currently provided some official information about the new crossover. But, on the basis of these data, as well as information and photos that European Automotive Editions have received at their disposal, you can make a certain idea of ​​the Skoda Fabia Skoda Fabia compact Parketnik.

Front Design is made in brand name Skoda style. This is primarily emphasized by: a dark stretched grille with double transverse inserts and chrome-plated edging, a relief combined front bumper with an elevated lower air intake and rectangular fog lights located in the corners.

An additional element allows you to highlight the belonging of the car of crossovers, is the design on the front bumper imitating additional protection. It has a bright color and stands out against the dark color of the bottom of the bumper. The head optics has an angular shape and is well combined with the side lines of the radiator grille.

On the side of the solidity of the car give the straight lines of Easternship. The properties of the crossover forms the dark body kit, including under round wheeled arches. The rear is characterized by a relief trunk lid, a rhombid design of the rear lights, a dark rear bumper with a light insert, in which dual circular diffusers of the exhaust pipe are located. Complements the strict image of the upper visor with an additional stop signal.

Technical Parameters Skoda Fabia 2018

Subcompact crossover will have only front-wheel drive. Full-time execution is not considered by the manufacturer even as an option. At the initial stage of the production of Skoda Fabia 2018, the motors with the following technical characteristics will receive for configuration:

  • petrol, V-1.2 l, power - 110.0 liters. from.;
  • Diesel V-1.2 l, power - 105.0 liters. from.

The transmission provides for the installation of a five-speed manual transmission or as the option of a seven-band robot.

The crossover as standard will receive the following equipment:

  • front airbags;
  • ABS;
  • electrical control of lateral mirrors;
  • Power windows of all glasses;
  • Doors Temperature sensor;
  • halogen optics;
  • air conditioning;
  • on-board computer;
  • EUR;
  • audio complex;
  • fabric finish;
  • self-impact inner mirror.

As options or recruitment of more saturated versions available:

  • electric drive for the door of the trunk;
  • Multimedia system:
  • two-zone climate control;
  • LED optics;
  • Side security curtains;
  • Parking, rain and light sensors.

The full name and composition of the packages, Skoda is submitted immediately before the start of the PARKT certificate.

Start of production and indicative cost

Skoda plans to begin the serial production of the new Fabia model in the late spring of the next year. A little earlier, it will be possible to learn about the possible sales of this model of the Czech manufacturer in Russia. Automotive experts predict the estimated price of Skoda Fabia subcompact crossover Skoda Fabia Sample 2018 as standard of 12.5 thousand euros.

Look also video with a new car:


The basic cost of the hatchback will be from 11 thousand 800 euros. The body in the form of the wagon will cost much more expensive, and its initial amount will go from 13 thousand euros and this is just for the basic version.

A very pleasant car interior will delight all his fans, as it is now based on the native platform, which was previously used on the previous version.

The main layout of the power unit, as well as the numerous amount of electrical equipment, electric steering wheel amplifier, systematization of differential lock can only be characterized for a specific platform under the MQB model from Volkswagen. As a result, this car model receives a completely new PQ26.

Specific traits

As a systematization of suspensions from the front, there is MacPherson, and from the back there is a semi-dependent beam. Production has gasoline and diesel engines that are equipped with automatic braking systematization. Car developers declare that in this case the fuel consumption will reach no more than 4.8 liters, it is using a gasoline power unit. And 3.6 liter motor with a diesel engine.

This lineup will include two types, it is a three-cylinder and one-grained motor that can develop a total capacity of 60-75 horsepower. And at once, two variants of a four-cylinder motor with a 1.2 liter power unit, where the power of 90-110 horsepower is being developed. Diesel options go 1.4 liter capacity in the motor. Thanks to all this in this case, the capacity is developing 90-105 horsepower. A five-speed manual box was included in the main database.


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